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Dota 2 MMR boosting 0-6000 and win farming [Fast | Cheap | Trusted & Verified]

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Dota 2 MMR boosting 0-6000 and win farming [Fast | Cheap | Trusted & Verified]

Integrity Boosting
high quality MMR boosting service
Hello and welcome to our Dota 2 boosting service.
With us, you can boost your account fast and cheap, without having to worry about anything.

What services do we offer:

- Boosting solo/party MMR.
- Boosting party MMR by playing with you.
- Playing the calibration games with maximum results
- Removing low priority
- Leveling battle trophy
- Win farming


[TD="align: center"]MMR[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]Price per 100[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]0-2500[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$4.5[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]2500-3000[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$5.5[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]3000-3500[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$6[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]3500-4000[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$7[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]4000-4500[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$8.5[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]4500-5000[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$10.5[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]5000-5250[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$16.5[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]5250-5500[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]$20[/TD]

[TD="align: center"]5500+[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]custom deal[/TD]

Discount: 5% if ordering 300-500 mmr
Discount: 10% if ordering 500+ mmr

Party boost (we play on your account): 15% higher price
Party boost assist (you play with us): 25% higher price

Calibration: $20 (average MMR: 4.5k)
LPQ removal: $1.9 per win
Unranked games: $1.5 per game (win farming or leveling battle trophy)

Personalized account: $90
- We start a new Dota 2 account with your chosen username and email, level it up and play through calibration. 4.5k or higher solo and party mmr guaranteed.

Payment methods:
- Verified Paypal
- Skrill
- Neteller
- Webmoney
- Bitcoin
- Direct credit card payment
- CS:GO and Dota 2 items (35% overpay)

How to order boosting:
1. Add me on skype and tell me what kind of service do you want.
2. We make a deal and you send the payment using one of the available payment methods.
3. You give me limited access to your Steam account.
4. A booster takes your account and starts playing on it until your request is met.
5. The booster adds you on skype and stays in contact with you during the process.
6. After the goal has been reached, your account is returned, and you write in this thread how great it was. :D


Can I play on the account during boosting:
- Yes, but you will need to be in contact with the booster on skype. You can both agree on when you can access your account, and when the boosting will be done. Of course, you should not play ranked games and lose. The boosting goal will be reduces by the amount of mmr lost.

Is boosting safe / Can I get banned:
- Boosting is entirely safe and so far there are no cases of anyone getting banned because someone else played on their Steam account.

Who are the boosters:
- Our team consists of very high skilled 6k+ mmr players from Europe. You can see screenshots of our team's game history at the end of this post. The boosters are in Top 50 lists on Dotabuff for many heroes. In fact, it's likely that your account will get into one of these lists after boosting. :p

On which regions can you play:
- All the boosters are from Europe and we play exclusively on Europe West and East servers. Boosters can play on the Russian server too. At the moment, we cannot play on American, SEA, or any other region servers.

Is my account in safe hands:
- I am a very trusted member and a staff member here at EpicNPC. Click here to check my reputation. Also, because of the Family share option, which is required to be used, you are only giving us limited access to your account and it is impossible for the booster to change the password/email and take control of your account. The only damage that can be done is the deletion of Dota 2 items. However, I have full trust in my boosters and things like that will not happen. Even if they do, you will be compensated for the damage. If you are still unsure, you always can move away your items to another account before giving access to it. :p

Playing a certain hero or role:
- It is possible to only play certain heroes or roles, especially if you don't want anyone to notice a sudden play style change on your account. However, this might slow down the boosting process and make it harder for our boosters. Consult with your booster after ordering the service if you want them to follow certain rules when playing on your account.

Live spectating of the games:
- It is possible to spectate the booster as he plays on your account, with your other account. Some boosters are also willing to stream the process.

How long does it take / Tracking progress:
- The amount of time a boosting process takes depends on every deal separately, but we aim to be as fast as possible.
- You can stay in touch with me and/or your booster and get regular updates on how the process is going. You can decide to stop or modify the goal at any time. A partial refund will be given if your new goal is easier then the old one, or you decide to stop.

- Our boosters always play in offline mode and will not respond to any messages/comments sent to you. We will also not change any part of your profile or touch your items without your permission. Stay in touch with your booster to be notified of any messages or comments sent to you, and if or how we should respond to them.

- I take full responsibly of your account while it's being boosted. If any damage is done, it will be compensated in full.
- You may take your account back at any time and stop the boosting process. You will be refunded for the remaining amount, but you are not allowed to give me a negative iTrader rating if you are not satisfied with the boosting process.

Prepare the account for boosting:
- Detailed instructions will be given after an arrangement has been made, but these are some things that you should do before giving access to your account:
1. Enable family share on your account. Set all options except Steam store.
2. Generate Steam guard backup codes or disable Steam guard entirely.
3. Optionally, change your password to something temporary.
4. Optionally, move away all the items to a different account, for safe keeping.

Successful boosting jobs:
- Our boosters are extremely high skilled players, easily doing long win streaks in high mmr games in a short amount of time. Our boosting service is among the fastest and most secure.

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Smooth +900 mmr, chill dude, tells your every little problem if there is one
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Great seller +rep Got my account after 2 hours due to little error he processed the account himself +rep
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So far the things are going well all wins and they are boosting my MMR and very helpful and fast replier's. Helpful booster giving advice
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Ordered 10 Calibration Matches. All went smooth and fast. Within 24 Hours he got the matches done and iam satisfied with my MMR
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