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  1. M

    Trading  Looking for a Tartaglia account [EU] [genshin impact]

    I have Diluc 5* Ganyu 5* Qiqi 5* Bennett 4* Ningguag 4* Xingqiu 4* Fischl 4* Beidou 4* Sucrose 4* ar 31 Looking for a childe account (ar dosen't matter) Maybe with other 5* but not required.
  2. V

    Trading  22S + 57A / **NA/EU IOS** / UFT

    hey hey heyyy, SO. while ive spent over $2000 on this acc, im makin the decision to try to trade rather than sell, as this silly little game still means so much to me. im LF an **NA/EU IOS** account somewhat similar to my own. there were a lot of past essences i whaled on without even really...
  3. R

    [EU to NA] Diluc ,Childe, Keqing ,Jean LF NA acc

    I am looking for a NA acc with Klee and keqing or Klee + zhongli, klee + venti ,klee + albedo
  4. D

    SOLD  Uft: Kim, Whiplash, soudwave

    I’m trading this account I’m mainly looking for kroto or ryuji/skull but I will take offers I also have feaster logic path skin and white tentacle and some limited pets and 15000 fragments saved up. If interested add me on discord oofandres#4441
  5. VaRiXzZ

    Trading  Trading amazing War Thunder acc for WoT acc

    I have a War Thunder account with maxed USSR, USA, Germany and Japan ground and air forces, almost a year of premium account and tons of premium tanks too. Looking for a WoT Account of equivalent value with Tier 10's and TIer 8 premiums. My discord: synth3tyk#3975
  6. A

    Trading  Golden Ratio! (LF: Tomie, Soul catcher, lady truth) android

    My account is small at the moment but I wanted to still see and try. I'm looking for Tomie, Soul Catcher, and/or Lady Truth. NA Android S tiers; Golden Ratio, Hajime Hinata and the evil version of the detective (close to getting Nidhogg) A tiers; Junko Enoshima (barmaid) , Cheese (Andrew)...
  7. S

    Selling  Selling Maroon Crystal + Judge + Sound Wave

    Hello! I’m selling this account with 8 S and 18 A tiers. Na/Eu iOS. Price to be discussed. If you’re interested, dm me on discord @sunset#9257!
  8. G

    Trading  🐬NA 9x5* for a really good/high tier Asia account🐬

    Selling my 9x5* account in NA for an Asia account that has around the same AR, *WELL KEPT* (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!) and also has 9x5* or more 5* - C1 Klee, C1 Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Qiqi, Mona, Skyward Harp 4* - C6 Noelle, C6 Xinqiu, C6 Sucrose, C3 Bennett, C2 Chongyun, C1 Xiangling, C2 Barbara...
  9. X

    Selling  or Trading for another account with atleast [4] 5*stars and low AR

    Hi I am selling or trading one of these accounts for another account with four (4) 5 stars (could even be 4 5 star weapons) it has to be maximum AR25 or not have completed half of the storyline/dragonspine or a Ganyu + 2 other 5 stars account. id love if it could be Male MC and that it doesn't...
  10. T

    Trading  Lf: Viper uft:Judge, Golden Ratio, Cheshire, Frost

    Reposting ,because I really want to find an account with The Viper the device is android on Na/Eu, so please if someone is up to trade do reply here! Getting desperate and I can even put some money if required ! If would be nice to keep Frost ,but it's fine as long the account has 1/2 Wu Chang...
  11. P

    Selling  [INT] S>T> Ara Shakti 311erp end item access

    Shakti FoJ 10 perfect full access and item required Noah FoJ good access 700k cp DM me on discord for more info Novachrono#5007
  12. A

    Trading  Hajime Hinata for golden ratio or sophia

    hi im trading my account with hajime hinata for golden ratio or sophia. its a small acc . still have the a unlock card from logic path ( i may use it to get gravekeeper cheese at the end of the season to get a better trade providing someone has not agrees on trading within that period of time...
  13. K

    Raid account

    Looking to trade raid accounts I have good champs e.g. Septimus, martyr, thenasil, eleneril, stag and serris. Looking for account with Santo and a few good other champs
  14. A

    Trading  Magia Record JP Whale account for good Azur Lane Global Account

    My whale account for your good account. DM here or contact me on Discord: AkiTsk#8733 Screenshots:
  15. Peloq Game Store

    SOLD  Keqing + klee+ Ganyu

    Discord: peloq#6496 Selling 25 usd eshop card Update! It has Keqing, Klee and Ganyu. 45/90 on General banner Open for trade of equal value BDay is set, no resin used
  16. I

    Trading  FGO JP 36SSR tripel Sup to Epic 7 Account

    Need Trade to Epic 7 Account with 3Moonlight (5*)+ All server (prefer Asia/Global) DM me For Detail on discord inavel#8374
  17. G

    SOLD  [NA] Genshin Impact 8x5* for NA or Asia account

    AR 50 C1 Tartaglia, C1 Jean, C1 Mona, Skyward Atlas, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, C6 Barbara, C4 Beidou, C4 Fischl, C3 Sucrose, C3 Bennett, C2 Xinqiu, C1 Amber, C1 Xiangling, C1 Diona, C1 Chongyun, C1 Noelle, C1 Ningguang, Razor+Serpent Spine+Black Sword Mainly looking for an account...
  18. S

    SOLD  /trading 18S and 43A tiers

    Hello! I’m selling this Identity V account with 18S and 43A tiers. I don’t have a set price so just looking for offers at the moment. If interested, dm me on discord.. sunset#9257 Account is Na/Eu iOS. If trading I can only accept Na/Eu iOS. S tiers include: Kroto Sophia Maroon Crystal Tonight...
  19. E

    ios na/eu+asia Joker Bloodbath Dance in the snow + More

    Both Asia and na/Eu account in one. Selling for $450 (PayPal) or trading for a account with panther female dancer skin and must be iOS na/Eu. offers are also accepted but must include female dancer panther skin. Message offers on discord MOCHl#3791 (the I is a lower case L)