• We do not use Discord. Our middlemen do not use Discord. All Trade Guardian services are on Epicnpc, NEVER off-site or via email. We do not investigate Discord disputes. Please contact members on our website.

Trade Guardian

Trade Guardian

Trade Guardian is our automated middleman system that can be used for trading or selling.

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All Trade Guardian transactions, including middleman transactions are conducted on-site only.
If you receive an email, Skype, Steam, Discord or any other chat message off-site, these are all scams. Do not reply!

Personal Middleman

  • MM will hold the item or account and secure it until payment is made.
  • Buyer pays the seller directly using any payment methods they choose.
  • After payment is confirmed, the MM will transfer the item/account to the buyer and help them to secure it.
  • MM are long term EpicNPC members with an outstanding reputation.
More info about Middleman Services

More info about Trade Guardian

How Does the MM System Work?

  • Create a transaction/Pay fee
  • Seller delivers item to MM
  • Buyer pays seller
  • MM delivers item to buyer
  • Done!