We insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. The basic ground rules for discussions on EpicNPC are simple: be polite, use common sense, and don't break the law. This is a family friendly community and your behavior here should reflect this.

Infraction Point System:

  • When you break a rule an infraction will be given to your account.
  • Any member who receives 5 infraction points will receive a 3 day ban from the forums.
  • Any member who receives 8 infraction points will receive a 10 day ban from the forums.
  • One infraction point expires every 30 days
  • Members who continue to receive infractions after temp bans will be permanently banned.
Name Qty
Spam 2+
Duplicate Threads 1-2
Bumping 1
Max Thread Rule 2
Flaming 2-4
Trolling 2-4
Multiple Accounts Account closure
Signatures & Avatars 1 - 2
Proxies and VPN's Ban
Account Renting 4+
Hack Scripts 2-4
Fake IDs 60 Day ban
Beta/Alpha Keys & Accounts 2-4
Verification 3+
Middleman 2
Protected Words 2
Scamming Ban
Prohibited Material 1 - Ban

Account Recalls (game accounts)

Sellers who have a high rate of account recalls will receive feedbacks based on the following guidelines.

Number of recall claims within 30 days

  • 2 recall claims - 1 neutral feedback added
  • 3 recall claims - 1 neutral feedback added
  • 4 recall claims - 1 negative feedback added
  • 5 recall claims - 1 negative feedback added
  • 6 recall claims - ban

Example: If you have 2 recall claims, a neutral feedback will be added. If you receive a 3rd recall claim, another neutral feedback will be added and so on.

Recall claims are not investigated. Accounts reviews will be conducted on the members making the claim. The seller will have to open a Feedback Dispute thread if they want to claim the feedback is false.

Replacing the account or providing a refund will not prevent feedback from being given to the seller.

Forced Trade Backs
This is where one party forces the other to undo the sale. Either by threatening a payment chargeback or recovering the account.

  • First Violation - Negative feedback
  • Second Violation - Account Banned

Leveling/Boosting Terms

Power Leveling and Boosting services must clearly state the terms of their service so there is no confusion as to what the buyer is purchasing. The following information is REQUIRED in all Leveling and Boosting service threads where the provider requires login information to the customers account.

  • Leveling is done by (automated bot or by hand)
    • If leveling is done using an exploit or some abuse of the normal game system, this must also be disclosed.
  • The person that is leveling your account is located in (countries)
  • If the account gets banned during leveling, we will compensate you (details)

Private Server Account Sales

Since private servers have different rules about account recalls and recovery, and there are many different private servers for each game, the following rules must be followed by the seller when selling an account from a private server.

  • The seller must clearly state to the buyer the account recovery procedure before payment.
  • The seller must include whether or not account recovery is possible and what info is required in an account recovery.

Thread Sale Guidelines & Requirements

In order to provide a better user experience, Epicnpc requires all members to follow these guidelines and rules when creating a sale or trade thread.

  • No unsupported superlative or competitive claims. This includes claims like "best, "cheapest", "fastest", "number #1" or any other claim that can't be proven. This is related to seller claims, not the game. For example "hunter class is the best DPS" is not against the rules.
  • Item description and payment method are required in all threads. Price is required if you link to an outside website. If there's no link, then you can say "price is negotiable" or "contact me for price information".
    • If the user has to click a link to another website to see item desription, payment methods or price, it will be considered spam and removed.
  • Full account disclosure: The seller must state to the buyer before payment whether or not the account has ever been recalled, hacked, stolen or has received violation warnings. For some games, the seller must also disclose whether or not any payment transactions (buying in-game items) have occured on the account.
    • Botted accounts: If the account was created/leveled using a bot, this must also be disclosed. This means the account was botted from level 1 to the max level. This does not include legit accounts that at one time or another used a bot.
    • Seller must disclose if they are the original owner of the account.
    • Anything vitally important about the account must be disclosed to the buyer before payment.
  • Discounts & Sales: If you are providing some sort of discount or sale (example: 50% off) you have to prove the discount is real. Normal prices must be included in your thread.
    • If the discounts are permanent, then they are not real discounts, they are the normal price and can't be claimed as a "Sale" or "Discounted" price. This would be considered a fake discount and not allowed.
      • Example: "50% off everything" If the discount is never removed, then it's not a discount it's the normal price.
      • If you add "50% off everything until June 30, 2020" Then that would be okay because the sale would end. The normal price would then be used.
    • Permanent discounts for bulk orders is allowed.
      • Example. Buy 1 item for $1. Buy 10 items for $8 (20% off). This is a permanent discount for bulk orders and would be allowed.

Right to Know Methods

Epicnpc reserves the right to know a seller's methods for anything being sold or linked to on Epicnpc. This includes how they obtain accounts or items, how their services are conducted, payment methods and processing and anything else related to the item or service listed.

  • Sellers will be required to provide a detailed explaination of their methods so that Epicnpc can replicate it.
  • If requested, seller's can be asked for video evidence as proof to show their explaination is legitimate.
  • Sellers who refuse will have their threads removed or will be banned.
    • Bans are reserved only for members that are suspected of illegal activity.

Only Epicnpc Admis have the right to make these requests, members do not need to provide this information to Moderators or Super Moderators.

Feedback System

  • Feedback can only be given if a sale has began. This means either payment was made or the item was given.
  • No free items, services or accounts in exchange for feedback.
  • If a sale occurred, the seller can offer some sort of minor discount or reward to incentivize the customer to give feedback.
    • The seller must clearly state the conditions in the thread. 10% is the max discount allowed.
    • Ex. 5% discount if you give feedback. 10% off your next order.
  • Companies that are EpicNPC verified cannot give their employees feedback, and the employees cannot give the company feedback.
  • You may NOT post feedback on behalf of any user. Doing so puts your own EpicNPC status at risk and may cause a permanent account suspension.
  • Grief or revenge feedbacks are not permitted.
  • Grief ratings are not permitted.
  • Disregarding these rules may lead to account suspension and/or having your account upgrade revoked.

Feedback Removal/Change Rules

  • If a dispute is opened and resolved, the negative feedback will be changed to neutral and the comment will be updated to reflect the issue has been resolved.
  • Feedback based on rudeness or slow service (non-extreme) can only be neutral, not negative.
  • Feedback can only be removed if it's false.
  • If you believe feedback is false, you can open a dispute thread.
    • False feedback must been reported within 30 days
    • After 30 days, the burden of proof falls solely on the member who received the feedback.
      • Example: Joe gets a negative feedback from Roger. Two months later Joe disputes the feedback. Joe must show proof the feedback is false. Roger does not need to prove his feedback is true.

Editing/Deleting Posts & Accounts

EpicNPC will not delete or remove a post once it has been made. If you mistakenly posted sensitive information like your real name, phone number, your character's username or other information that can get you banned, you can contact a moderator to get that info removed, but again the post will remain. As a general rule of thumb, do not post something on the internet you don't want there forever.

  • We do not delete posts or threads
  • We do not delete accounts.
  • Members can request to have their account closed.

The Fine Print

We can't write a rule for every possible scenario or dispute that arises. Because of this EpicNPC mods and admins reserve the right to make decisions on a case by case basis when no rule for the situation exists.

  • We reserve the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice.
  • It is your responsibility to remain informed of current policies.
  • We reserve our right to disable any account at any time for any reason and without notice.
  • Any abuse towards our staff and/or management in any form will not be tolerated!
  • If administrators/moderators should engage in buying/selling/trading/leveling accounts or make themselves available to be a middleman between users - they act as a personal entity and not as a representative of EpicNPC .