To provide another layer of safety to our members, Epicnpc offers its Trade Guardian service for both trading and sales. The buyer deposits payment to Trade Guardian and once they receive the item or account, the payment is safely released to the seller. .

Trade Guardian

Trade Guardian offers two service types. Credit (trades) and Bitcoin (sales)

  • Credit Trading
    • Credits can be used to buy items from other members, but Epicnpc credits can't be exchanged for real money.
    • Credits can be purchased with either Paypal or Bitcoin. Learn more here.
    • 100% Free.
  • Bitcoin (sales)
    • Bitcoins are deposited to Trade Guardian, then can be cashed out for real money after the transactions is complete..
    • 3% fee.

How Does Trade Guardian Work?

Either the buyer or seller creates the transaction. The buyer will then be notified to deposit either credits (for trading) or bitcoin (for sales). Once EpicNPC receives the payment, the seller will be notified to deliver the item or account. The buyer then confirms they received their item and the payment is released to the seller. The seller can then cash-out the bitcoin by making a payment request or trade the credits to someone else for another item.

  • Sellers
    • Sellers have to wait until the buyer deposits payment..
    • Once the payment has been deposited, the seller delivers the item to the buyer.
    • The seller then updates the status to "Item Sent"
    • Once the buyer confirms, the payment is released to the seller.
    • Done!

  • Buyers
    • Buyers must first deposit payment to start the transactions.
    • The seller will then deliver the item to the buyer. The seller will update the status to "Item Sent".
    • Once the buyer has the item, they can complete the transaction by updating the status to "Item Received".
    • Done!
Transaction Status Levels:
  • Credits Deposited
  • Item Sent
  • Item Received
  • Transaction complete

How does Trade Guardian Protect Buyers and Sellers?

Trade Guardian provides item delivery guarantee and protection against chargebacks. Once a seller receives payment it can't be chargebacked. This provides full protection to sellers who no longer have to deal with credit card chargebacks or Paypal disputes.

For buyers, the system offers an item delivery guarantee. The payment is held by Trade Guardian, so if there is any problem with the item or it's not delivered, the buyer can get their payment back..

What can I do with credits?

  • Credits can be used in our store to buy account or thread upgrades and perks.
  • Credits are used in our Trade Guardian system to trade items with other members
  • Credits can be sold to other members for real money in our Currency Sales Forum
    • EpicNPC does not exchange credits for real money

Does Trade Guardian Protect Me Against Account Recalls?

Trade Guardian does not protect against account recalls . Once a sale is complete and the buyer has secured the account, we do not offer any protection to the buyer if the account is recalled by the seller or a previous owner.

Buyers are encouraged to open a dispute against the seller if an account is recalled as described in the below section.

What Happens If There's a Problem?

The buyer or seller can report a transaction by simply clicking the report button. This will notify Epicnpc of the problem. While the dispute is being investigated, the payment is held by Epicnpc until the dispute is resolved. At that time, payment will be released to the rightful owner.

To speed up the investigation, we advise members to create a dispute thread in our Dispute Forum after reporting the transaction.

DO NOT CANCEL or COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION - This will release the payment back to the buyer or release it to the seller.

Canceling a Transaction

If the buyer or seller has decided to cancel a transaction this can be done as long as the item has not been sent. Once canceled, the buyer will receive the credits back. If Bitcoin was used, then it will be refunded back to the buyer within 24 hrs.

SENT ITEMS If the item has already been sent, the REPORT button needs to be used instead. The admin will be able to manually cancel the transactions once both buyer and seller confirm the cancellation.

Inactive Transactions

If a transaction has been active for 24 hours and payment has not been deposited, the transaction will automatically be canceled.

Once payment has been deposited it will not automatically cancel. You'll need to use the Report button to request the transaction canceled. Both parties will be asked to confirm the cancellation.