To provide another layer of safety to our members, Epicnpc offers its Trade Guardian service for both trading and sales. Below we offer three different services.

Trade Guardian

Trade Guardian offers three service types. Credit (trades), Bitcoin (sales) and Personal Middleman Services.

  • Credit Trading
    • Credits can be used to buy items from other members, but Epicnpc credits can't be exchanged for real money.
    • Credits can be purchased with either Paypal or Bitcoin. Learn more here.
    • 100% Free.
  • Bitcoin (sales)
    • Bitcoins are deposited to Trade Guardian, then can be cashed out for real money after the transactions is complete..
    • Fee: 3%
  • Personal Middleman Service
    • A Epicnpc approved middleman (or woman) will hold the account or item, while the buyer makes payment to the seller directly.
    • Fee: $4.95 + 6% of item value.

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How does Trade Guardian Protect Buyers and Sellers?

Trade Guardian provides item delivery and payment guarantee.

For buyers, the system offers item delivery guarantee.
For sellers, the system offers payment guarantee.*

* For Personal Middleman services, since the payment is sent directly from the buyer to seller, it does not provide any chargeback protection.