Below you will find various guides on how to use Epicnpc to buy, sell and trade safely.

Quick Safety Guide:

  • Account Upgrades - This is one of the easiest way to say safe. Most scams and disputes are from non-upgraded members, about 95% of disputes. Dealing with another member who is upgraded dramatically lowers your risk. Upgrading your own account also shows the community you're a trusted member.
  • Google - Use Google to check their username, Skype username, email address and any other information you have about the other person. Many times you can find out that someone is a known scammer by doing a simple search.
  • Contact members on Epicnpc - Beware of impostors on off-site chats like Skype, KiK, Steam, and other platforms. Always, always contact members directly on Epicnpc to confirm who they are. Always!
  • Paypal email address - Before you accept a payment from someone, send an email to their Paypal email address and ask them to reply back. If they can't that's a HUGE red flag and you should stop the sale immediately. This means they do not have access to the email address which means it could be a stolen Paypal account.
  • Check "Location Info" - On every post there is a 'Location Info' button. Clicking this button will show you what country the member is located in and will show you the ISP (internet service provider) like Verizon, Comcast, ect. If you see a web hosting company as the ISP, this means they're using a VPN. Beware, this is high risk and they could be a previously banned member. Report anyone using a VPN.
Always contact members directly on Epicnpc. Beware of fakes and impostors off-site.

Buying Guide

  • Contact the seller directly on Epicnpc.
  • Check their feedback (repuation). If they have none you should probably use a Middleman.
  • If you can, ask the seller to prove ownership of the item or account they're selling. You can meet ingame to inspect the character, screenshare or ask for screenshots.
  • See the "Going First" section below for more information on the payment and item exchange.
  • If you're buying an account, the seller must provide you with all the account information, not just login. This means the security question/answers. The seller must also help you change the email and fully secure the account.
    • If you are given the email account , change the security settings on the email account also.

Selling Guide

  • Do not include your character's username, guild, server, rare items or achievements or any other information that could identify your account in the sale thread. Your character could get reported and banned for breaking the Terms of Service.
  • Contact the buyer directly on Epicnpc before accepting payment.
  • Check their feedback (repuation). If they have none you should probably use a Middleman.
  • For game accounts, sellers must provide the buyer with all account info, not just the login info. This includes secret questions/answers, CD keys or anything else the buyer will need.

Payment & Item Exchange (Going First)

If either the buyer or seller have a lot of feedback (10+) and is upgraded you can skip much of this as long as you contacted the member directly on EpicNPC. The below guide is meant of both members involved have little to no feedback.

  • The person who has less feedback goes first. If both have little or none, the person who isn't upgraded goes first.
    • If someone is new, has no feedback and is refusing to go first it is extremely high-risk.
    • If the item is expensive, ask the person to upgrade their Epicnpc account . If they refuse it's a major red-flag. Beware.
    • We manually review all upgraded accounts within 24 hrs hours of the upgrade. It is advised that you wait 24 hrs before continuing the sale if someone just upgrades.

  • Paypal - Paypal is the most used payment method and provides some protection for both buyers and sellers. Always Google the Paypal email address being used regardless if you're the buyer or seller.
  • Bitcoin - Bitcoin is very safe for sellers because there is no way to dispute or reverse a payment. As a buyer, you only want to use bitcoin if the seller is highly trusted.
  • Western Union - WU is very safe for sellers because it's difficult to dispute (a police report has to be filed). Again WU is only recommend if the seller is highly trusted.
  • Gift Card (Amazon, Itunes, etc) - Gift cards payments are always high risk and we do not recommend them ever. Gift cards can be stolen, already used, fake and it's very difficult to prove who's at fault when a dispute is opened.

Resources and Disputes

  • Middleman Servies - Find a trusted Middleman here to help you with your sale or trade.
  • Ban List - A complete list of everyone who's been banned any why.
  • Report a Dispute - If you have a dispute or were scammed by a member of EpicNPC, post in this forum.
  • Report an Off-site Dispute - If you have proof someone is a scammer or were scammed off-site, post in this forum.