Middleman services provide buyer and seller protection at the time of sale. The service guarantees the seller will received payment and the buyer will received the item purchased.

How Does This Work? Quick Guide

  • A transaction is created between the buyer and seller.
  • The next available MM will then claim (join) the transaction.
    • The seller can also invite a MM if they wish to use someone specifically.
  • Before the exchange can start, the buyer or seller have to pay the MM fee.
    • Fee: $4.95 + 6% of item value.
  • The seller will then transfer the item or account to the MM
    • The MM will update the password and fully re-secure the account.
  • The buyer will then send payment directly to the seller using any payment method both parties agree to.
  • The seller then confirms to the MM payment was received.
  • The MM will then transfer the item or account to the buyer and help them re-secure it.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the payment is chargebacked?
Trade Guardian does not protect against payment changebacks. We recommend opening a dispute againt this member in our Dispute Forum.

Does the MM Service protect against account recalls?
No, Trade Guardian does not protect against account recalls. We recommend opening a dispute againt this member in our Dispute Forum.

Why use this service if it doesn't protect against chargeback or recalls?
Trade Guardian provides item delivery and payment guarantee. Most scams occur during the time of sale. Someone pays and never receives the item or they give the item and the other person never pays. Trade Guardian protects against these types of scams which are the most common.

Is sending payment as Family & Friends via Paypal safe?
Many sellers prefer Paypal payments to be sent as Family & Friends as it provides extra chargeback protection. However the buyer is not required to send as F&F. The buyer and seller should discuss this and come to an agreement. Even though it addes extra chargeback protection, Paypal still allows these payments to be disputed, so it's okay to send this way.

Who are the Middleman? What happens if there's a problem?

These are Epicnpc members, not employees, who have been approved to provide middleman services. Middleman must meet very high standards, have been reviewed by Epicnpc and have been long term member's of the site.

If there is a problem/dispute, Epicnpc will investigate. If the middleman fails to prevent a scam during the transaction, the middleman will be liable for the account or item if it can't be recovered. Epicnpc does NOT provide compensation for the item.

If a problem is reported after the transaction is completed, Epicnpc will also investigate. If it's deteremined the buyer or seller are at fault, the middleman will not be liable.

Canceling a Transaction

If the buyer or seller has decided to cancel a transaction this can be done as long as the item has not been sent. Once the item has been sent, only the MM can cancel.

  • Refunds
    • If a transaction is canceled before anything is transferred to the middleman, a full refund is given.
    • If an item, account or anything else is transfered to the middleman only a partial refund will be given if the transaction is cancelled.
      • Partial refund will be the middleman fee minus $9.95.
      • For transactions under $10, the cancellation fee will be $4.95 instead of $9.95.

Inactive Transactions

If a transaction has been active for 24 hours and payment has not been deposited, the transaction will automatically be canceled.

Once payment has been deposited it will not automatically cancel. Either the buyer, seller or MM will have to cancel.