EpicNPC uses a credit currency system. Credits can be used in our store to purchase account or thread perks or with our Trade Guardian system which can be exchanged with other members.

Credit System

  • Credits can only be purchased with Bitcoin or Paypal.
  • There is no way to earn credits.
  • Credits can be used in our store to buy account or thread upgrades and perks.
  • Credits are used in our Trade Guardian system.
  • EpicNPC does not cashout credits for real money, but credits can be sold to other members for real money.

Buying Items from other Members using Credits

Trade Guardian - Trade Guardian will hold the credit payment until the seller delivers the item to the buyer. This make transactions safe and secure and if the seller does not deliever the item, Epicnpc can return the credits to the buyer.

  • Sellers - As a seller it's much safer to use EpicNPC credits than Paypal or other forms of payment because the credits can't be charged back.
    • If a buyer opens a dispute against the seller, we will investigate the claim like any other dispute and freeze the seller's account.
    • If the seller wins the dispute, their account will be unfrozen. If they lose the credits will be returned to the buyer.

  • Buyers - As a buyer, paying with EpicNPC credits is safer.
    • Members can report disputes immediatly after credits have been transfered by clicking the "Report" icon from the Transaction History page (driect credit transfer) or by clicking the "Report" link for Trade Guardian transactions.
    • Once a user is reported their account will be frozen.
  • Not all members accept EpicNPC credits for payment.
  • Credits are a trading currency only, they can't be exchanged for real money.

Safety & Disputes

Credits can only be purchased with Bitcoin or Paypal.

  • No chargebacks - Credits can't be chargedback, so once you complete a sale, your credits will be safe.
  • Dispute Resolution - EpicNPC is known for investigating intangible item sales quickly and fairly. Our members trust us to gather all the required evidence from both the buyer and seller and to determine fault.
  • Credit Freeze System - In case something does happen to an item after the sale is complete, Epicnpc can freeze the sellers credits and if needed return them to the buyer.

Freezing Credits

Trade Guardian - If there is a problem after the sale, members can open a dispute and Epicnpc will then manually freeze the user's credits..
Freezing a member's credits means they will not be able to transfer credits to other members and they won't be able to purchase credits.

Depending on the outcome of our investigation the user can either be banned or their account will be unfrozen.

If a buyer fails to create a dispute report and your credits were frozen, please create your own dispute report to get unfrozen.