Find the right membership level for you – Below you can find information about each membership level, perks included and pricing.

Unverified Member (Default)

This is the usergroup all members start in. Users at this level will not be able to create threads in certain restrictive forums like Power Leveling, Boosting, Beta Key and other forums.

  • No access to canned message system
  • Can't add Avatar or Profile images
  • Can't sell beta/alpha accounts or keys
  • Can't create threads in the following forums
  • Beta Keys
  • All Power-Leveling & Boosting forums
  • Signature Disabled
  • Can't customize profile page
  • Edit time limit: 30 days
PRIMARY UPGRADES The following upgrades determine your account perks and privileges

Epic Member

All restrictions are removed from the unverified usergroup, plus the following changes. Any service that requires the customer's login info, the seller MUST upgrade to Verified.

Epic Member Premium

This usergroup provides all the perks from the Verified membership group below without having to submit an ID image (driver's license, passport, etc).

  • Only members with 20+ positive feedbacks can apply


This is our most trusted member group. Members must submit an ID image. This upgrade includes everything from the EpicMember upgrade plus the following.

  • Username is highlighted blue & bold
  • 20 sec delay between messages removed
  • Can offer Powerleveling/Boosting services

Pro Seller

This upgrade provides almost all of the perks from the Verified upgrade, except one. The Verified upgrade is still required for any service that requires the customer's login info.

  • No Powerleveling/Boosting threads. Verified upgrade required.
  • Allowed 2 additional forum accounts (perks do not carry over to these extra accounts)
  • Threads appear on the homepage
  • Username is highlighted yellow & bold
  • Allowed 1 affiliate/referral thread
  • Less forum ads
ADDITIONAL UPGRADES Can be added no matter what usergroup you're in

Protected Members

Enable Two Factor Authentication with your phone to fully protect your EpicNPC account. It's recommended that all members add this to their account no matter what usergroup they're in.

Additional Information

Members can upgrade to multiple usergroups to receive more than one badge image for their profile. The 'Epic Member' and 'Epic Member Premium' badge images can't appear together, only one of those images will display.

Account Reviews - Membership upgrades are subject to a manual account review by the admin.
No Refunds - If you fail the review, your upgrade will be removed or your account could be banned. No refund will be issued.
Failure occurs if a user is found to be a previously banned member or is a known scammer. For anything else, the member will be given a chance to provide more info to complete their upgrade.
Using a SMS or phone service (Google, etc) is not allowed.
This will cause your review to fail and you will have to verify another phone number.

Rank Badges

Image Received Type
Epic Member Upgrade
EpicMember Premium Upgrade
Verified Upgrade
Pro Seller Upgrade
Trusted - Contact an admin if you meet these requirements.
Former Moderator