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Spot # Size Qty in rotation
1 728 x 90 Each forum has 4 banner ads available
2 160 x 600 Each forum has 4 banner ads available
3 728 x 90 Each forum has 4 banner ads available
4 728 x 90 Each forum has 4 banner ads available
Buy Banner Ads - Banner ads display in individual forums, not site-wide. Sellers can target the exact game they're selling for and purchase banners ads for 90% less than buying a global banner ad. This saves sellers money while getting better targeted ads to increase ROI. OK, LET'S DO IT

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Sticky threads appear at the top of a forum category and stay at the top. Each forum can have up to three paid sticky threads. Once a forum is sold out, members can purchase a spot by paying a higher price and outbidding another member. Once a thread has been outbid, it will be unstuck on the expiration date. The new thread will then replace it.

Normal sticky purchases are recurring payments, meaning they will automatically re-bill each month until you cancel it. When you make an outbid payment, the payment is a one-time payment, however once you renew it will become recurring also.

Members can keep track or their sticky threads and renewals from the 'My Sticky Thread' tab found on the management page. Click the purchase link below to purchase or view your threads.


Any thread can be outbid.

Yes, however your thread will not be unstuck until the end of your billing cycle, the expiration date. If you have a recurring subscription, the subscription will be canceled.

Your thread will appear once the other thread expires.

If you outbid someone no one can outbid you during the first 30 days. After 30 days, you can be outbid by someone else.

Once all 3 threads our outbid, the prices for that forum will be increased and the ability to outbid will be available again.

Only if the forum is not sold out.

Log into your Paypal account and cancel the subscription. If you have no subscription your thread will expire and be automatically removed on the expiration date.