Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Buying, Selling & Trading Accounts

When you are dealing with game accounts, you are dealing with the trade of information, since there is no physical item. Because of this the original owner or account creator will always know the information on the account. While the password, email and other security items can be changed after a sale or trade, the original owner can always claim an account stolen to take it back. This is why it's extremely important to only buy an account from someone with good reputation. There is no method that will make a sold account 100% safe.

Yes, it is legal. The Terms of Service agreed to by players are not laws. While against the ToS, there has never been a court ruling to determine who is the rightful owner to a game account, hence it is not illegal.

In 2012 in the European Court of Justice it was ruled that ALL digital licenses can be resold without exception. This means if your account is banned because it was sold and you live in the EU, you have a legal right to sue the gaming company as it is illegal for them to prevent you from reselling your digital license.

Selling an account is different for each game. Once you have received payment from a buyer you will provide them with the login information, help them change the email address and any security settings on the account so they can secure it.

Once you have received the login infomation to the account you must secure it. This means updating the password, email address and security features such as secret questions/answers. If the game supports it, it is also highly recommended you add an authenticator to the account.

The first thing you should do is contact the seller you purchased it from. If they're unable or unwilling to help, you can open a dispute against them in our Active Dispute forum if the seller is a member on EpicNPC. We will investige the dispute and try to help resolve it.

If the seller isn't a member of EpicNPC you can open a thread in our Off-site Scammers forum to warn others.

Paypal is the most popular method, but not the most secure. A buyer has 180 days to dispute a payment.

Bitcoin or WesternUnion are the most secure for sellers, since there is no way to dispute a payment, but it's less secure for buyers since they have no recourse if something happens.

Buying, Selling other Items, Currencies or Services

Any service that requires the customer's login information requires you to be Verified. You can upgrade to verified for $10.

There is a risk to buying in-game money for real money that all buyers must accept. As long as the seller transfers the gold to you in what is considered a safe manner, the seller will not be held responsible if the gold is removed or your account is banned.

However if the gold was not transfered in a safe manner, including being stolen, the seller will be responsible for a full refund. Each game is different and to determine if the transfer method used was considered safe or not, we will ask other sellers for their opinions.

This is a leveling or boosting method that does not require the service provider to access the customers account. The customer plays along side, on their own acount, with the booster. Because the booster does not need access to the buyers account, no Verification is required for this type of service.

Middleman Services

A middleman is an approved member that will help facilitate a transaction. They will either hold the payment or the account/item during the transaction for the buyer or seller.

Middleman are approved members on EpicNPC who are allowed to conduct middleman transactions through our Trade Guardian system.

You should always contact the buyer or seller first. If they are unable or unwilling to help, you can open a dispute against them in our Active Dispute forum if they're a member on EpicNPC. We will investige the dispute, contact the middleman used and try to help resolve it.

Go to the Trade Guardian page and click the "Apply for MM".

Forum Features

On your thread page in the top right click 'Thread Tools' then select 'Mark thread as sold'. This will also close your thread

On your thread page in the top right click 'Thread Tools' then select 'Mark thread as sold' or click "Administrative" and click "Close Thread"

We do not delete accounts or posts. If you have posted sensative information that you want removed contact a moderator or admin to have it removed. If you really need your thread removed you can purchase the Thread Removal item from our store.

Free members have a 30 day edit time limit for posts. You can upgrade to EpicMember to increase this to 6 months or to Verified to have unlimited edit time. You can also buy our "Unlimited Edit Time" item in our store which works for all posts.

Your can apply here.

Bumping is when someone makes a short post in their own thread, usually with the words "bump", to bring their thread back to the top of the forum list.

We allow one bump every six (6) hours. If someone tries to bump before that our system will prevent it.

We have an automated bump button at the top of threads members can use to quickly bump their threads. We also have a 'bump evade' item that can be purchase that will bump a thread before the 6 hours runs out.

Feedback & Disputes

Once a sale or trade has been completed click on the member's username to go to their Profile page. Click "View Complete Feedback" on the "About Me" tab, then click "Submit Feedback" on the right side.

If you believe the feedback you received is false or inaccurate please create a thread in the Feedback Dispute forum.

The sooner you report false feedback the better chance you have of having it removed. If feedback is too old and we are unable to conduct an investition the feedback will not be removed.

If another member on our site scammed you, please create a thread in our Active Dispute forum.

If the user is not a member of our site, please create a thread in our Off-site Scammers forum..

In either case you will be asked to provide screenshot evidence.