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  1. Selling  33W 7L 82% Winrate Acc Dia/Master +28 -5

    Hey, Im tryna sell my smurf acc with insane winrate, good skins and decent Loot, LP Gains +28 -5 and its Plat 4 rn, next win is gonna get the Acc to P2 Little funfact : If ure tryna streamsnipe some ppl, like ratirl or other streamers who smurf often, acc is best for u. Price is 60€ and...
  2. Valorant Acc no Skins ASIA/APAC -Diamond 1

    Price is 50$ but flexible on offers Contact me on Discord Dagž#4076 AGENTS: Brim Jett Sage Kayo Neon Phx Raze Reyna Skye Sova Viper With 160 radianite
  3. S14 Master rank | Smurf account| High KDA OGE via mm only

    Selling Fresh Account Master S14 split 1 with high kda, full access with original email. DM Dondon222#9884 for more info & ss i have many stock for master acc
  4. Selling  OGE S14 Masters 16k RP / S12 2x masters 4.1 K/D | Horizon Main-1800 kills

    Full access OGE S14 Masters 16100 S12 2x masters Badge https://imgur.com/a/1eBh2Yw 4.1 K/D 2500 Lifetime kills Horizon Main - 1800 kills 4 Legendaries Horizon/Wraith 20 kill/4k
  5. Updated for season 14 split 2 - Ranked smurfs - More info inside.

    Diamond smurfs $25 - Now Gold 2 Master smurfs $45 - Now Plat 2 All leveled by myself. No hacks, 0 bans. All safe accounts to play on. Comes with random 20 bomb and 4k badges. OGE is included. Contact me at discord stk#0584. Open to getting badges for these accounts on request.
  6. RANK Diamond fresh account

    Only PC Steam unlinked(You can link yours if you like) Fresh account Smurf A great start on the path to the DIAMOND OR MASTER
  7. Selling  EUW/EUNE got Crypto or Paypal ? We got Cheapest Sumrfs on market 1,11 €

    Hi there! We got the bunch of League accounts available All fresh botted and prepared Stock EUW 40K-60K 30LV → 1,11€ EUNE 40K-60K 30LV → 1,11€ NA (in prepare) All Accounts have - LIFETIME WARRANTY PROTECTION - LEVEL 30+ - 40000 - 60000 BLUE ESSENCE - FRESH MMR (UNRANKED) - EMAIL...
  8. Selling  EUW/EUNE Unverified level 30 Accounts + 60K BE + skin of your choice. 1,75€

    Unverified Level 30 Accounts with Skin of your choice All Accounts are botted and have a risk of getting banned! But its unlikely unless someone reports you per Riot Support, I suggest you play 20 Arams/Normals before you start Ranked All Accounts are unverified, you can bind your own E-Mail...
  9. Selling  89% Winrate Gold 4 ADC Main Account Smurf + 14 Quality adc Skins

    Hey, selling my Gold 4 ADC Main Account, my Account currently has a 89% winrate 16W 2L High quality ADC Skins, Price is 40€ Disclaimer : Account is botted so it has a risk of getting banned, but its very unlikely only if somebody snitches, I will play Arams to make the botgames disappear...
  10. Selling  NALv131 perfect smurf acc 75 skins 17legends,39epics,1ulti,etc.. cheap!

    SCROLL DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Selling for (bids) 50-100$ Willing to negotiate NA lv 131 honor level 4 basically never ranked so perfect smurf. Dm me on discord at Gunwoo14#5469
  11. Buying  Buying Unranked hand leveled prestige kayn account

    I am looking for a new account and would like prestige kayn on it. New account hand leveled and unranked in ANY season.
  12. Selling  [PC] Cheap S14 Diamond Smurf Account

    S14 Diamond Account #001 » Account Level 35 » No hacks or third-party tools used » Steam/Original Email will be provided » 1-5 Minute Delivery Time. » Lowest Prices on the market! » Account Images Discord: Ashton#4444 Price: $30/$20 Note: Account information will only be given out when...
  13. Selling  Diamond 4 smurf | OGE | LVL 24| Path/Bang 20/4/5 | Wraith 5 Win 3k

    OGE & Not linked to steam LVL 24 Diamond 4 11,810 RP 12,600 Legend Tokens Pathfinder- 20 kill badge 4k damage badge 5 win streak badge Bangalore- 20 kill badge 4k damage badge 5 win streak badge Wraith- 5 win streak badge 3k damage badge
  14. Selling  Diamond 4 Smurf | OGE | LVL 27| Path/Bang/Wraith/Blood 20kill/4k

    OGE & Not linked to steam LVL 27 Diamond 4 11,685 RP 14,400 Legend Tokens 1,240 Crafting Mats Pathfinder- 20 kill badge 4k damage badge Bangalore- 20 kill badge 4k damage badge Wraith- 20 kill badge 4k damage badge Bloodhound- 20 kill badge 4k damage badge
  15. [EU] First Mail Full Access Unranked Beta Accounts [Has exclusive playercards]

    Got plenty of EU region beta playercard accounts with full access to first mail means u have full control on account for same price as other smurf ready ranked accs If buying bulk negotiable Valorant Unranked account with beta card available This card are rare af and were only available to...
  16. Selling  [Epic Games] Selling Old Gc Smurf Account With S5 Gc Rewards ( 49)

    S5 GRAND CHAMPION TITLE + GC GOAL EXPLOSION ------------------------------------------------------ C3 DIV 3 IN 2V2 EPIC GAMES ACCOUNT. LINKABLE TO PS4, XB1, ETC. CHANGEABLE USERNAME -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price: $49 USD...
  17. Selling  [NA] Valorant Ranked Accounts for CHEAP (plat, Ascendant, etc.)

    [NA] Valorant Ranked Account for Cheap (Platinum, Dia, Asc) temporary sale! iron, plat, diamond, ascendant $10 - $30 - Full Access - Never banned - NA Server - no skins on acc (unless mentioned) - Paypal or Venmo accepted (USD) Discord: Happi Leaph#2708
  18. Selling  EUW Fresh Accounts -30 Days Warranty -30Level Unranked

    [30LEVEL FRESH ACCOUNTS (unranked & unverified & skin shards)] 🔹+40K B.E = 1.5€ 0.99€ (0.80 if +100 order) 🔹+50K B.E = 2.5€ => 1.5€ 🔹+60K B.E = 3.5€ HANDMADE - 30LEVEL HANDLEVELED FRESH ACCOUNTS (unranked & unverified & unopened) 🌱FRESH MMR = 19€ 🌱2000 MMR = 🌱2300 MMR = 🌱2500 MMR =39€ 🌱2700+...
  19. Selling  Cheap HQ Fresh Accounts 30 Days Warranty 0.99€

    [30LEVEL FRESH ACCOUNTS (unranked & unverified & skin shards)] 🔹+40K B.E = 1.5€ 0.99€ (0.80 if +100 order) 🔹+50K B.E = 2.5€ => 1.5€ 🔹+60K B.E = 3.5€ denizzy#4843 www.smurfmarkt.com
  20. Smurf p2 acc with big winratio

    Sell p2 smurf acc with good winrate
  21. UFT: Golden Ratio, Chiaki, reversed judgement

    umm looking for anything tbh... smurfs r ok ill prob accept if it got exorcist but um yaas just offer anything or not... hell ill even accept genshin accs or something jajaj active DMM, eu/na android
  22. Selling  Kunai account - low level - original owner - diamond badge - wraith skins.

    Low level account I used to smurf. Got shards, bought a few skins for wraith, no longer in use. Diamond season 12. asking price is $100 willing to go down to $90 or 80 if bought within 5 days from now. (September 3) middleman or paypal fnf. discord: aerys#8323
  23. Selling  [PC] Season 14 Apex Ranked Accounts Smurfs Master Diamond Platinum Gold

    Selling Season 14 Apex Ranked Accounts/Smurfs Master - $70 Diamond - $25 Platinum - $15 Gold - $10 Silver - $7.5 Rookie (Ranked Ready - Level 10) - $4 PLEASE DM ME ON DISCORD IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A PURCHASE :) - RazC#1553 Many of our accounts have more than...
  24. Sell Valorant EU P2 smurf

    Selling p2 smurfing acc valorant more info pm or dc: ABYSS#2196
  25. Selling LoL SMURF any region 3$

    tJoyfull1023#2149 on Discord. @JoyfullDooM on Telegram. or at [email protected] Very safe accounts with nearly 0% ban rate. Accounts are lifetime warranty, which means that you will get a replacement if banned for botting and I will offer a discount too! Insanely Cheap Prices...