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  1. Selling TFT account with Mythic Urf

    Depending on offer i might be moving it to a different server, price is negotiable. Will be posting SS of the account, for now ill be taking offers
  2. Buying  LF NA VERY specific units

    So, this is crazy (yes ik) but i'm looking for an NA account with the following unit : Saber :Nero Bride Archer :Gilgamish ** Ishtar Artoria archer jean Arc archer *** Lancer : Scathach Bradamante Brynhildr Ereshkigal...
  3. Buying  PvZ heroes account

    I’m buying a PvZ heroes account that has huge giganticus that’s the only hero I want on the account idc what other things it has also my budget is $30 My discord is: Justagamerboi#4902
  4. Buying  na/eu android idv account! budget $40

    lf: bloodbath + chiaki smurf and their accessories/offers id: ios, asia budget: $40+ (can be more once i get paid) will accept dead dmm with video proof but i prefer active dmm Payment: google play card discord: kiwk#9871
  5. Buying  Prestige Qiyana Asap

    If anyone has a NA account with prestige qiyana, I would be down to buy it don't really matter what else is on it but prestige qiyana. ANY RANK at all prefer the account being in NA. If you want to contact me add me on discord boar#4124 please and thank you
  6. BOUGHT  Buying End Game Account EU Only

    Hello!! ^-^ Looking for an end game account with a meta cleaver team for rta, and must have belian 700$ ~ 1000$ for high end must have good limited I Won't go first unless you have a really high rep Payment is paypal gns since FnF is not available in my country, But i am open to other...
  7. BOUGHT  full kit Naruto and Sasuke final fight

    Want to buy full kit Naruto and sasuke final fight (preferably reroll). Discord: Finger_Lickin'#5388
  8. Buying  Looking for a good account to play Knights and Dragons

    Hello everyone. I used to play Knights and Dragons back in the day and I now want to hop back into the game but all of my current armor is dated and weak so im looking for an upgraded account with some newer stuff. Platform-IOS and USA. Please contact me on Line with any possible offers, all...
  9. Buying  Looking for R.League Account + Fast 4wd/Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC

    Hello! :alien: I'm looking to purchase a Rocket League account containing the Fast 4wd body - One of three cars in the Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC pack. Coming across accounts with this vehicle advertised is uncommon, however I am still only willing to deal with reputable and trusted...
  10. Buying  NA Account with Baal, Kazuha, Ganyu, AR50+

    Looking for an account that has the below, the higher the amount of characters and weapons you have the more willing ill be to up the price (Budget $100) Must Haves: - Baal - Kazuha - Ganyu - Hu Tao (Not a Must Have but Preferred) Secondary: - Zhong - Eula - Hu Tao (Preferred) Weapons...
  11. Buying  [DreamMS] B> Cheap Bishop account

    Looking for a cheap bishop account! Minimum requirements: Level 12x+ Gene quest done Does not need to have gear, can be a toad/HS mule etc. PM me details & asking price on discord, or comment below. Thanks jieang#1606
  12. Buying  B> [NA Reboot] Angelic Buster Account

    Budget is 2k. Must have Pottable Badge
  13. Buying  WTB Twitter Account (AUS/NZ)

    Hi, Looking at purchasing an aged or semi aged (prior to 2017) twitter account with 10k+ or more followers made in 'Australia/NZ from a 'account creation perspective' with no risk of being banned (when you log into twitter account settings, it says where the account was created). I've...
  14. Buying  [Faerie] LTB Medium or Large FC House

    All zones fine, Mist, Shiro or Beds preferred! I also have a small beachfront mist (plot 51) I am willing to offer as part of the trade. All offers welcome, thank you!
  15. Buying  GLB/EU Starter for Fallen Cecilia and Straze account

    Looking to buy a Fallen Cecilia and Straze account. My budget is $30, if the account has more MLs, i'm willing to go a little higher but preferably as cheap as possible.
  16. [Moogle] Buying Medium/Large plots

    i dont mine which district it is as long as the plot is in a good spot
  17. 6IV Shiny Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shop!

    PM ME for the new Pokemon Game Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! Returning customers on discord profit from special promotions + discount. Message me on discord for more: Shioned#0001 Join us on Facebook for giveaways and more ;-) https://www.facebook.com/groups/749302465538797...
  18. Buying  Double LD5 Starter preferably early game

    Hi guys looking to buy a double LD5 starter, any combination of giana, nepthys, tian lang, ragdoll, light monkey, or narsha can work (nicki, ongyouki, akroma, han, valantis, beelzebub, pontos, asima. yeonhong can also work if paired with one of the first list) Can also do trades or trades with...
  19. Buying  LF Sky: Children of The Light Account

    Currently after a pre-Rhythm account, a Rhythm graduate account is also acceptable. Completed Lightseekers + Belonging would be ideal, but not necessary. 100% Rhythm with Ultimate Gifts is required. Min. budget is $150, with +$30 for every completed season prior to Rhythm. May offer higher or...
  20. WTB specific account (level, resources, etc. don't matter)

    Hi, Just looking to see if I could purchase a very specific account. I "only" want a few things on it: -Siphi -Duchess -Lydia and/or Serris -Rae, Trunda, and/or Zavia (will pay more if you have 2 or 3 of these) I don't care about anything else on the account. It could be literally empty...