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  1. Buying  Evelyn FirstDawn + Corrupt Orakh Dark

    WTB Evelyn FirstDawn + Corrupt Orakh Dark contact me here
  2. Buying  WTB US Rogue with DST - have fake name, p2 gear

    I am looking to purchase a US Rogue (must have DST) If you have TK / SSC gear I will value your rogue over others Must have: - Fake Name - Original Email - Screen Share rogue - Have NPC Feedback - Will use middleman Looking to buy sooner rather than later. Cuddlezlolz#9929
  3. Buying  Looking For USA Audience account!

    Looking for Accounts with AT LEAST 20K+(++), Main audience demographic: USA (At least 25%) Only looking for accounts with real, organically grown, and engaged followers W/ good engagement rate. Don't want any bots or F4F. Max Budget: 350$ Niche: Must be mostly men; Sneakers, streetwear...
  4. Buying  WTB Evelyn Firstdawn

    Please message me on discord Azrael#2009
  5. Buying  Starter Evelyn Firstdown

    WTB starter account (story 1-6) with EVELYN FIRSTDAWN in send me mess here
  6. Buying  WTB - Looking for account since 2020 or 2021

    Hello, I'm looking for an account with over 2k followers but the year must be 2020 or 2021 or exceptions 2019 if is convenient. Just send me a PM with your offer.
  7. Buying  WTB Twitter Account (AUS/NZ)

    Hi, Looking at purchasing an aged or semi aged (prior to 2017) twitter account with 10k+ or more followers made in 'Australia/NZ from a 'account creation perspective' with no risk of being banned (when you log into twitter account settings, it says where the account was created). I've...
  8. WTB specific account (level, resources, etc. don't matter)

    Hi, Just looking to see if I could purchase a very specific account. I "only" want a few things on it: -Siphi -Duchess -Lydia and/or Serris -Rae, Trunda, and/or Zavia (will pay more if you have 2 or 3 of these) I don't care about anything else on the account. It could be literally empty...
  9. BOUGHT  WTB Cosette + 1 legend GLOBAL

    Thread. Discord: Rainny#5662
  10. Buying  Buying 70 Mage

    Buying your US mage. Horde Faerlina is preferred but i'm open to transfer or play alliance. Some gear is nice but not needed, I plan on gearing this guy out. Looking for something for less than $150. Let me know what you've got!! Perplexxing#7145 or message me here.
  11. Buying  Buy High Account and Whales Account

  12. Buying  WTB Hollyberry+Sea fairy+Pure Vanilla account on Holiberry server!

    Hi there looking for a CRK account with Hollyberry, Sea Fairy and Pure Vanilla on the Hollyberry server. Gems and progress is not required a level 1 account with 0 progress is fine aswell, looking to pay below $/€ 50
  13. Buying  Looking to Buy Specific Legends Account

    I'm looking to buy an account with these legends. Preferably end-game ready. I have spent hours looking through posts and the only accounts with this or close to this roster are well over my budget. My Australian Dollarydoos are worth much less then the US dollar but I'm also willing to spend if...
  14. Buying  Wtb Endgame Juno, Mako, Saitama, Cestina, More!

    I’m looking for an endgame account I can stick with forever because I love this game. The units I favor the most are Mako, Juno, Saitama, Vox, and Cestina. Please contact me if you have an endgame account you’re willing to sell! My discord: George Harrison#4130
  15. WTB: Genshin account EU

    WTB: Genshin account EU AR +30 LF: Zhongli, Xiao Giving: Amazon credit card/giftcard +500 usd!
  16. Buying  VIP18 Account [5K+ Budget]

    Key commanders expertised + FULL sets of legendary gears with special talents. Send screenshots/details to: Discord: GT#8519 Will only use MM, scammers can f off.
  17. Buying  WTB MCOC Account with all symbiote characters

    Looking for an account with all of the venomized characters and symbiotes. payment can be through PayPal or cashapp. feel free to dm me for negotiation
  18. Looking for endgame account (2-4 Hersh with wep maybe)

    Looking for endgame account (2-4 Hersh with wep maybe) for around 130$ msg me here or Сатана#2370
  19. BOUGHT  WTB Dcuo Acc Eu/Us Pc

    WTB EU/US PC account, reply here with your discord. price $100-$250.
  20. Buying  [EU] Buying BM - Blade Master Account Min 3.1K AP

    Buying BM Account from first hand. Just serious players pm me please. If you have more gear i can pay more max $500 (+$200 Depends Gear and stats).