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  1. LF: Idv Acc (NaEu)

    Hey I'm looking for an Idv account with Norman(included) and hopefully Nagito, Chiaki, Kogoro Mori or Ray :) My gems got used from a friend, who used them without asking,... (You can change the name!!! It's an inside joke)
  2. Trading  T>Ganyu 2x Amos, Childe Baal Venti and more, 9x5stars EU Acc>NA

    Well built/maintained AR 55 account Birthday set 2/13, everything else is unlinked. 8 crowns, bennett c4, xiangling c6, diona c3, fischl c4, beidou c2, ningguang c5, razor c1, sucrose c4, barbara c6, noelle c1, sayu c1, kaeya c2, thoma c2, yanfei c5, xinyan c3, all 5* characters are C0 530 5*...
  3. Selling  PS4 stacked account | 50K kills, 7KD, S4+5+6 Pred, 3 Heirlooms+150 Shards

    Well known console ranked player, selling my account because I switched to PC. -235 legendary items Lifetime stats: 47k kills, 6.75kd, 1096 Avg dmg, 10k games played+ 29% winrate, highest kills 34, Longest winstreak 15 Heirlooms: Wraith, Lifeline, Bangalore +150 spare heirloom shards -2320...
  4. Trading  Sky: COTL, account trade

    Looking for an Owl account with Tassels. Nothing much. So Rhythm to Enchantment. I know it’s not worth to a Veteran account but if there’s, Any people out there want to trade :’D I mean, let’s just try I guess? I really want those cosmetics I’m sorry The Account is from Sanctuary to Little...
  5. Trading  Steam Account / TW Octane, Fennec, Dominus + DLCs cars, I search for b dieci

    Steam account against Black Dieci my discord to trade : gwston#8930 I'm here everyday, I'll reply you in the day. I trade my Steam account with some games like Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, GTA V, Wallpaper Engine, Dead By Daylight, etc. (See my screens) You can see my items here too...
  6. Trading  Trading ios identity v account

    Trading this account (ios na/eu) , looking for all offers. Hopefully Emil’s s tier, or persona skins but all offers are welcome. Active and transferable dmm!! I’m in no rush to trade, i fairly enjoy the account. For more info add my disc: bleu#4038 or message me on insta @emilidv_ contains: 3s...
  7. Trading  WTT Ragdoll mid game for Genshin Impact EU / NA

    Hi like the title says looking for a Genshin Impact acc. TOA easy clear, TOAH auto until 61 all meta 4* with dot und tricaru already awakened and runes farmed (but needs 2-3 grindstones for the old stage 12, not tried after the current patch) BJR5 not build but in storage homunc. fully farmed...
  8. Trading  WTT EU Ragdoll mid game acc. for a Genshin impact acc EU / NA

    Hi like the title says looking for a Genshin Impact acc. TOA easy clear, TOAH auto until 61 all meta 4* with dot und tricaru already awakened and runes farmed (but needs 2-3 grindstones for the old stage 12, not tried after the current patch) BJR5 not build but in storage homunc. fully farmed...
  9. Trading  T/S Ragdoll+Jager+Zeratu

    Trade/Sell Ragdoll+Jager+Zeratu 2.6k -Trade Global x Global Loking for a (Giana+Asima, Asima+Nepthys, Giana +Light mk) looking for account with rta skins and g2 rune quality -G3-G3-G3 Account Current rank G1 -185 Vio will can be more 216spd swift can be more with grinds -So many Rta Skins -So...
  10. Trading  OR Selling hutao c1 + homa and more eu

    -------------------------- EU / AR 55 10x5 F2p dead links facebook/ twiter/ google LF : f2p eu
  11. NA Whale genshin impact account for high end FF14 Account

    Hello, I am looking to trade my genshin account for a high end FF14 account. Only looking for serious offers. PM me here if interested. All info is in the imgur provided; if you have anymore questions, PM me and I'll get to you as soon as possible!
  12. Trading  NA AR 38 Raiden + Diluc + SOH for Eula or Ayaka (Other offers possible)

    Raiden, Diluc and Staff of Homa for Eula or Ayaka. Ar and server doesn't matter Other offers can be discussed on DM DM me for screenshots You can DM me on Discord for a quicker response BlakeBb#4017
  13. SOLD  Trade 6 URs and all complete SSR to Ella

    Want to trade my account Looking for ella, i really want but no money to buy BP Can use middleman but you pay, or can direct your account first (you can check my fb account if not trust) Just chat me on discord SouDesuKa#8612 Or my facebook account https://www.facebook.com/rizky.taufik.140 Thank...
  14. Trading  Trading my Fgo Acc for HoS full set

    just check here https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/trading-jp-acc-19-ssr-np2-mordred-np5-summer-kama-np2-eresh.2067909/ either dm me here or in Discord: WannaHaveASitWithMe?#3533
  15. Trading  Trade FGO NA 23 ssr 26 wnp to FGO JP

    Trade this FGO NA to FGO JP 23 SSR 26 WNP (Jack np3, Hokusai np2) Triple support + Reines and Nero Bride Good CE, 2 kaleid, mlb 2030, etc 135 GA, 50 SA has 145 sq looking for FGO JP Equal with Morgan+supp(koyanskaya prefered) dm me for more screenshot and details or dm my discord MaxBiaggi#0127
  16. Selling  Genshin Impact Albedo smurf

    I want to sell an Albedo Smurf that I have. It also has Diluc and Childe. It's AR 50 on America server and I'll continue to play on it sometimes till it's bought ^^ I'm looking for offers but nothing under $30 I might accept trade offers too, depending on the acc ^^ Discord; no child support#1181
  17. Trading  WTT/WTS Genshin impact Europe for honkai impact 3rd

    Genshin impact Europe server 5* characters: Hu tao, albedo, zhon Li, tartaglia, keqing and diluc 5* weapons: Primordial jade spear, aquila favonia and Amos bow The price in the case of a sale is of 50usd for Paypal
  18. Trading  WTT/WTS America Ar 55 Hu tao c1, xiao, venti and klee +2 5* weapons

    Genshin impact america server, Xiao, hu tao C1, klee and venti + 2 5* weapons I'm looking for a trade to honkai impact 3rd with azur empyrea, herrcher of fire, durandal brilliant knight, dea anchora and Mobius if the account don't have the characters that i wanted I also see other offers And...
  19. Trading  11x5 star, 7 crown and more for Childe, Ganyu, Zhongli

    mc must be Lumine discord: Kei#8100
  20. Golden Ratio acc (IOS NA/EU)

    hello! i have this golden ratio acc i might trade soon it has a lost dmm but my friend is helping me it might be removed today or tomorrow ^^ i look at asia and na/eu offers,if its a really good offer i might accept android