1. Selling  PP 14.9m / lvl 100 / All boss clan 1key Hydra - normal hard brutal OK 300$

    WTS RSL acc quitting changeable email no link PP : 14.9M / lv100 Champions : -X3 Lilithu -X2 Leorius -X2 Cardiel -X2 Withyr -X2 Bad El Kazar -X2 Draco And :Hegemon /Ursuga/ Ramantu / Valkiry / Rotos / Tormin / Kymar / Lady Kimy / Lyssandra + 144 LEG IMPORTANT SOUL STONES : 3* Gaius /...
  2. Selling  [AR 58 Asia] Original owner, 20+ 5 stars C1 Hu tao, Nahida with sig weap, etc.

    I created this account around Keqing's banner and I loved playing Genshin every second I get a chance to. But right now I got a new job that I value and Iam focusing on my career. My game time has been really scarce lately and I don't see myself getting more in the long run. I am also in need of...
  3. WTS 10k platinum

    WTS 10k platinum for 75euro or wtt for WoW warmane coins add me on discord : dreamhax#0609
  4. Selling  KG [s403]Selling my >580b in BL Account VIP 14 (negotiable)

    I am Selling my Account for more Informations reach out to me
  5. Selling  3 cheap accounts , $25, and $40.

    1* account $25 negotiable 4M power 2* account $40 negotiable 10M power 3* Account $40 negotiable 4M power More information pm or discord : Yukusso#8876 Payment: Paypal
  6. SOLD  Futaba Account Na/Eu 60$

    Selling Futaba Account 60$! iOS with transfer available I only take Paypal or Giftcards DM me if interested leonor#0694
  7. SOLD  Starter Dwarf with Ingredient Jewel Heredur

    Selling Dwarf Server Heredur everything unlocked very good starter has op jewel ingredient Paypal only and MM
  8. Selling  EU/Ps Acc 460sp+ Cheap!

    Selling my EU/PS Acc. -Main: Hero Gadgets Dps/Troll (460sp) , Alt: Hero Rage Tank (440sp) -Artifacts: (200) Transformation Card, Strategist Card, Grimorium Verum, (160) Claw of Aelkhünd, Amulet of Rao, Solar Amplifier, Mystic Symbol of Seven, Everymans Protoype, Menacles of Force,Cog of...
  9. SOLD  [EN] Avrora CR 80.2% All UR Limit

    Want to sell my own account, bind fb Please dm me here or discord RemBestGirl#2653 for more detail price $180 mm is welcome, fee buyer
  10. Selling  75K tro 1000:$1

    Title^ I accept paypal Discord: Eqccc#0878 Also if you want to buy account my most expensive guns are: Bar Minigun GM4 etc... Not much on it as it is a starter account
  11. How much is this Genshin account worth?

    Hello, I'm not gonna lie I'm getting tired of this game and I'm considering selling my account. But i wanna see if it's really worth the sell, otherwise i will keep it to myself in case i wanna play again or give it to a friend. NA Server BD set. High AR (56 close to 57) and has 30 days of...
  12. Selling  2 accounts for sale EU 1 is 45k the other is 42.2k !! Going fast!!!

    Selling 2 accounts one is 45k and the other is 42.2k has all bells and whistles both have infinite potion. The 42k one has 3 treasures and the 45k has 2. All max pet knowledge and a ton of other stuff!! If you’re interested message me on here and discord CrèmeDeLaCrème#8776 and I’ll send you...
  13. Selling  VIP 9 High end account. 7 trans and a lot of pw2 (android)

    After so many years I quit the game due to lack of time. As u can see the account its full of resources, hero and pw2 artifacts. Finally all the guild tech its maxed. I cant provide the original mail because its my personal email. My Price its only 300€ My discord its Carnil#5949
  14. S22 - Hezonja - Ellic Ex 2 - 15 $

    Legendaries : Hezonja - Ellic Ex2 - Gustave - Space - Turf - Carrie Epic : Liz - Kaedo - Lester - Holder - Reeves - Biseden - Wim - Maya Discord : Kaan#1404 Will give with gmail
  15. Selling  WTS phantasia server Volt and Physical build LIN ready w/ A5 nemesis! [40$]

    WTS Volt and Physical build READY FOR LIN❗ with A5 Nemesis❗ 21640 Dark Crystal 60 red nucleus 28 special voucher Phantasia server. PRICE : 40usd fix! Payment : PayPal FF or Wise contact me on discord if interest : dusky#6235 full pic below :
  16. Selling  Global W1 - Rank 119 VIP7 11.7m BP, Stage 13-24 + Unique weapons $60

    Selling a Rank 119 account with 11.7m BP. 4,455 Gems, purchased achievement pack (16,200 gems still available). Has 2 Witch's Invitation Has UR+ Florence with her unique weapon (can get LR Florence anytime using witch's invitation). Has UR Cordie with her unique weapon. Has all characters...
  17. SOLD  NA 32+SSR W/triple support, np2 Spishtar Godjuna Kama Van Gogh $100

    For more screenshots or any questions DM me on discord: Merlin#4662 Can take payments through paypal, but can also do steam giftcards
  18. Selling  Europe AR52 Account !

    Soo im interested in selling this Genshin Impact accounts u can see on images, my brother bought it on ebay for $150 and told me that he wants to sell it.. I dont know anything about the game so yeah U can offer me Crypto / Paypal ( u need to buy steam gift cards with it ) Mm can be used on...
  19. SOLD  RSL acc mid-endgame lvl 82

    sold via discord thanks🙂 .
  20. [50usd] endgame lvl 99 story clear Easy 1% PPC All meta DPS built asia

    selling my PGR account quitting ASIA 50$ fix price contact discord : firstember#7945 Login gmail dummy only ( will give gmail to buyer full access) S Base construct : SS Alpha full hypertune ultima 7k bp S Rosetta ultima SS Plume ultima with signature S Veritas ultima S Karenina ultima with...
  21. Selling  Sell account nintendo xenoblade chronicles 3 + Digimon survive

    I am selling my nintendo account since I sold the console. accept paypal List game: Digimon survive xenoblade chronicles 3 DOOM 3 Heaven dust the price is negotiable
  22. SOLD  [SEA] Starter Account (SCARLET, rupeex2, diesel) negotiable

    Hi guys! back again to sell some scarlet account.. this one has alot of SR dupes.. Android buyer is preferred, dummy gaming google account required so I can link Fresh rerolled so chapter 1-4
  23. Fast - Trusted - Professional Seller | 10% off Radiant - Immortal ACC | LF.

    DISCORD: LegitFarm#9999 WebSite: LEGITFARM.NET
  24. Selling  FFBE GL Account NV Serge Chrono Cross

    Selling my early FFBE account. The story still in season 1 so you can still farm more lapis. Account has many good NV units, esper ifrit. Account linked to dummy google Price $20 Payment method: Paypal family and friend PM me here or discord for Offer and details, Discord: malvis7#7447
  25. SOLD  Selling account t15 80$