Below you can find information on how to get a Bitcoin account, fund it and how to make payments with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallets

The first thing you need is a Bitcoin wallet. Think of this as a bank that uses Bitcoin only. Like banks there are many to choose from, but they all basically do the same thing. Below you can find a list of some popular Bitcoin wallets.

Once you have a wallet you're ready to use Bitcoin.

Getting Bitcoin

There are two way you can get Bitcoins

  • From other people
    • Once you have a Bitcoin wallet you'll have a Bitcoin address that looks something like this 1CSBWgwEMGrjUEpdoJQSgNcKUC5tbjZmWL. Other Bitcoin users can then send you bitcoins to this address.
  • Buying it yourself by linking your wallet to a bank account or credit card.

Making a Purchase with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is very different from Paypal or a credit card. Payments are not instant. On EpicNPC it takes about 10 mins to confirm a payment and the item purchased will not be provided until the bicoin payment is confirmed.

Below are two screens to show an example payment.

  • Top image - Payment page
    • This is basically the order screen where you are given the total cost and the bitcoin address to send payment to.
    • The "Pay with Bitcoin" button only works if you have a Bitcoin app installed on your browser for which ever wallet you're using. For most people this button will not work.

  • Second image - Send payment page
    • To send payment you can either use your phone if your bitcoin wallet has a phone app and just scan the code.
    • Or you can pay by going to the bitcoin wallet website and copy/pasting the bitcoin address and total amount. In the example below I use Coinbase as my wallet.

Once payment has been sent, it takes 10 mins on average to confirm the payment. Your item will be delievered once the payment is confirmed.