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Xxxpaingods - advice buying pages with epicnpc thread.


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So i get private messaged quite often. Asking for help and i tend to reply with some helpful information how ever i feel that it is not a in-depth guide for handling business on epic npc. Today i decide to help even more people by generating a informative thread about the workings of a scammer who are trying to get a come up on Epic npc by stealing your hard earned money. This thread will show you how to avoid them. Please note that this is from experience and months of failed purchases. If my information isn't adding up to yours then please feel free to correct me and comment below. I will start off by saying this......EpicNpc has alot of scammers. You are almost promised to meet one eventually here due to the vulnerability you are in when handling business. So right of the bat here are two mentalities you need to have when dealing with other members not trusted.

=If it's to true to be good then it is.
I can't tell you how many times i tried to get the jump on other people by buying it asap. Knowing how many people browse the forum gives you a feeling of oh, S***. I need to get it now before it gets sold. Do not fall for it. Take is slow and smooth. Cause at the end of the day. Do you want to be out money? Or do you want a page worth it's salt.

=Do not trust anyone who isn't ranked or high rep.
It does not matter where they come from, and story is what so ever to you. You are here to make business not friends. Gage how they think and intentions are. If they seem desperate and tend to disconnect from the internet then just back out. You'll get another shot i promise you. People post threads all the time here.

1. Where does a scammer live on Epic NPC?
-He is either from any of the following countries: Pakistan, India, Venezuela, Colombia etc.
They originate from these countries because the economy of the country isn't doing to great but can maintain a decent internet connection. Most of them create non-verified paypals. So you may think disputing them and winning would be easy. But because they live in a provetry stricken country no F***'s are given by them. With this in mind they can quickly steal your money and never log into that account again.

if he does not know how to write proper English, or has a funny American/UK/Canadian name but lives in any of the countries listed above he is to not be trusted. Why? No VPn's/Proxies are allowed to be used when on EpicNpc. And giving off a personality that isn't his true identity is already falling short from the apple.

2. How does a scammer look like on Epic NPC.
-He usually has low rep, and a warning meter/Trade with caution sign on his profile and as stated above from a 3rd world country/provetry ridden.

3. Whats the best method of handling business?

=How much rep do you have?
-If you have lower then 3 rep and no posts then people are going to assume you are not trust worthy. Leaving you in a position where you go first. What i recommend is that with low rep you handle business with a middle man or someone with high reputation to start given you rep in the community. I'm not going to lie. I've attempted to purchase pages countless times without a middle man thinking he was to be trusted but then get scammed. It is not worth it. Get some help EpicNpc moderators are quite helpful especially if you can manage to add them on skype. Being patient can take you a long way here.
I CANNOT STRESS YOU HOW IT IMPORTANT IT IS. DO NOT DEAL WITH ANYONE ON EPICNPC IF YOU DO NOT FEEL RIGHT ABOUT DOING BUSINESS WITH HIM. AND IF YOU DO COVER YOUR A**. Do not be going loosely giving a stranger on a forum that can accessed by millions of people world wide that power over you.

=I have high rep how should i handle business.
-You never go first. If you have more then 5 rep with no issue's then do not lower your standards because someone with 5 posts is offering a great deal. People should understand that getting rep on this forum is quite hard. Grant it going first in any transaction does not give you the upper hand but can falsely create a "Safe feeling effect". Still the key here is to feel out the individual and see where his energy and intentions are.

-What are the typical scams you have seen on EpicNpc?

=Double username scam.
-Basically someone is selling a product and instructs you to add a username via skype, discord etc but instead you mistakenly add someone with similar name due to searching through the search directory of that platform thus falling for his scam in the long run for him being "TRUSTED". Scammers tend to attach themselves to accounts with high reputation so be cautious when adding people on any social media platform that isn't EpicNpc. Verify you are talking to the seller and not some phony.

=Go first and ill give you login information
-Generally this is how a trade is held in person. This is not the case on the internet. Remember what i stated above. You do not need to be in a position of vulnerability. Feel the person out. And if deemed appropriate to do business with go forward with it. Keep in mind if you do give half first. You are still out half the money you where about to pay to the person. If anything from a regular persons perspective give 10-15$ to prove you got cash to begin with.

NOTE: Some scammers may be from the U.S.A or first world countries. If it seems to good to be true then it is. Login in and out visibility is a sign of someone who is sketchy automatically. If someone was serious about business. They would stay online and be almost instant when replying due to taking themselves seriously.

=Sell and recover.
-Listen when dealing with any account on the internet it is generally easy to recover. How ever you can make it difficult for them to recover using these general methods. Change email, enable phone authorization, change username, kick every staff member/app linked to the account. Make sure to also get the email to the account attached to the profile. How ever also make sure to change everything on it. When dealing with facebook, make sure you are the sole admin before giving the goodies up.

How to gauge a pages worth:

-Is my page worth anything i paid alot for it...?
First of all.......Here are the countries you dont want your traffic to be from: Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, any **** country. Yeah you might have followers that make the profile look appealing, but how do you plan on monetizing them if they have **** internet, and generally do not click on anything other then porn and when they do receive a 0.01 cent payment.

-Whats the best audience to have?
USA, UK, Canda, Germany, New Zealand basically first world country traffic is great. You can not only monetize this traffic but maybe able to sell a product to them.

I have more to contribute to this thread ill be working on it daily with new information. But for now im going to sleep.

To sum it up.
Just like people are street smart you have to be internet smart. People are on the grind here. Feel them out and see where intentions are. If they dont want business find someone who is. It's better to keep your money then to fall for some type of illusion.
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Here to help. Just contact me if you have any questions.
Here to help. Just contact me if you have any questions.
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