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Scammer Trustybooster(epicnpc) Stierbundel#9116 [email protected]

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Scam Accusation


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I initially wanted to buy a BFA complete edition expansion as a gift from this guy through WoW token balance which he confirmed that he offers on a price that is really low but still justifiable (25e). I then realized that I have to be friends with him for 3 days in order to receive the gift which was the first major sign that this guy was a scammer because he said he sold expansions before but he didn't look like he knew about the 3 days requirement. Nevertheless, he beat my argument by saying that he will gift himself and give me the cd key. I don't even know if you can actually generate a cd key through the digital copy of the game , so my scam alert was very high at that point but I wasn't in the mood to search about it. As a last resort I asked him to meet me in-game in order to get a screenshot of his gold with me on it which we did, he met me with a dh capable to do freehold boosts and he gave me a legit screenshot where he had the gold he claimed to have (2 million). Of course he gave me a ss before that with his bags only where he had 3 million gold instead of 2 which was also very suspicious but he countered that argument too by saying that he sent 1 million gold to another char. He had multiple accounts on epicnpc which again was a scam alert but anyway the in-game screenshot and the way he talked were way too strong, also his threads on epicnpc where he offered freehold boosts were very professional that didn't really spell out a scammer.

These factors plus my greedy side to get the expansions cheaply made me pay him 10e (we agreed half first half after). The amount was very small and there were very strong factors to support his claims so I had some equity in my side even if it was small, also I suffer IRL from paranoia so I let go and of course I paid for it. I didn't really believe that he would spend soooo much time with me and go through all this just to scam me for 10e especially if he resides in Netherlands which is a rich and developed country. It was incredibly hard with my knowledge to avoid this scam but it was a great lesson nonetheless and forced me to search in-depth about cd keys and cheaper expansion supplying.

Purchase Date: 24/7/2019
Date the problem begain: 24/7/2019
Method of Contact Used (chat progam): Discord

Other information: Stierbundel#9116 (discord) [email protected] (paypal email) Mike Van Olst (paypal name)

DISPUTE Information
Link of transaction thread (URL, Epicnpc thread): https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/gold-outland-alliance-4€-100k.1484910/#post-6403767
Approximate value of property: $25 USD each expansion, lost 10e in the transaction
Was Trade Guardian used? No

What is the dispute about? Losing money on buying a fake cd key for a WoW expansion

Other details / notes: He gave me a fake key and left after saying "poor boy" without trying to answer my questions. Also,see opening paragraph for more details

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Multiple Accounts
Reason - banned on ownedcore - horrorkiller
What you want to know from me.
Gave him the code, he made a dispute in paypal to try and get his money back.
I delivered proof to paypal and they supported that i was correct so he did not get his money back.
He tried to scam me and it did not work.
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