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Contact Info:

Skype: Mpouri80 (nick: Kugogizo) / Discord: Kugogizo#2810 (Discord Unique ID: 149090192710434816)

Antiscam Advice: Don't pay anyone before you PM me here, it could be an imposter scam!

Hello everyone

I'm Kugogizo a former professional esports player and a former professional world of warcraft multiboxer & booster that currently works as a full-time MMO reseller. I'm doing business for over 5 years in the gaming industry and have hundreds of sales under my belt of which many are consisting of accounts that I built myself. (over 100!). I'm selling currency and items at every game and slowly moving towards services and coaching as well. I'm not selling accounts that I don't create myself due to the high scam rate that they carry.

Doing business with me means you are dealing with someone who is very experienced and who prioritizes your safety over anything else, yes the MMO markets carry many dangers and you can lose it all if you are not careful, I always advise my buyers about possible pitfalls and I will avoid trading with you if the order is too risky for your account even at the expense of profit. Besides safety, I put a lot of emphasis on high-quality customer service and I tend to deliver my orders exceptionally fast, I will rarely ask for payment if I can't deliver quickly, I know that you hate waiting and I'm doing my best to not disappoint you. Lastly, I offer support throughout my orders and will handle disputes that will arise in favor of my buyers.

My usual working times are everyday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM EET/CET or 23:00 PM to 16:00 PM PST

If I don't respond to you, it means that I sleep or I'm afk. I answer all of my requests once I'm on my PC

For Suppliers & Farmers

I currently recruit long-term currency suppliers for every game, you can check the link below for more information:


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