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BBS Accounts are all Global,
All prices are in
Pay via PayPal Family and friend ONLY payment

- Global Accounts
- Great Fresh/Farmed/Orb Accounts
- Quick and Fast Sales


When purchasing an account please send through and confirm the Account ID that is on every account
Example: Account #1:

Updated 14/09/2019
More Accounts to come - KEEP A LOOK OUT

DISCORD: Nxp#9730

Accounts SOLD : 37

Accounts :

Account #1 - GOLDY - Available
- 13 Gold Accessories
- 25,000+ Link slot potions
- TYBW and CFYOW Characters
- Best PvP team there is (Nnoitora, Chad, Kenny)
- TYBW Unohana 10/10/10, WeaKEN 10/10/9 and a few others that are close to 5/5/5
- Over 2.1K+ PvP Avg. ATK (easily get to seat 3 and above)
- Main/Side Stories almost untouched!
- PLENTLY of Orbs still to get from Stories and maxing out characters!

https://imgur.com/a /1CqwivH

Account #2 - ACC013 - Available
- FRESH account
- 3 Gold Accessories (no dupes)
- Red Kenny with Gold red chappy+gold pupples
- 1,100 ORBS!
- Main/Side Stories Untouched!
https://imgur.com/a /4WiB1jv

Account #3 - ACC014 - Available
- CFYOW Nnoitora + Yammy
- TYBW Soi Fon, 4 TYBW Characters
- 1 Gold Accessory
- 3rd Anni Ulq, Red Kenny, Movie Characters
- Heaps of characters to level, Plently of orbs to farm!
https://imgur.com/a /O9o3AMC

Account #3 - ACC017 - Available
- TYBW Aizen
- CFYOW Nnoitora
- BEST PvP TEAM - Chad, Nnoitora and Red Kenny
- 1 Gold Accessory
- Heaps of story mode to do, And Characters to max. Plently of orbs to farm!
https://imgur.com/a /cATpArz

Account #5 - ACC016 - Available
- 2/3 CFYOW Part 3, Stark and Aaaroniero (with dupe)
- 3 CFYOW Characters
- 7 TYBW Characters
- 3 Gold Chappies NO DUPES
- Over 140 5/6 Star characters
- Mid game account, Main story and side story still heaps left to do!
- Sub Story is 40% completed, 60% left to do!
https://imgur.com/a /dFWUgGv

Account#6 - ACC-07 - SOLD!
-4th Anni Vasto Ichigo
- CFYOW Nel and Grim
- 3 TYBW Charcs
- Over 170 6/5 star characters!!
- Main story/Side stories are completed. Sub story is 90% done
- 1 Gold Chappy plus Heaps n Heaps of maxed Accessories
- LOADS of orbs still to get!
https://imgur.com/a /lNqh9CF

Account #7 - F-RM01 - Available $30
- 4th Anni Mugetsu x 4 dupes!!
- TYBW Aizen, Soi Fon x 2

Account #8 - FRSH-01 - Available $15
- 3 TYBW Characters - Soi Fon x 2, Shunsui, Byakuya
https://imgur.com/a /hXLwIWx

Account #9 - FRAM-01 - Available $40
- 4th Anni Mugetsu
- 3 TYBW Characters - Soi Fon x 2, Yama, Byakuya
- 5000+ Link slot potions
https://imgur.com/a /JYF6xj1

Account #10 - GOLD-01 - Available $20
- Gold Purple Chappy
https://imgur.com/a /gdcOU8Z

Account #11 - KNC01 - SOLD

Account #12 - FRESHKEN - Available $10
https://imgur.com/a /q43ihJd

Account #13 - KEN02 - Available $10
https://imgur.com/a /8njhmdq

Account #14 - TXL-01 - Available $10
https://imgur.com/a /h43k9ge
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What a bloody good guy!

This man, what a great guy he is! I asked him to get me TYBW Byak as a re-roll along with the story quest done + orbs on top of that, even though he did not offer that as a service on this thread but he had absolutely no reservations about going above and beyond for me to ensure I got what I needed. Even as of right now, he is still re-rolling to try and get TYBW Byak with a golden Yuki dispenser, even though I have already paid for an account he provided me (that I am still very happy with). If you need something, IZ, account boosting, re-rolling, power hearts, accessory fusion, ANYTHING this guy is it the GOAT. For real. I will certainly be coming back for more of his services as his dedication to BBS knows no bounds. Thanks again man

- a very happy customer.


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Friendly and efficient!

Great 1st-time buyer experience. Expected it to be a lil sketchy, but was not at all. Great service, easy transaction, definitely a happy customer
Thanks mate, Hope you enjoy the account :)
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Awesome seller!

Very good seller, even made an offer and went down from the price a little, dont you worryy definitely trust worthy and worth it!
Thanks mate! Appreciate the feedback! Please do come again
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Highly recommended, very easy buy helpful and fair recommended to anyone looking for a fresh account
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