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bleach brave souls

  1. L

    Selling  Bleach Global/world many 6*

    Selling account with many 6* More photos on discord : #PenséeLeo5226 Ulquiorra third transformation Yhwach Ichigo thousand war and many others just ask photos and price Klab Id so id can be change!!!
  2. H

    SOLD  30$ Bleach brave souls endgame account 310+ days 2 gold accesories

    Hello, I want to sell my BBS( Bleach Brave Souls ) account. I've played for 311 days. Account has 2 gold accesories: 1 heart gold chappy with max attack and 1 heart gold yuki with 20SP. Other presented accesories are pretty strong too, most of them have maxed second effect I mean stamina +40...
  3. S

    Selling  God-Tier Bleach: Brave Souls account

    former S league player account here's what i have to offer: CHARACTERS: a whopping 117 Characters at Level 200 (you can count for yourself) 10/10/10 characters: -TYBW Soi Fon -4th Anniversary Fully Hollofied Ichigo -CFYOW Zommari -Belief Toshiro (heart) -Belief Kenpachi (power) -Cacao Society...
  4. M

    SOLD  Selling good bbs $50

    Hey selling bbs its very good true bankai ichigi hikone and tybw kisuke are 10/10/10 contact me on discord to discuss Malono#8183 pulled a golden chappy just now
  5. M

    Bbs account $20

    Selling my bbs with 10 tybw only doing $20 or higher sorry here take a look discord is Malono#8183 for more info
  6. M

    Selling endgame bbs $10

    Hello , Selling endgame bbs for about $10 have a look contact me on discord @Malono#8183 ill respond as quick as possible
  7. M

    Whale BBS Endgame Account: OP!

    Selling Whale Endgame BBS Account I’m not able to keep playing the game with school and work so I want to sell the account to someone who will appreciate it. Here are some highlights: Pictures: TYBW Characters: 16/17 (Missing Kisuke) CFYOW Characters: 7/9 (Missing Grimmjow & Szayelaporro)...
  8. S

    SOLD  Endgame Account, 852/1291 Units, 8+ Gold Accessories, 50 slotted Units / 650$

    Reposting this Thread since i cant delete my old Thread I am trying to sell my Main Account because i dont feel playing this Game anymore. This Account does have many Lvl 1 Units since it was a Guild Quest Account, so if u dont feel like playing Gq u can just max them and get hella Orbs out of...
  9. X

    Endgame BBS Account tybw5 and 4th anni features!

    You can see just how awesome the account is from the imgur. Message me for any questions, offers, etc. What you see is what you get. Account is klab linked. I will take offers, best offer by end of today gets it, trying to sell this one fast so only serious bidders, thanks guys and good luck
  10. S

    Selling  [Global] 149 6*|15 5*|Purple gold chappy|Mugetsu, FHI, TYBW Yama+Aizen - 60$

    (!)Caution(!) It's been reported to me that someone is using my imgur link to scam people. Keep in mind that i will never add the buyer first so don't post your discord id in the thread, it's the same as directly asking to be scammed. Either add me on discord, private message me or use the...
  11. S

    SOLD  Top Tier Gq S-Rank Account, 620+ Logindays, 600$ / Updated Account Review

    Watch the Videos and open the Google Docs Link. For more Information ask me on Discord- > Tag below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qRt_oNeW3dRy-ptm_OTu7ICGcJpCsywe0hpSnL5m86E/edit?usp=sharing CONTACT ME ON DISCORD: Sheep#0001 PAYPAL ONLY
  12. Z

    Selling  Main Account 852 characters, 20+ MAX Slotted chars, 20+ gold accesories 350$

    Hello Everyone, I'm selling my BBS account because I don't have enough time to keep enjoying the game, it's KLAB Linked, so it won't be a problem to be sold. The account has the BEST PVP characters with their links and most of the BEST PVE characters for guild quests, epic raids, co-ops and...
  13. D

    Selling  FRESH Anniversary + TYBW Accounts

    GET YOUR FRESH ANNIVERSARY ACCOUNTS BEFORE ANNIVERSARY ENDS! ALL OF THEM HAVE "CHOOSE YOUR 6*" AVAILABLE AND HAVE MINIMAL PROGRESS! 1. TYBW Aizen, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Broken, Kaien, Luppi, Szayel, TT Jushiro, A2KY Nnoitora, Hiyori, Tetsuzaemon, Zabimaru, Tessai, Byakuya (255 orbs) - $30 2...
  14. Y

    Farming Story-Side Story. Senkaimon,Er Medals, farming droplets/potions.

    Hey guys, i am thinking to start farming story stages, senkaimon first tower floors, er medals , droplets or potions for people's accounts to make money at global server. or playing some events repeatedly with inbox soul tickets. i live in turkey. and 1 $ = 5.5 turkish lira here. i can make...
  15. W

    Buying  Looking for fresh Retsu unohana tybw

    By fresh I mean brand new nothing touched no characters leveled message me on discord Wimpykid81#1734 ps not trying to spend a lot either that’s why I’m looking for a fresh account
  16. W

    Buying  LF fresh Retsu Unohana tybw

    Looking for a fresh tybw retsu unohana account not trying to spend a lot of money that’s why I’m looking for a fresh one
  17. W

    Buying  Looking for alternate rebirth nelliel fresh

    Looking for alternate rebirth nelliel fresh account not trying to waste a lot of money if you have a good offer message me on discord or here discord name Wimpykid81#1734
  18. G

    Selling  Whaled Endgame Account - Perfect Gold PvP Team (Nnoi, Chad and Kenny) etc.

    This account has 1.1k character completion and has a few more resurrections to do. There are over 20 characters to get orbs from so orbs resource is not an issue. It is in top 100 in gq rankings, has a high top score and is also ranked 12th in the world for pvp rankings. The account is currently...
  19. D

    SOLD  All the Anniversary Units Up to Date(Mugetsu and Hollow Ichigo Maxed 200) 60$

    All of the Anniversary units from current and past years and the units you see in the image.