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  1. I

    Selling  Beast bbs account, most cfyow and tybw

    selling my BBS account, orb count is higher Only unit missing from the album is the newer tech shunsui Paypal offers only no lowballs
  2. E

    Selling  Huge end game Bleach brave souls account or trading for similar epic seven ac

    Plenty characters Plenty good accesories and A LOT of materials. 10-10-10 Unohana TB Noitra Speed Chad If you need something just add me Eiko#2455
  3. R

    Selling  Bleach brave souls RARE account OG!! still available!!

    Bleach brave souls account for sale! played every day for 4+ hours!! GREAT account with great price!! Offers are welcome. kik - raghavbhatt discord - raghavbhatt#6797 payment method accepted - bitcoin, any gift card or we can discuss one on chat. message me on kik - raghavbhatt or discord...
  4. S

    Sell acc fresh story,sub and events

    Klab Only PayPal Only $50
  5. S

    Selling  BLEACH ACC/max slotted characters/golden acc/and more

    Not able to post all pictures here so message me on discord. Sagi#0001 price maybe negotiable
  6. M

    Whale BBS Endgame Account: OP!

    Selling Whale Endgame BBS Account I’m not able to keep playing the game with school and work so I want to sell the account to someone who will appreciate it. Here are some highlights: Pictures: TYBW Characters: 16/17 (Missing Kisuke) CFYOW Characters: 7/9 (Missing Grimmjow & Szayelaporro)...
  7. D

    Selling  Beast bbs account with 3 gold acc and anni ichigos 70$

    Beast account with all the new characters and also CYOW characters and manga. Lots or recourses and 3 gold accessories. Have both new anniversary ichigos. Story still to farm and lots of orbs to still get. Looking for 70$ or you can send you your best offer. Discord : Manuj#5504
  8. S

    SOLD  Endgame Account, 852/1291 Units, 8+ Gold Accessories, 50 slotted Units / 650$

    Reposting this Thread since i cant delete my old Thread I am trying to sell my Main Account because i dont feel playing this Game anymore. This Account does have many Lvl 1 Units since it was a Guild Quest Account, so if u dont feel like playing Gq u can just max them and get hella Orbs out of...
  9. dylan952009

    Bleach Brave souls Packs 80%

    I only accept paypal currently Android ( NA players only ) all packs will be sold at 80% ( $100 pack will = $80 ) if you buy in bulk then we can negotiate a lower price. Middleman may be used on bulk orders and any fee's needing to be paid will be paid by you. Delivery Time: Expected...
  10. S

    Selling  [Global] 149 6*|15 5*|Purple gold chappy|Mugetsu, FHI, TYBW Yama+Aizen - 60$

    (!)Caution(!) It's been reported to me that someone is using my imgur link to scam people. Keep in mind that i will never add the buyer first so don't post your discord id in the thread, it's the same as directly asking to be scammed. Either add me on discord, private message me or use the...
  11. Nxp

    Buying  Buying seat 3 or 4 BBS account

    Hey guys buying a seat 3 or seat 4 account. Don't care what characters are on it. PM me what youve got, Thanks
  12. Q

    Selling  Vip 15. 13.2m Whale account

    Hi, selling my account which has been up since day 1. If you wanna start but is afraid that you cant catch up. Buy this account. Account is bind to dummt Gmail and not bind by phone No. Server :M1(Most active server) Total power is 13.2m Rank 17 in total Power *Easily top every dungeon *All impt...
  13. D

    Selling  FRESH Anniversary + TYBW Accounts

    GET YOUR FRESH ANNIVERSARY ACCOUNTS BEFORE ANNIVERSARY ENDS! ALL OF THEM HAVE "CHOOSE YOUR 6*" AVAILABLE AND HAVE MINIMAL PROGRESS! 1. TYBW Aizen, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Broken, Kaien, Luppi, Szayel, TT Jushiro, A2KY Nnoitora, Hiyori, Tetsuzaemon, Zabimaru, Tessai, Byakuya (255 orbs) - $30 2...
  14. P

    Looking to buy End game account with all summer girls characters with it

    Hi im looking to buy a bleach brave souls account endgame with as much as 6* characters on it but most include all ( or if not all let me know how much and which ones) female summer characters for the last 4 years. We can negotiate the price and come to an arrangement.
  15. R

    Buying  Buying top account $$$

    Looking for a top account will pay up to 150 usd if the acct is good enough. Dont message me some scam price like 500 600 I've seen the best accounts going for 100 usd so negotiating for 150 bucks should be sufficient message me at [email protected]
  16. Z

    REROLLS-> Tell me who you want and i'll get them

    I'll do rerolls and continue until u get the character you want! Just gimme ur discord and ill give u the account!
  17. Z

    $100-cfyow nntoria+unohana+chad+10/14 tybw characters+CFYOW characters+gold ac

    This is my main account and I've been caught up with school so i think its time to sell it. I think the price is fair so please hit me up if your interested. I've been playing this game since middle school 7th grade and now im in the 11th. So pretty much 4 years. i hope its new owner is good! PM...
  18. D

    Selling  BBS account - 13 × 6 stars, 10 × 5 stars characters, story 99% untouched

    Some level 150 characters fully upgraded, including some special edition ones. 1000+ orbs ready for the 4th anniversary, 99% of all the main and side stories available for completion. Only with what you have now you can easily finish the hardest raids, auto the lottery events and stories. You...
  19. J

    Selling  Bleach 3D S64

    Server = S64 AccName = Abi VIP Level = VIP III Profile Level = Level 98 Power Level = 1412856 Moniker = 3rd Seat Association = SHINIGAMI List of Character's Unlocked : R = Kurosaki Ichigo, Yasutora Sado, Uryuu Ishida, Inoue Orihime, Yamada Hanataro SR = Kusajishi Yachiru, Kuchiki Rukia...