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  1. R

    Selling  EU S-17 | 6.6m Sp | 22k Crystals | 120 Tickets | 10 Limited Character 40€ Only

    Selling my account, acc have VL Arrancar Aizen Swimsuit Unohana etc... 40 euro only !!
  2. H

    SOLD  18€ Semi-fresh BBS Account TYBW characters, 2 golden accesories 3.5k orbs

    TYBW characters: Bambietta, Candice, Ichibe, Aizen, Yamamoto, Nemu Seasonal characters 3k Orbs There are plenty of orbs to gain 2 golden accesories Concact me through site in private message(PM) or discord くろです#9338 Screenshots below:
  3. M

    SOLD  BBS Nice starter account cheap

    Nice starter bbs account still has story to farm on hard difficulty. Senkaimon, sub stories, and all other events are completely fresh as well. Has over 1k soul tickets with more in the gift box if needed. Selling cheap for $5 paypal friends and family option. Dm me on here or on my discord. Kat...
  4. T

    Selling  Ultimate Boosted Beast Fresh Story Account

    (y)(y) Ultimate Boosted Beast Fresh Story Account (y)(y) Latest charas Accesories Materials (All is OVER) Familiars Ticket Accesories (almost 10k) Linked (KLAB Only) Interested and other details? PM me with your offers or contact me here Paypal only :cool: Thank You :cool:
  5. B

    SOLD  $10 over 100 summons ready, top 35 power, lvl 58, semi whale

    this account is perfect for anyone just trying to get into the game the server the account currently on has yet to get yamamoto hince allt he jades and summon tools if you need more info or want to buy msg me on discord: Salt Factory#0804
  6. T

    Selling  Beast Endgame 700+ Completion Account

    (y)(y)BEAST ENDGAME WITH 700+ CHARACTER COMPLETION(y)(y) Latest chara like Askin and others 30 charas with max link slots Good second effect of accesories Tons of materials (power heart and others) Premium tickets Accesory tickets Story Linked to all but dont worry i will give you all...
  7. V

    No longer selling.

    No longer selling. Mods please close or delete this thread.
  8. D

    Selling  [Oceania Server] #1 Rank Toshiro | 21k Cyrstals | 172 SSR Tickets | 4 x Yellow

    Oceania Server OC1: The #1 Rank, Max Yellow 6 Stars, Max Quality, Great Class Converted, Strongest Toshiro in OCEANIA SERVER! 4 Max Quality Yellow SSR Characters (Toshiro, Toshiro Bankai, White Ichigo, Kenpachi) You're chance to take over a Great Account! Rename Pill Included (Pre-Purchased...
  9. J

    Selling  Selling Accounts Bleach Immortal Soul (BIS) Accounts

    Email is [email protected] if you have any questions. Hello, I have 3 accounts for sale. Ideally, I'd like to sell all 3 of them for $100 but willing to sell individually. Account 1: Level 55 VIP level 3 Power 260k+ Squad rank 2 on server Started account on March 27, 2020 in USA 8k+ Jade Souls...
  10. A

    SOLD  Bleach Brave Souls BBS Dream Account 22/26 tybw 10/18 cfyow 10+Gold 2000+orbs

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bleach-Brave-Souls-BBS-Dream-Account-19-26-TYBW-9-18-CFYOW-10-Gold-2000-orbs/254574489315 Bleach brave souls BBS Dream Account 19/26 TYBW 9/18 CFYOW and 2000+orbs Captain Level in PvP Lots of characters have full link slots and lots of character with max special...
  11. K

    Selling  Bleach Brave Souls Account for Sale (GLB) Tybw+ Cfyow Characters

    Selling This Account https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G6agltNVvyvsEBn3TTHhnxfEcB6_xTko/view?usp=drivesdk Need the money so i can be very negotiable with prices. If you have any questions feel free to message me in discord @ GT#7895 It has cfyow characters and most of the tybw characters and...
  12. K

    Selling Beast Starter Account

    Life happens and I can't play as much as I planned to, so I'm selling my beast starter account. It has top tier PVP and PVE characters to fill pretty much any requirement plus a TON of farmed materials and top tier equipment. 6K Spirit Orbs on top of it too. Have only completed up to 96% of...
  13. C

    SOLD  Bleach Immortal Soul Lv 50 VIP 6 Account

    I'm selling this account. With growth plan. 75€ paypal. This account is in the top 2 guild and has 3 UR chars. Interested? Add me on Discord CyberRyuzaki#8895
  14. S

    Selling  Selling Cheap or Trade Beast CTDT Global Red Japan

    Hello, the account is up for sale or is open for a Bleach brave souls beast account (could be fresh or endgame), ill be leaving the player id here. Pm me for more info. Thank you. Player ID is: 603063529
  15. D

    VERY GOOD beginners account / many orbs to farm / Tokinada, New Shinji, etc..

    -This beginners account is only 2 months old and has many of the newest characters!!! - Tokinada, Tenjiro, Kirio, Hallibel all maxed out link slots!! SS Byakuya is almost maxed!! - Fresh orbs to still farm from story and raid characters. I have not farmed any orbs from the raid characters and...
  16. Kar97

    SOLD  Beast Endgame Account with many 10/10/10 characters and Gold accessories

    Beast Endgame Account with the best characters of the game for both pvp and pve. SOI FON MAX TRASCENDENCE. 11 5/5 characters 23 10/10/10 characters 16 Gold accessories Linked to Klab and Facebook. Payment via Paypal only. Contact me on discord Kar97#3195. Price: 350€(Negotiable) UPDATE:I HAVE...
  17. M

    Selling Veteran account with more than 5K Orbs, hundreds of 6* units

    Attached are all the info of the account. Selling for 300$ Payment through Google pay & Skrill
  18. T

    Selling my BBS Account / 8 Golden accs as a set + fortpills as a set

    Hey guys im new to this site so as I dont want to play Bleach Brave Souls anymore I want to sell my account. It has a fair amount of good chars and accs, including max link slotted tybw Retsu and Red Kenny. You can get the Details from the attachments. For better talk add me on discord :) Disc...
  19. A

    Trading  Trading other game accounts for an brown dust account

    Hi, im looking for an mid- endgame account. I have accounts for many gacha games (android) mid-endgame depends on the game. Some of them are: dokkan battle, optc, bleach bs, afk arena...
  20. Kar97

    SOLD  Great Fresh Account with Ichibei,Nnoitora CFYOW and many others

    Fresh account with the best pvp units and a lot of op characters. Contact me on discord Kar97#3195 for price. Payment via Paypal Linked to Klab Price:30€