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  1. Nxp

    SOLD  2 Accounts on sale! TYBW round 6 | Cfyow | $20 each today only!!

    Hey guys, These 2 accounts are on sale currently! Get in quick Account #1 - ACC013 - Available $50 $30 $20 TODAY! - TYBW Nemu, TYBW Mayuri, TYBW Kenny - FRESH account - New Ginrei - 3 Gold Accessories - Red Gold chappy+Pupples, Blue gold Pupples - Red Kenny with Gold red chappy+gold pupples...
  2. H

    SOLD  30$ Bleach brave souls endgame account 310+ days 2 gold accesories

    Hello, I want to sell my BBS( Bleach Brave Souls ) account. I've played for 311 days. Account has 2 gold accesories: 1 heart gold chappy with max attack and 1 heart gold yuki with 20SP. Other presented accesories are pretty strong too, most of them have maxed second effect I mean stamina +40...
  3. S

    Trading  Trading end game optc for an op bbs

    Sent offer in discord. saif500#1515
  4. 0

    [Endgame]Godly PVPTeam wih loads of good characters[+Chairsama,Manga soi]

    Hi im selling my account since i got no time to play anymore. it is a year old account that i putted alot of times and effort. i would like to sell fro 80USD Discord: Wanderer#3503
  5. Nxp

    SOLD  Huge farmed account | 53k Potions | 10.3k Orbs! | CFYOW | TYBW | 7 golds

    Selling this WHALE of an account plus a few extras on sale!! Account #1 - BEAST - SOLD!!!!! This account is a one of a kind account. Set up for any PvP or PvE content you need it for. It will not last long so get in quick! Huge WHALE of an account! Information: - - 10,300 Orbs! Thats right...
  6. M

    Whale BBS Endgame Account: OP!

    Selling Whale Endgame BBS Account I’m not able to keep playing the game with school and work so I want to sell the account to someone who will appreciate it. Here are some highlights: Pictures: TYBW Characters: 16/17 (Missing Kisuke) CFYOW Characters: 7/9 (Missing Grimmjow & Szayelaporro)...
  7. Nxp

    SOLD  Huge Beast late-game account | TYBW | CFYOW | 4th anni - Updated

    Hey guys, Selling one of my beast of a late-game accounts! Account Details: - Available - TYBW Yama/ 4th Anni Ichigo - Gold Chappy plus Heaps of Accessories - Over 180 5/6 Star characters - 6 TYBW Characters - 2 CFYOW Characters - Tons of Resources (Crystals/Jewels etc) - 28 Maxed Character...
  8. S

    SOLD  Endgame Account, 852/1291 Units, 8+ Gold Accessories, 50 slotted Units / 650$

    Reposting this Thread since i cant delete my old Thread I am trying to sell my Main Account because i dont feel playing this Game anymore. This Account does have many Lvl 1 Units since it was a Guild Quest Account, so if u dont feel like playing Gq u can just max them and get hella Orbs out of...
  9. Nxp

    Selling  Beast late-Game accounts | TYBW | CFYOW | 4th anni | gold acess's | 2 Left!

    Selling 3 Beast late game accounts! PM me with an offer for each account! :) Account #1 SOLD! CODE: ACC#9 - - TYBW Soi Fon/Aizen -4th Anni Mugetsu - CFYOW Nnoitora, Nel, Hikone, Zommari - 10 TYBW Characters - Over 170 5/6 Characers - 4 Gold accessories plus Heaps of accessories - 7 maxed...
  10. Nxp

    Selling  Mid-game/Late-game accounts | TYBW | 4th Anni | Farmed

    Account #1 - Available - $60 Account #2 - SOLD!! - $120 Account #3 - Available - $30 Be sure to check out my shop! https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/nxp-shop-tybw-r5-4th-anni-fresh-farmed-orb-accounts-updated-prices.1465840/
  11. Nxp

    Buying  Buying seat 3 or 4 BBS account

    Hey guys buying a seat 3 or seat 4 account. Don't care what characters are on it. PM me what youve got, Thanks
  12. W

    Trading  1 or more fresh lvl 2 Naruto Blazing acc w/ pics inside for f or semifresh bbs

    this is an album click on it I'm looking for a hikone and mugetsu account, new years quincy ichigo would be a + MSG me for any questions about the naruto accounts or offers
  13. S

    SOLD  Top Tier Gq S-Rank Account, 620+ Logindays, 600$ / Updated Account Review

    Watch the Videos and open the Google Docs Link. For more Information ask me on Discord- > Tag below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qRt_oNeW3dRy-ptm_OTu7ICGcJpCsywe0hpSnL5m86E/edit?usp=sharing CONTACT ME ON DISCORD: Sheep#0001 PAYPAL ONLY
  14. Z

    Selling  Fresh BBS w/ 4th anni mugetsu + TYBW chars

    Account: Only chapter 1 of story has been done, everything else (including sub-stories) is untouched. Payments via paypal friends & family option. Pm or reply with offers.
  15. Z

    Selling  Main Account 852 characters, 20+ MAX Slotted chars, 20+ gold accesories 350$

    Hello Everyone, I'm selling my BBS account because I don't have enough time to keep enjoying the game, it's KLAB Linked, so it won't be a problem to be sold. The account has the BEST PVP characters with their links and most of the BEST PVE characters for guild quests, epic raids, co-ops and...
  16. S

    Selling  End Game Top Tier PVP account with all top pvp characters/good accessories

    Top tier Pvp/Pve account for sale : Nnoitora(CFYOW), Weaken, Chad, Retsu, new 4th anniv FH ichigo and many more! Still have plenty of characters/ stories/events to farm for orbs: Pm your offers or discord: Spoggy#9205
  17. J

    Selling  BBS GQ and Battle account (still fresh, lot to farm)

    Hi, just trying to sell my 2nd account I used into Darkn3ss Guild (15th in A1). Really good account to score more than 174k in every GQ easily. Also good items and characters for Battle mode. FRESH story and SUB stories, almost untouched, just farmed a little for some Orbs. For any info private...
  18. K

    Trading  Trading a 25 legend optc account for a bbs account with anni and tybw char

    Pics will be provided in discord.If interested pm me your dis