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  1. I

    Good mid game account 65-70$

    Account with many 6* characters, 3 gold accessories and 2 50% SP accessories If you want another price or buy account - write here Price: 65$
  2. B

    Selling  $25 semi fresh 3/3 sternritter story untouched

    semi fresh only orbs from 3*, 4* and coop farmed bambieta, askin and candice link slot potion units: riruka and kuchiki more info just dm me discord: katag0d#6705
  3. H

    SOLD  18€ Semi-fresh BBS Account TYBW characters, 2 golden accesories 3.5k orbs

    TYBW characters: Bambietta, Candice, Ichibe, Aizen, Yamamoto, Nemu Seasonal characters 3k Orbs There are plenty of orbs to gain 2 golden accesories Concact me through site in private message(PM) or discord くろです#9338 Screenshots below:
  4. A

    Selling  Fresh account with toki, bambi, candice, oh-etsu, 6k orbs, 1 gold acc

    Selling my fresh account with good units and alot of orbs to farm. The account also has the gold accessory spirit tea cup. Update: has 6k orbs now. Will keep collecting orbs until sold. The account is linked to a dummy klab email. I will give you the email upon purchasing. Pm me offer here...
  5. I

    Top Mid game account 60$

    Facebook deleted, only Klab Big 6* characters collection 3 gold accessories, 2 50% SP accessories Price: 60$ If you want to talk about deal - reply me here
  6. I

    Endgame account 189$-200$

    -Easy clean senkaimon -Accessories top effects(30 atk 30 sp 40 sta 30 def 30 fcs) -5\5 characters top trans. effect(3* sp, 3* atk, 3* fcs) Price:189-200$, if you want another price - let me know, of course, within reason Talk with me about deal you may here or any social platform you want(i can...
  7. I

    End game account, Low price(200+6* characters, 6 gold acs(+1 50%sp))

    -Easy clean Senkaimon -1 unclear story, 2 unclear substory, unclear point event -200+ 6* characters(7 10\10\10, 9 5\5 with good trans dops (3* sp, attack or fcs)) -6 gold accessories + 1 50% sp for speed arrancar\espada -2 data links(facebook losted and klab) Price: 200$ If you want - offer your...
  8. XOnAKillStreak

    Selling  Midgame acc 22 CFYOW and TYBW characters Tokinada!

    hello i am selling this acc that has 20 cfyow and tybw characters combined add me on discord and send me offers! My disc is YoitsNami#8367 Sub stories have not been touch so many ways to farm orbs and characters can clear almost anything easily Im looking for 50$ rn but we can negotiate also...
  9. XOnAKillStreak

    Buying  Lf Global Acc 25-40$

    I am looking for a decent global acc for around 25$ to 40$ i prefer having the story not cleared and a decent amount of accessories my discord XXXPUPPACION#8367 or u can just link the account below please and thanks :)
  10. T

    Selling  Endgame BBS account with good accessories and best roles... prize negotiable

    I wanna sell my BBS account because i quitted game couple months ago and i need money. Its only linked to klab. You can always contract with me in discord. I was a known player in community and im also in lots of server so its easy to contact with me. Im selling it for 500 dolar but like i said...
  11. I

    Selling  Bleach brave soul + 1200 orbs.

    Selling a mid game acc with lot of 10/10/10 characters. And 1200 orbs. PM me for questions. My Discord:Madara31sang#6924
  12. S

    Selling  24/26 TYBW +19/22 CFYOW +10K orbs

    Selling my whale account and i want to get some money back :) I have 24/26 ( only missing green ichigo and shajin) 19/22 ( Missing shinji ,kisuke, zommari) Got some valuable seasonal characters (SS byakuya, MS Riruka, MS Ulquiorra) Got so many OP characters and can clear any towers easily For...
  13. V

    Trading  Bbs Account against a optc global acc

    Must have legend Kaido and lawffy You will pay mm or go first For more infos write me Payment methode google play card Pm me
  14. G

    SOLD  Bleach brave souls account Mugetsu + Vasto Anni Units and more $10

    Dont play this game anymore, I've been looking to get it sold for a while now, pictures bellow. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17h0Bi-sRgi84zjckH767XQ8d7z9qOJcO?usp=sharing 64 ssrs, only 10 have had orbs collected. lots of orbs to farm over 3000! Send me a message on discord we can work...
  15. H

    Selling  (JP) Tokinada,Senjumaru,Oetsu,Ichibe,Sado(Blue) and more 20$

    Contact me on facebook : Nattaya Yamlungsab or discord : JOSEPH#0562 (Pay by paypal or bangkok bank only )
  16. M

    Selling Veteran account with more than 5K Orbs, hundreds of 6* units

    Attached are all the info of the account. Selling for 300$ Payment through Google pay & Skrill
  17. S

    SOLD  Good "Fresh" BBS Account, 10 Logindays, Have new RIruka, 4$

    Hello, im trying to sell my Fresh Bbs Account because i need some Money eheh Wont go lower than 5$, since i need that Amount of Money :/ Showcase Video: Paypal only Contact me on Discord: Sheep#0001
  18. T

    Selling my BBS Account / 8 Golden accs as a set + fortpills as a set

    Hey guys im new to this site so as I dont want to play Bleach Brave Souls anymore I want to sell my account. It has a fair amount of good chars and accs, including max link slotted tybw Retsu and Red Kenny. You can get the Details from the attachments. For better talk add me on discord :) Disc...
  19. S

    Selling  Bbs account for 50$

    Hi there, I'm selling my bbs account for 50$ Interested?? Pm me on discord: saif#4471