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bbs account

  1. Nxp

    Selling  Beast | 10 maxed linked | 40k potions | 15 TYBW | CFYOW | 11 Golds | 5k orbs

    Selling this BEAST account! Account #1 - ACC030 - Available This account is set up for any PvP or PvE content you need it for. It will not last long so get in quick! Huge BEAST account! Information: - - 15 TYBW Characters - 5 CFYOW Characters - 10 Maxed linked characters (10/10/10) - 11 Gold...
  2. I

    SOLD  Endgame Cheap 35$, 68 6*,negotiable

    4 GOLD Acc 8 TYBW 4 CFYOW All Story are clear My price is 35$ Negotiable Login using klab id, sadly this acc link to facebook acc, and i cant unlink this, but i promise youre acc will save, still wait for klab reply about this Payment only using paypal family and friend, i prefer direct...
  3. Nxp

    SOLD  2 Accounts on sale! TYBW round 6 | Cfyow | $20 each today only!!

    Hey guys, These 2 accounts are on sale currently! Get in quick Account #1 - ACC013 - Available $50 $30 $20 TODAY! - TYBW Nemu, TYBW Mayuri, TYBW Kenny - FRESH account - New Ginrei - 3 Gold Accessories - Red Gold chappy+Pupples, Blue gold Pupples - Red Kenny with Gold red chappy+gold pupples...
  4. S

    SOLD  Whale God Account | 822/1302 | 610 Days | 7 Golds | 130$

    Character Completion : 822/1302 TYBW Chars : 13/17 CFYOW Chars: 4/8 PVP Team: Heart Uno 10/10/10 | Speed Chad 10/10/10 | Power Kenny 10/10/10 (Can easily get captain with some effort) Max Level Characters: 794/1302 Best Guild Score : 178,000 (Can get higher if skilled enough) Tower of Forging...
  5. I

    SOLD  15$ Fresh Beast acc 44 *6 Some max level

    Log in using Klab, once you buy from me you have all acces to that acc and mail transaction using paypal only family and friend mm fee on you, but i prefer direct transfer, im not a scammer there's nothing good come from scam people you can see other detail below i sell this acc for 15$ if you...
  6. Nxp

    SOLD  Huge farmed account | 53k Potions | 10.3k Orbs! | CFYOW | TYBW | 7 golds

    Selling this WHALE of an account plus a few extras on sale!! Account #1 - BEAST - SOLD!!!!! This account is a one of a kind account. Set up for any PvP or PvE content you need it for. It will not last long so get in quick! Huge WHALE of an account! Information: - - 10,300 Orbs! Thats right...
  7. A

    Selling  Selling 2 near fresh accs (anni, tybw & cfyow 3 inside!)

    acc 1: 20$ acc 2: 20$ paypal f&f only. when bought i`ll link the account to your fb acc.
  8. D

    Selling  Beast bbs account with 3 gold acc and anni ichigos 70$

    Beast account with all the new characters and also CYOW characters and manga. Lots or recourses and 3 gold accessories. Have both new anniversary ichigos. Story still to farm and lots of orbs to still get. Looking for 70$ or you can send you your best offer. Discord : Manuj#5504
  9. Nxp

    SOLD  Huge Beast late-game account | TYBW | CFYOW | 4th anni - Updated

    Hey guys, Selling one of my beast of a late-game accounts! Account Details: - Available - TYBW Yama/ 4th Anni Ichigo - Gold Chappy plus Heaps of Accessories - Over 180 5/6 Star characters - 6 TYBW Characters - 2 CFYOW Characters - Tons of Resources (Crystals/Jewels etc) - 28 Maxed Character...
  10. Nxp

    Selling  Beast late-Game accounts | TYBW | CFYOW | 4th anni | gold acess's | 2 Left!

    Selling 3 Beast late game accounts! PM me with an offer for each account! :) Account #1 SOLD! CODE: ACC#9 - - TYBW Soi Fon/Aizen -4th Anni Mugetsu - CFYOW Nnoitora, Nel, Hikone, Zommari - 10 TYBW Characters - Over 170 5/6 Characers - 4 Gold accessories plus Heaps of accessories - 7 maxed...
  11. Nxp

    Selling  Mid-game/Late-game accounts | TYBW | 4th Anni | Farmed

    Account #1 - Available - $60 Account #2 - SOLD!! - $120 Account #3 - Available - $30 Be sure to check out my shop! https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/nxp-shop-tybw-r5-4th-anni-fresh-farmed-orb-accounts-updated-prices.1465840/
  12. S

    SOLD  Top Tier Gq S-Rank Account, 620+ Logindays, 600$ / Updated Account Review

    Watch the Videos and open the Google Docs Link. For more Information ask me on Discord- > Tag below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qRt_oNeW3dRy-ptm_OTu7ICGcJpCsywe0hpSnL5m86E/edit?usp=sharing CONTACT ME ON DISCORD: Sheep#0001 PAYPAL ONLY
  13. K

    Selling  Fresh TYBW Soi Fon,Sajin and Yoruichi.

    Super Fresh account with 3 TYBW and many other good characters. Price:12$ Contact Info: Discord-Kar97#3195 [email protected]
  14. Z

    Selling  Main Account 852 characters, 20+ MAX Slotted chars, 20+ gold accesories 350$

    Hello Everyone, I'm selling my BBS account because I don't have enough time to keep enjoying the game, it's KLAB Linked, so it won't be a problem to be sold. The account has the BEST PVP characters with their links and most of the BEST PVE characters for guild quests, epic raids, co-ops and...
  15. Nxp

    ๐ŸŒŸ Fresh Mugetsu + Vastlord accounts ๐ŸŒŸ $10 EACH

    Welcome guys Please visit my shop for more accounts/services https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/nxp-account-shop-new-anni-ichigos-cfyow-orbs-tower-quests.1465840/ Accounts #1 - $10 Account #2 - SOLD!! Account #3 - $10
  16. Nxp

    Fresh Account | New Final Ichigo + Speed chad

    Fresh account ready to go, New Ichigo + Speed chad and few other 5 stars
  17. Nxp

    SOLD  500+ Login bonus | Farmed account | 1k orbs+ | 150 6 star characters and more

    $150 USD ono Payment Via Paypal Family and friend Option. Prices are in USD Any quests feel free to PM me I also have other accounts for sale, Please check my shop out! https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/nxp-account-shop-cfyow-tybw-fresh-red-kenny-gold-acces-updated.1465840/ Account Details: - -...
  18. G

    Selling  Whaled Endgame Account - Perfect Gold PvP Team (Nnoi, Chad and Kenny) etc.

    This account has 1.1k character completion and has a few more resurrections to do. There are over 20 characters to get orbs from so orbs resource is not an issue. It is in top 100 in gq rankings, has a high top score and is also ranked 12th in the world for pvp rankings. The account is currently...
  19. O

    SOLD  the best Accounts 960+ days, 10 Gold Accessories

    very good account, it has the best characters for PVP, the same number of characters for PVE, a lot of funnels for gq, 900+ open characters, binding only klab. history and binding: characters and accessories: link and resources: ways to contact me: Discord: mob#6599 mail...