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bbs account

  1. I

    Good mid game account 65-70$

    Account with many 6* characters, 3 gold accessories and 2 50% SP accessories If you want another price or buy account - write here Price: 65$
  2. S

    Selling  Endgame Stacked "Top Tier" Account, 780+ Logindays, 812/1473 Units, 60$

    Watch the Video. For more Information ask me on Discord- > Tag below Will keep logging in everyday to do the Dailies/Weeklies until someone buys the Account. 900+ Orbs currently. 7 Gold Accessories Can go up to 3rd Seat in PvP, and does have 400+ PvP Tickets. Can clear every Senkaimon...
  3. Kar97

    Selling  2 Guild Mutiny Beast Accounts

    2 Beast Accounts of the Guild Mutiny. These accounts have all the necessary characters and accessories to be at the top of both pvp e pve. Payment via Paypal only. Contact me on discord Kar97#3195. Account 1=Looking for best offer Account 2=Looking for best offer
  4. H

    Selling BBS account (TYBW,cfyow,golden accessories, etc.)

    Selling a BBS account with alot of good character and gear. -14 TYBW\CFYOW characters (Sinji,Tenjiro,Ichibe, etc.) - Over 20 5* gear with perfect roll for NAD\SP builds all attributes - 2 Gold Chappy (30% Attack on both) -Warrior path and path of Valor under 40min -15 characters to ressurect...
  5. I

    Top Mid game account 60$

    Facebook deleted, only Klab Big 6* characters collection 3 gold accessories, 2 50% SP accessories Price: 60$ If you want to talk about deal - reply me here
  6. I

    Endgame account 189$-200$

    -Easy clean senkaimon -Accessories top effects(30 atk 30 sp 40 sta 30 def 30 fcs) -5\5 characters top trans. effect(3* sp, 3* atk, 3* fcs) Price:189-200$, if you want another price - let me know, of course, within reason Talk with me about deal you may here or any social platform you want(i can...
  7. I

    End game account, Low price(200+6* characters, 6 gold acs(+1 50%sp))

    -Easy clean Senkaimon -1 unclear story, 2 unclear substory, unclear point event -200+ 6* characters(7 10\10\10, 9 5\5 with good trans dops (3* sp, attack or fcs)) -6 gold accessories + 1 50% sp for speed arrancar\espada -2 data links(facebook losted and klab) Price: 200$ If you want - offer your...
  8. I

    End game account with low price(200+ 6*char, 6 gold accessories and e.t.c)

    -2 clear substory -2 data links(facebook losted and Klab) -Account easily complete senkaimon -PVP i've been in Lieutenant league -Accessories more than on screens but i'm tired to insert screens on site:D PRICE: 200-250$
  9. E

    SOLD  Bbs best account (Sold)

    Hi, i'm selling this incredible account Only linked to klab Discord. : Ekimo#5232 Only Paypal ( make offer)
  10. I

    BBS Late game account

    -6 GOLD ACCESSORIES, 1 50% SP for Speed Arrancar -about 200 6* characters, 95%+ had 150% soul tree 200 lvl -7 full link slots characters -9 5\5 characters, 2 heart special move source -12 TYBW, 10 CFYOW characters -1 unclear hard story (CFYOW 5 on hard mode), 2 unclear sub stories, unclear new...
  11. N

    10,000+ orb, much story left.

    These are the characters. PayPal only. And price is highly negotiable, have had the account but just done my login rewards.
  12. M

    SOLD  (Update Price) Beast END GAME account 5/5 12 units / max linked slot 28 units.

    only klab login. 5/5 12 units. 28 max linked slot units full item Tokinada and Halibel many top tier units. TYBW 18/26 CFYOW 13/18 price 200$ (offer me in discord) Discord: Mix#5429 line: mixtechin please dm me for more pic.
  13. Nxp

    SOLD  BEAST account | 5/5 Tokinada 5k+Atk dmg | 10,000 Orbs | 4 Golds | 5 Teacups |

    Welcome! selling this beast of an end game account, Still has so many stories to complete so getting more Orbs will not be a problem! Account Information - ⚬ 5/5 Purple Maxed Tokinada with 5k+ Attack damage! ⚬ 10,000+ Orbs! ⚬ 12 TYBW Characters ⚬ 7 CFYOW Characters ⚬ 4 Gold Accessories ⚬ 5...
  14. A

    SOLD  Bleach Brave Souls BBS Dream Account 22/26 tybw 10/18 cfyow 10+Gold 2000+orbs

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bleach-Brave-Souls-BBS-Dream-Account-19-26-TYBW-9-18-CFYOW-10-Gold-2000-orbs/254574489315 Bleach brave souls BBS Dream Account 19/26 TYBW 9/18 CFYOW and 2000+orbs Captain Level in PvP Lots of characters have full link slots and lots of character with max special...
  15. D

    Bbs acount beast end game with 1500 orbs

    Hello there, I sell my end game account because BBS is dead for me. I'm selling my account for 300€ PAYPAL ONLY PAYPAL. You can contact me, to have the pictures, the characters, the accessories and more ! I can tell on this post, there's a lot of spe 5 characters, the newest characters and the...
  16. I

    Selling  Bleach brave soul + 1200 orbs.

    Selling a mid game acc with lot of 10/10/10 characters. And 1200 orbs. PM me for questions. My Discord:Madara31sang#6924
  17. V

    Trading  Bbs Account against a optc global acc

    Must have legend Kaido and lawffy You will pay mm or go first For more infos write me Payment methode google play card Pm me
  18. Nxp

    SOLD  Selling BEAST mid-game Purple Tokinada account | 4 Gold accessories | $70

    Selling this beast Mid game Tokinada account! Tokinada is my opinion is one of the most hybrid characters hands down and one of the biggest heavy hitters in the game. You can build him multiple ways and use him for any content! Account information - - 5/5 Purple Tokinada maxed transcendence ...
  19. O

    Selling  Selling my BBS account: 845 Days and 912 Characters

    Featuring 16 TYBW characters, 6 CFYOW characters, All GOD-Tier PvP, 5/5 T10 Max Trans TLA Soi Fon and some lvl 1 vortex characters such as TT ichigo, Tech rangiku, CFYOW szayel, Kid Byakuya. 19 T10 characters. Accesories : a bunch of Spe 30% and Atk 30% on different items, most of them usefull...
  20. H

    Selling  (JP) Tokinada,Senjumaru,Oetsu,Ichibe,Sado(Blue) and more 20$

    Contact me on facebook : Nattaya Yamlungsab or discord : JOSEPH#0562 (Pay by paypal or bangkok bank only )