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🔥Welcome to SetsunaEpic's Store🔥
Promotional Discount:
All Starter Accounts are discounted 10% for First Time Buyer.
For Second Time Buyer, It will be additional 10% . Discount can be from $5 up to $50!
I won't charge you more for 4~5* Artifacts or Majority of 4* Units.
If you need help with the game, I can help you. I'm already at Champion Ranking and clear all content.

Visit my website, pick an ID & message me on Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279 with lightning respond!
Global Server + Asia Server. Website is Full in English!

All Accounts are at Chapter 1-4. SELECTIVE SUMMON available at 1-10.
English Name or Name can be changed.
UNLINKED - You can change Email & Password later
Any 1 x 5* Hero = $1+
Any 2 x 5* Hero = $2+
Any 3 x 5* Hero = $10+
Any 4 x 5* Hero = $16+
Any 5 x 5* Hero = $20+
Any 6 x 5* Hero = $24+
Any 7 x 5* Hero = $27+
Any 8 x 5* Hero = $30+
Any 9 x 5* Hero = $32+
Any 10 x 5* Hero = $35+
Any 1 x 5* Limited Hero (Diene, Luna, Dizzy, Baiken) = $10+

Price might vary with Limited combo & Popular Heroes: Diene, Luna, Dizzy, Baiken, Tamarrine, Bellona, Angelica
Account will come with 25~45+ Gold Stones and still Any 2 x 5* Hero = $3+
Depend on Limited Stock & Top Tier. Price might flexible.

Random Letter Name is Extremely Cheap
Random Letter name will count Limited as Normal Price
Any 2 x 5* Hero = $4
Any 3 x 5* Hero = $8
Any 4 x 5* Hero = $12
Any 5 x 5* Hero = $20
Any 6 x 5* Hero = $30
Any 7 x 5* Hero = $35
Any 8 x 5* Hero = $38
Any 9 x 5* Hero = $42
Any 10 x 5* Hero = $45

Feel free to send me a screenshot of Any Competitor. My price will be cheaper

Example :
Account below is $38


Click Here for 3300+ Positive Feedbacks without a single Fraud

All Accounts are Legit Rolled. No Hacked/Modded/Duped/File Interfering involved.
All Payment via Paypal | Bitcoin.
Whole Transaction & Delivery can taken from 5 minutes to 30 minutes! at Maximum 8 Hours if Time Zone Different.


Disclaimer & Term of Service
1. Account Selling/Trading/Transferring/Macro Rerolled may against Developers TOS but no issues so far and 100% safe with every other Mobile Games, 11000+ Successful Transactions. Please be aware when purchasing one!
2. There is no ban in Rerolled Accounts with Macro or even using it. Interfering Game File like Hacked/Modded/Duped/Cheap Currency Purchase will get you banned.
3. If developer decided not allowing Rerolled Accounts, there is nothing I can do. I won't take responsible if Developers decides to enforce their rules any times.
4. Broker - I will not take responsible if buyer/seller do shady practices but I will do my best to help both party with their best interest.

All payment via Paypal or Bitcoin
I will be available almost all the time 18 hours/day from 9 pm - 3 pm EST or 6 pm - 1 pm PST.
If you can't get in touch with me instantly on Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279, Click here to leave me a message on EpicNPC
Add me on:
Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279
setsunaepic All Lower Case
Kik: SetsunaEpic
Skype: live:moseiric - SetsunaEpic
My real Skype should be live:moseiric. If you see 2 or more SetsunaEpic. Please ask both to verify on Epicnpc Forum. I'm a Trusted Seller. I'm happy to bring Joy to you gaming experience.


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Obtained account week and a half ago. No issues. Very easy and professional transaction. Definitely would do business again (this game or the next).
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