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  1. K

    ML Ara + ML Sez + ML Tenebria late game (chinese name) (global)

    Quitting the game due to some life commitments and generally burnt out as I've been playing since launch. Heroes Total 20 Nat 5* ML 5* Sez Tene Ara Limited 5* Diene Luna Dizzy Baiken Non-limited 5* Vildred Charles Lidica Chloe Ludwig Yuna Sez Ravi Bellona Sigret Cermia Destina GG Collab 5*...
  2. S

    Selling  [Global] [Mega Whale] 254k cp, ml ken ml ara ml rose diene luna dizzy and more

    [GLOBAL] [HIGH ENDGAME] Price is negotiable! Method of payment: PayPal only Contact me directly to check for account availability before purchasing Discord: Sylpharionz#8497 Due to real life commitment, I am not able to play my megawhale account as much anymore, so I have decided to just sell...
  3. K

    Selling  Endgame Global Dizzy Diene Luna ML Chloe Ml Rin and more

    Hey guys I’m looking to sell my epic seven global account. The username is locked and it’s not a good one but the account is solid. Abyss completed up to floor 80, wyvern 11 on full auto, challenger V in arena, and a great set of 5 stars, 4 stars, and artifacts. Edit: discord: jbshoucair#4393...
  4. H

    Global WTS Mid game account - Diene/Dizzy/Baiken/C Dom and more

    Looking to sell my E7 account as I don't really have much fun playing the game anymore. Email is verified for stove, i'm not willing to part with the email but i'm more than happy than to provide you info to reset/change the password for you. Paypal only, willing to middleman if you're uncertain...
  5. J

    Selling  Global high end account ML Ken (S) + Luna (SSS) + diene and many more nat 5s

    Selling Global account been active since week two of Global launch. Accepting PayPal only or middleman service at your expense if preferred. My discord is Jets#5241 if you have questions regarding the account or payment. I have posted a few screenshots of the rarer heroes below (imgur link)...
  6. C

    SOLD  Epic 7 Global Account 5Star ml Chole Luna,Diene,Tamarine 5*x20and 9 ml 4 Star

    Hello. in account have 19* 5 Star Hero -ML Chole -Destina -Zeno(SSS) -Diene -Bellona -Tamarinne -Luna -Sez -Kise -Sol -Cermia -Violet(x2) -Ludwig -Aramintha -Ken -Lidica -Ravi -Charlotte -Cecilia(x2) -Yuna 4 star and ML(9 4Star ML) - Challenger Dominiel (6 star awaken) - Angelica(6 Star awaken)...
  7. M

    SOLD  [Global] End Game ML Ken + 6 x ML 4*s + Diene + Baiken + 15 x 5*s

    Hello there, Do you want the godly, ML Ken, with the pious, Diene, and and samurai waifu, Baiken, in one account? Now is your chance! ___________________________ 100% safe. NOT a Modded/Hacked account. [GLOBAL] - Linked End Game ML Ken + ML Armin + ML Rose + ML Karin + ML Achates + ML Maya +...
  8. H

    SOLD  (Global) Super End Game - CP 280k, Diene Luna Baiken, Auto w11 g11

    selling epic seven super end game global account Have all super limited heroes: DIENE, LUNA, BAIKEN, SOL 16 x 6stars heroes: Baiken (+3, Imprint B, CP 72k) ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ Karin (+11, Imprint A, CP 70k) ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Blood Blade Karin (+14, Imprint C, CP 65k) ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Luna (+15, Imprint B, CP...
  9. M

    Selling  Rush [Global] Midgame Luna+ Diene+ Tamarinne+ ML Dom Clarissa+ more!

    Selling global account Rank 60 ABYSS 67 Luna Haste Violet Tamarinne Diene ML Dominiel ML Clarissa Axe God Sol + Lots of 5* Artifacts RFS: really need money for uni DM me for more Discord: Pingu#1831 Buyer pays middleman (if you want)
  10. C

    Selling  ( Global Server ) Diene, Luna, 2x Baiken, ML Kise, ML Rose, Bellona and more

    Price: $250 Selling Global Epic7 middle account. Gmail dummy linked, ( user take account and email linked too ) Map: World 10-10 All Shop packs available ( Rank 1, Rank 2, etc ) 5* Base Heroes: Zeno, Sol, Diene, Luna, Baiken, Judge Kise, Bellona, Lidiac, Tywwin, Sez, Ravi ( Baiken 6*...
  11. M

    Selling  [Global] End Game ML Kise + ML Dominiel + 3 x ML 4*s + Diene + 11 x 5*s

    Hey there, Do you want the 2 moonlight waifus, ML Dominiel and ML Karin, and the sultry, ML Kise, in one account? Now is your chance! ___________________________ 100% safe. NOT a Modded/Hacked account. [GLOBAL] - Linked End Game ML Judge Kise + ML Dominiel + ML Karin + ML Lots + ML Dingo +...
  12. C

    Buying  Specter Tenebria Mid/End Game

    Hello all! I am interested in purchasing a Specter Tenebria mid to end game account with preferably diene included. I have no set budget and would be willing to pay well for a well set up account in global. Please contact me on discord at Crzysteveo#4879 as I do not check the forum mail as...
  13. X

    SOLD  Early Game accounts haste, bellona, kayron, tama, sez, ml dom, iseria

    I have a few accounts for sale - 1 is EARLY game (before story 10-10), 2 & 3 are mid-game (have beaten story 10-10) - All account were played on a bit - most are UNLINKED/UNVERIFIED Stove accounts, none of the nicknames can be changed. - if any of these interest you, please msg me here or...
  14. C

    SOLD  WTB Diene/Luna/Cermia Account

    Good Afternoon All! I am looking to purchase a Diene/Luna/Cermia account on the Global server. I am open to any accounts early to mid-game preferable. Feel free to contact me via pm here or discord at Crzysteveo#4879. I appreciate all of your attention in advance!
  15. D

    [not available]

    Selling GLOBAL MID END LIMITED HEROES TRADE GUARDIAN ONLY (I have no rep, so this is the safest option for you) Reason for selling: Wanting to buy ML Ken English name Price: $390 290 (account on hold for a potential buyer) 404 bookmarks + 1.9k skystones + 3 gold stones - 187K CP - Abyss 81F...
  16. X

    Buying  Global Early game Diene/Kayron

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm hoping to find an early game account with Diene/Kayron (NO, I don't plan to pvp with it...like at all lol), preferably unlinked/unnamed, but that's not a necessity. As long as its global, and not random letters named, or chinese names. Figured I'd try this way...
  17. H

    SOLD  End Game Global 254k+ cp, Luna (ss) Diene mlCorvus (ss) Charles Cermia Ldc etc

    epic 7 account with great chars: LIMITED OP CHARACTERS: LUNA (SS imprint, +14 skill upgrade, 6*) best oppai hitter ever and DIENE (+6 skill upgrade, max s3, +4 s2 barrier, 6*) the purest girl with overpowered shield and buff. SUPERBLY NAT5 ML DARK HERO: DARK CORVUS (SS imprint) current 6*...
  18. K

    Buying  Looking for Global Unlinked Account with ML Kise, Diene, and Luna

    Looking to buy an account with all 3 units (must have all 3) , account must also be unlinked. Will pay more based on what else is on the account. Discord: 10000#3349
  19. A

    BOUGHT  [GLOBAL] WTB Luna + Angelica + Tamarinne

    Hello, I'm looking to buy an account with Luna, Angelica, and Tamarinne (I'd also prefer a Diene although she's not necessary) Musts - Luna, Angelica, and Tamarinne - Be unlinked with name change available (needs a good nickname if it includes Diene) - On global server - Could be at any stage...
  20. C

    SOLD  225kCP Diene Luna Bellona Sez, Total=10x5*, NON random name, Auto W11

    END GAME account on GLOBAL, linked to dummy gmail account and with non random name. This account has been manually played on by myself (no bot, no script, etc.) so 100% legit. Really good account with both OP limited banner heroes (Diene and Luna) which you can't get anymore! Main features...