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  1. D

    Selling  Epic Seven end game account, 4 limited, 3 ML 5*

    Hi All, End game account Over 30 Natural 5* Limited characters include, Diene, Luna, Baiken, Dizzy Moonlight 5* include Dark Corvus, Maid Chloe, Desert Jewel Basar Looking for $60 PayPal Friends and Family.
  2. M

    Selling  Ml ken, spez account with Diene, Luna, and H Yulfphine limited

    I'm selling this for $65 due to all the skystones, mats, and gold. Discord:Lord_Vermire#9338
  3. M

    SOLD  Ml ken, j kise, specter tenebria with baiken and diene account cheap

    Account has 10k wyvern mat, lots of gold and a vast array of heroes. I'm scaming myself for selling it for $50 lol Discord:Lord_Vermire#9338
  4. S

    SOLD  SSBellona, FLidica, Sol, Dizzy, Diene, Elphelt and their friends $30

    Server: Europe Nickname Changeable. Account linked to Unverified E-mail. Moonlight Characters: 5* Faithless Lidica (220 speed gear, full awaken and skill enhance +8) 4* Blood Blade Karin (Promotioned to 6 stars, full awaken, Imprint C Attack +4% and skill enhance +14) 4* Auxiliary Lots 4*...
  5. M

    Selling  Ml ken/ Spez Acc with Luna and Diene

    Asking for $70. message me on discord to negotiate price. Discord: Lord_Vermire#9338
  6. M

    SOLD  Ml basar, Faithless lidaca acc, with Diene, SSB, and Cerise Limited

    With all the characters and time played on this account, I think $200 is a fair starting price. Negotiating possible. Connected via dummy gmail. Discord: Lord_Vermire#9338
  7. G

    Selling  [Global] Early Endgame, ML Kise and Basar, Guilty Gear Limited No Elphelt

    Was my alt account since last Summer, but I no longer want to play on it so selling! English name. GMAIL ACCOUNT SO WILL INCLUDE EMAIL DETAILS!! Notable Units: ML 5* Judge Kise Desert Jewel Basar LIMITED Luna Diene Sol Baiken Dizzy Seaside Bellona Lots of other 5*, ML 4*, etc shown in...
  8. B

    SOLD  $60 24 nat 5* GLOBAL account (dizzy, ssb, diene and luna)

    global server endgame account // linked, but with a decent amount of feedback! 24 nat 5* luna, diene, ssbellona, dizzy limited characters 11 6* characters (tamarine, krau, charles, ssb, c.zerato, vildred, yufine, angelica, A!montmo, lilias, dizzy) abyss at floor 86 auto w11 auto b11 auto golem...
  9. M

    Selling  Ml Basar, ml Lidica,Diene Cerise account

    Asking for $65 (Price negotiable) If you want more screen shots and you're interested. Message my Discord: Vermire#9338
  10. M

    SOLD  Arby,D Corvus, Spez, Ml ravi, J kise Maid Chloe account.

    Asking for $150 OBO. Account also has Dizzy, SSB, and Diene. If you want more screen shots and you're interested. Message my Discord: Vermire#9338
  11. J

    SOLD  [Story 10-10] Cheap Global Account with ML Vildred + Limited Hero and more

    Hello! The account I'm selling is a starter account - Story 10/10 completed. Server: Global Price: $15 Linked to a dummy e-mail - I'll send the details (e-mail + password) for you to secure your account. In order to buy the account, add me on Discord: Jheter#9599 - I can send more screenshots...
  12. B

    60$ end game acc

    ell Global stove account, Nice Name. This is End game account 310k CP. Combo Iseria-Tama, a.lots c.dominiel and sez for pvp 133 leif 36 Mologora. Abyss 89. Auto banshee, Golem, wyvern all Raid Nat 5* Diene Charlotte Yuffine Ravi Kayron Iseria Sez Haste Ken Aramintha Basar Tamarrine Violet Sol...
  13. D

    Selling  DISCOUNT 360€ ! Global 5 ML 5 (ken,ruele,chloe,ceci,charlotte) All Limiteds !

    3* Specialty Change: Name//// Imprint//// Awakening//// 2nd Awakening Skilltree: All-Rounder Wanda//// S //// 3*Awakening //// 0/30 Angelic Montmorancy//// SSS...
  14. N

    SOLD  Cheap Global end game | kawerik luna diene j.kise and so on check img

    Auto all hunts Many nat 5, lots of max lvl heroes Abyss floor 90 (91 up untouched) Linked to dummy gmail All details will be given upon purchase 180$ and Negotiable Via PayPal only Discord: Fear.kw#3717 Just check the img below, dm me on my discord and give me your best offer
  15. S

    [Europe] Account with 31 RGB nat 5 and 4 ML nat 5 150 €

    Selling my E7 account because i do not enjoy the game anymore. It is an endgame account lv65 and in one of EU's top guilds. Price is negotiable, for questions or a quicker response message me on Discord Seiba#0001.
  16. G

    SOLD  [Global] Ml Vildred, SSB, Luna and more!

    Global server Dummy email Name: GoldyBoii Name change: Unavailable Nat 5*: 17 ML 4-5*: 10 Skins: Angelica, Aither. £60/$78 PayPal only, contact me via discord for more information/purchase. Discord: Golden#7393
  17. R

    SOLD  120$ 27 Unique Nat 5*, Diene, Luna, Tamarinne, Destina and More

    Price: $120 [PayPal Only] - Stove Linked Account, You will get full access of the dummy email. Description: 27 Unique Nat 5*, Including Duplicates 47 Nat 5*. Lots of nice nat5* to build a team for any content. - Auto Wyvern 11 + Golem 11. - Auto Banshee 11 at around 85% Success rate. - Arena...
  18. minichisha

    SOLD  [Global] Cheap midgame account| Luna| Diene| ML tywin

    World: 10-10 Server: GLOBAL Price: 30$ Level: 43 4-6* heroes: Kise 6*(5*) + 3, Vildred 5* + 3, Charlotte 5*, Iseria 5*, Charles 5* + 3, Tywin 5* + 4, Luna 5* + 5, Diene 5*, Rose 4*, Silk 4*, Mercedes 4*, Armin 4*, Corvus 4*, Cartuja 4*, Cidd 4*, Achates 5*(4*) + 3, Schuri 5*(4*) + 3, Dingo 4*...
  19. N

    SOLD  [GLOBAL] cheap | end game | luna diene j.kise dizzy dj.basar and many more

    Auto w11, g11, a11 Many nat 5, lots of max lvl heroes Linked to dummy gmail All details will be given upon purchase 200$ and Negotiable Via PayPal only Just check the img below, dm me on my discord and give me your best offer Discord: Fear.kw#3717
  20. minichisha

    [Global] Cheap midgame account| Luna| Diene| ML Lidica

    World: 10-10 Server: GLOBAL Price: 35$ Level: 43 4-6* heroes: Diene 5*, Luna 6*(5*)+5, Tywin 5*+4, Lidica 5*, Lilibet 5*, Basar 5*, Silk 4*, Schuri 5*(4*)+3, Clarissa 4*, Coli 4*, Purrgis 4*, Angelica 5*(4*)+3, Khawana 4*, Surin 4*, Maya 4*, Alexa 4*, Khawazu 4*, Romann 4* ML Heroes...