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  1. C

    SOLD  Global 476kcp Challenger - 2*ML5/Ssb/Dizzy/Luna/Diene/Sol - 7k ss - 325usd

    Insanely strong account for sale. This is on GLOBAL server with NON RANDOM english name and the account is linked the a dummy gmail to which you get full access for 100% safety. It has almost all limited including OP SSB and arena favorite Dizzy, but also old timer Diene! Also has 2 ML 5* and...
  2. SuperIdol

    SOLD  [Global] Rank 64 Diene Luna Dizzy S Bell Ruele Sol MChloe- tons of resources

    Gmail will be provided with Account Protection is guaranteed! No bots, no mods or scripts. 5* Units: Ruele of Light Tamarinne Krau Diene Luna Dizzy Sol Vildred Zeno SS Bellona Tenebria Haste Yuna Sez Kayron Charles Ravi Sigret Kise Serila Completed Skill three Axe God +15 ML UNITS: A. Coli...
  3. A

    Trading  Looking for an help, may trade for another account

    I'm new here, I'm not exactly sure how the rules apply to this so if any mod can direct me to do right I'll kill this post. im looking to trade my account for another that has ML A. Vildred and is worth it. My account is pretty good, has some nice limited units including diene, and my Luna is S...
  4. B

    Buying  [Global] want luna and 2 or more of these ml units: kise, tene, ara, baal, vil

    Paying via PayPal, message here with info/pics. Basically just want luna + any 2 of the ml units I listed above: aramintha, kise, vildred, baal, or tenebria. I'd prefer the account have both name change and be unlinked, but I'm flexible. Also want something fresh to mid game, no end game...
  5. M

    SOLD  [Global] - End Game ML Ara + All Limited Heroes + 17 x Nat 5s

    Hello there, Do you want the godly ML unit, ML Aramintha, and all limited heroes ever released so far in one account? Now is your chance! ___________________________________ 100% safe. NOT a Modded/Macroed/Hacked account. [GLOBAL] - Linked End Game ML Aramintha + All Limited Heroes (Diene...
  6. O

    Selling  [Global/ Euro/ Asia] 10-10 LEGIT limited 5* Special Offers!!

    (y) trusted service (y) guarantee 100% safe (y) provide after sell service NO hack mod acc ALL LEGIT :cool::cool::cool: TOP TIER- SPECIAL OFFER!!! Global/ Europe/ Asia server limited 5* + EXTRA ice/ earth/ fire 5* Diene Dizzy Luna Seaside Bellona Baiken price negotiable from...
  7. Z

    SOLD  [Global] Day 1 account including Limited heroes. Great Username, Moonlights.

    Nice account for any type of player with desirable username. 66 MolaGoras available. Noteable units below. 4-5* Moon Lights: Dark Corvus, C Dom, BB Karin, C Armin, A Lots, G Aither (+ dupe), A Cidd (+ dupe), A Cartuja (+ dupe), W Schuri, W Silk, CM RIN [x2], F Maya, K Clarissa, 5* Limited...
  8. D

    Buying  [Global] Mid or End Game

    Hi everyone, Buying an account, here is what I'm looking for: ________________ ML Units: Ara or Baal or Vildred Watcher Schuri Any more ML would be appreciated Limited: Diene SS Bellona would be appreciated, or bookmarks to try to get her Hunts: I don't need to auto 11, manually is enough...
  9. L

    Selling  [GL] Cheap Starters, All Heros/Artifacts, ~50 G Stones, ~5000 Energy, Unlinked

    Ask for any hero/artifact combination, including Limited Heros. Instant query service and price quote with full account details. Starter (1-4) accounts, unlinked. Organic, no mods; log in every day for daily pull. 24 hour delivery. Discord: ltbd78#8612
  10. E

    Trading  All Limited Unit Acc Mid-Game (8 Nat 5's)

    Add me on discord for further information: Empty#5973 THE ACCOUNT IS GLOBAL. HAS A GOOD ENGLISH NAME. 150 Bookmarks. GODLY ARTIFACTS!
  11. E

    Selling  All Limited Unit Acc Mid-Game (8 Nat 5's) Accepting Trades As Well

    Add me on discord for further information: Empty#5973 ACCEPTING TRADES ALSO FOR THIS ACC THE ACCOUNT IS GLOBAL. HAS A GOOD ENGLISH NAME. 150 Bookmarks. GODLY ARTIFACTS!
  12. M

    Trading  WTT/Ml 5* Judge Kise. 17 Nat5*

    Looking to trade for something similar or better than my account.Basically just want a different Ml 5* Discord is the best way to contact me Intoku#4105
  13. E

    Selling  Moonlight Judge Kise + More Units / All Limited Units / Amazing PvP Acc

    Hello, I am selling three accounts at the moment. Please add me on discord for more information: Empty#5973 WARNING!!!! DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON Queensify#4356. HE IS USING SCREENSHOTS OF MY ACCOUNTS TO SCAM. ALL ACCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR TRADES. ALL ACCOUNTS ARE Global...
  14. E

    Trading  Or Selling All Limited Acc (Dizzy, Baiken, Sol, Luna, Diene) + More

    Please add me on discord for screenshots or further info: Empty#5973
  15. E

    Selling  All Limited Acc (Dizzy, Baiken, Sol, Luna, Diene) + More 150+ Leifs

    MADE A NEW THREAD VISIT THIS: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/moonlight-judge-kise-more-units-all-limited-units-amazing-pvp-acc.1480170/
  16. G

    SOLD  Mid/Endgame Account Ml ken + All limited + 17 Nat 5* + 9 Top Tier 4* ML Units

    This is an Asia Server account btw. Abyss 90 Cleared 6* Units Martial Artist Ken (B) Destina (B) Dizzy (A) Baiken Sol (SSS) Cermia Diene Bellona (B) Tamarinne Luna (SSS) Haste (A) Kayron (B) Kise Cecilia (B) Challenger Dominiel (S) Assassin Coli (SSS) Watcher Schuri (A) Crimson Armin (SS)...
  17. E

    SOLD  [Global] 17 Nat 5s, All limiteds, ML Tenebria, ML Aramintha, C. Dom, +more

    This was a reroll account that I bought from here that I've been playing since release so unfortunately the name isn't great. Recently I've been playing off and on and just haven't been keeping up with the grind. I've finally decided it was time to let it go. Since STOVE doesn't let you change...
  18. E

    Selling  [GLOBAL] Diene+Luna+Baiken+Dizzy | Good 5*s + rewards + 110 summons!

    PAYMENT IN BITCOIN ONLY To alert me, pm me on Discord whiteleonhart#2089 Normal player No mod, no hack, no macro, no risk Rank 61 Nice name Over 26 million gold Over 6700 skystones (worth 70 summons) Over 200 bookmarks (worth 40 summons) 20 molagoras 3 gold transmit stones Daily missions...
  19. aedeulian

    All Limited Units Dizzy Diene Luna + All Colab + 14 - 5 Stars - Abyss 89

    WTS Epic Full Limited + Collab Hero°s 14 5 Stars Nat (Waitng for 5* Ticket) Limited: Diene Luna Dizzy Collab: Sol Baiken Regular 5* Nat : Kise, Luluca, Sigret, Araminthia, Tamarinne, Destina, Haste, Kayron, Vildred , luluca And Many ML 4 Stars and 3 stars 17 Artifacts 5 Stars 210k-270k PC...