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  1. A

    [GLOBAL] LVL60 Cheap Mid game account with Luna

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my account since I no longer have time to play so I was looking to sell it cheap. Account level 60 5 Stars - Luna, Kise, Cermia, Aramintha, Iseria, Kayron , Sigret, etc... 4 Stars - Angelica, Cidd, Dominiel, Schuri, Fluri, Karin, Zerato, ML Silk, etc... Maxed...
  2. E

    Selling  Epic7 Global / Ass. Cart/ ML Mercedes/ Chloe and more

    Heroes: 5* Chloe 5* Upgraded - Surin 5* Upgraded - Achates 4* Moonlight Hero - Assasssin Cartuja 4* Moonlight Hero - Celestial Mercedes 4* Dominiel 4* Clarissa 4* Zerato 4* Silk 3* Moonlight Hero - Celeste Artifacts: 5* Noble Oath 5* Elbris Ritual Sword 5* Rod of Amaryllis 5* Violet Talisman...
  3. haiky

    Selling  Pilot services for Epic7

    Pilot service Epic 7 GL I drive your account : Upgrade char to 6*, speciality change, daily mission, hunting, Abyss, Skill tree, Word map ... ask me what you need πŸ‘ŠπŸ€Ÿ Sheest here - PL services is done by hand - I'm from EU. - I take care of your account, but if you use my service know that you...
  4. W

    Buying  Global top account with ml ken,ruele, sb ara and sb baal, willing to pay

    Hi, i am interested in this rare account. I am willing to pay well for it, feel free to contact me through discord : Will#8197 thank you.
  5. Kultiras

    Selling  Level Rank Max 60 Great The Epic Seven Account with High Currency

    Level Max 60 Best of The Best Epic 7 Account with High Currency Hello, it's me me me again. Here We gooooo: β˜…β˜…β˜… Limited char β˜…β˜…β˜… -Luna -Baiken -Dizzy β˜… Nat 5 Char -Yuna -Charlotte -Vildred -Sol Badguy β˜… Nat 4 Char -Angelica -Clarissa -Crozet -Purgis -Cartuja -Silk β˜… Moonlight Nat 4 Char...
  6. A

    Selling  Global ML Ken ML Tenebria Luna Baiken 425 bookmarks, Name change available

    Account screenshots available on request Discord: Alexodus#2397 Accepting Venmo or US Apple Store/Itunes Credit No lowballs. I dont have paypal currently available unfortunately.
  7. Aetcharian

    SOLD  ML Ara, Ken, Angelica Starter account (Unlinked + Name Changeable)!

    This is an unlinked and name-changeable awesome ML Ara Starter Account on the Global server! The Key units included are: ML Silverblade Aramintha Ken Angelica ML Assassin Coli Please contact with any inquiries: Discord Aetcha#5061 or PM here. Looking for $150, price negotiable. Payment...
  8. M

    Scammed by Sirfracture

    Scam involving https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/top-global-pvp-account-100k-cp-vildred.1438057/ Sent 150$ and never got the account, refuses to communicate on discord. Below is the link with conversation logs and proof of discord id (SirFracture#0672)...
  9. E

    Selling  Starter accounts 1-10

    starter accounts with: Account 1: Luna+Vildred+Zerato+Cidd+Puurgis PRICE: 25$ Account 2: Ravi+Rin+Karin+Rose PRICE: 10$ Account 3: Sigret+Angelica PRICE:10$ Account 4: Ken+Angelica+Lots PRICE: 15$ Account 5: Chloe+Rin+Achates PRICE:10$ All accounts completed stage 1-10 and selective summon...
  10. L

    Selling  Epic seven account with ML Ken/ML Rose/Bellona/Sez/Chloe/Ken (Asia)

    Selling Epic Seven account Asia with 5 nat 5 (ml ken/sez/bellona/chloe and ken) 2x ml nat 4 (aux lots/ml rose) World difficulty clear till 7-1 More than 7k skystone for you to use for the upcoming GG collab Abyss cleared till 40+ (still got alot of mats for you to farm) Stove account, gmail...
  11. F

    SOLD  NEW Baiken Global | ML Aramintha | ML Vildred | Challenger 1| b11 hunt | 18 6*

    Hello, selling my account with google mail. Start price is 600$ but open to your offers. UPD: added Baiken, Bloodstone, rose Abyss: 83F Raid: Hell b11 hunt Challenger 1 arena Nat 5 monsters: Silver blade aramintha Arbiter Vildred Sigret Bellona Krau Ken Iseria Destina Violet(2) Aramintha Ravi...
  12. E

    Selling  Haste / Kise / Violet / IserIa and morre

    Hello, i'm selling Epic Seven account (Global server - NA) with: Heroes: 6* Upgraded - Kise 5* Zeno 5* Violet 5* Sigret 5* Haste 5* Yuna 5* Iseria 5* Upgraded Moonlight - Blood Blade Karin 5* Upgraded - Angelica 5* Upgraded - Clarissa 5* Upgraed - Lorina 5* Upgraded - Kluri 4* Surin 4* Rin 4*...
  13. X

    Selling  Strong Nat 5* + X5 Mystic Rewards Guild Account

    {{ SELLING Decent Pulls Account! }} Nat 5* Units: - Judge Kise - Water Kise - Krau - Bellona - Tamarinne - Sez - Charlotte - Fire Ken - Luna (Limited) ML Nat 4* + Decent Nat 4* - Angelica - Shooting Star Achates - Assassin Coli - Cidd - Schuri - Silk - Rose - Pyllis [Completed 10-10 Hard...
  14. J

    SOLD  [GL] Earlygame Luna Sez Destina etc. (7x Nat 5*) Normal 10-10 clear

    Account rank: 42 Gem count: 5,912 Gold count: 8,065,324 Bookmarks/Summons count: 5700 gems are tradeable for 6x Bookmark Bundles which is 300 Covenant Bookmarks + remaining 212 gems are tradeable for 10 Covenant Bookmarks + 28 Covenant Bookmarks held, amounts to 338 Bookmarks, that's 67 Summons...
  15. P

    Global 13 5* over 5000 skystones and 100 BK 8 GTS and more

    Global, linked but all info will be given to buyer so you can change all the info Looking for paypal offers, around 150 dollars, negotiable Team CP around 160-180, can go higher once you spend the gold and arrange the gear better,i just havent bothered to do it yet, havent done the challenge...
  16. R

    SOLD  (GLOBAL)Mid Game Luna, Diene and other 5 star units and ML units

    selling this account looking to quit the game now kindly DM me in discord chibibibaby#4548
  17. Epikspectra

    Selling  [Global] Epic7 early-mid Diene+Ken+Sigret+Ass. Cidd | cheap

    Selling Legit Handtrained 10-10 acc for only $30 Selling early progression of global server. Just passed 10-10 on normal difficulty. Abyss up to Stage 9 only. Linked to dummy mail. YOU CAN VERIFY AS YOUR OWN EMAIL FOR ONE TIME. IGN is fixed...
  18. W

    Selling  Top end arena and GW epic7 Account : ML Kise, Ruele, C Dom, AxeGod 200k+ cp

    NOTE : This account is currently still being played. Pictures are subject to change. This account climbs into the 4800 Challenger range. Anywhere past is whale country, good luck. Also, Competes in top 10 Guild Wars. Looking for anywhere in the 500-600$ range for this account. Full access and...
  19. Y

    Trading  I Want to trade my account

    I want to trade my account This account have a Luna 6* (awakening 5) 12 Skill up Angelica 6* F Kluri 6* Cidd 6* Nat 5* Krau (!) Destina Ravi Nat 4* Cidd Clarissa Angelica Achates Schuri Just want to play different variety of chars.(Diene <3 ) Discord: the man who sold the world#1005...