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  1. D

    Selling  60 level | GLOBAL account|best offer

    Sell this global account.Wait your offers. Screens here : If you want buying or have questions contact me discord yournoname#4645 kik Jonhsmith1995 telegram dikiy_egik PM on epicnpc
  2. E

    Selling  [Global] Fresh C.Dominiel + Bellona + Angelica

    Selling early progression of global server. Just passed 10-10 on normal difficulty, currently at stage 9 of Abyss. Linked to dummy mail. YOU CAN VERIFY AS YOUR OWN EMAIL FOR ONE TIME. IGN is fixed...
  3. E

    PM me ur offer (NOT a starter acc)

    PM me ur best offa! At abyss F. 61 World difficulty Chapt 6+ Nat 5* Ken Luna Violet Zeno Yufine Aramintha x2 Baal & Sezan Nat 4* Schuri x3 Archates Armin Cidd ML Cidd Dominiel Silk x2 (Not from connection) Rose Coli x2 Cartuja (Not from Connection) Corvus Rin Zerato Nat 3* Kiris (SSS) F...
  4. L

    Looking for Starter Luna account with a decent healer/tank

    Hey all, As described, I missed the boat and didn't get a Luna. I'm looking for a starter account with her and a decent healer or tank. Nothing so extravagant. If you have one, please DM me with screenshots of the account. As I said, not looking for anything high ranking. Just at the...
  5. H

    SOLD  [Global] ML Ken, Luna, Dienne mid game

    Hello, I sell my Epic seven account with ML Ken and other nice characters : Luna, Diene, Sez ... Global Server !!! SOLD !
  6. E

    Selling  Epicseven Global server PM Offer!..

    Rank 49 Normal 10-10 With good name With lots of great artifacts Message me on Discord/FB : Estheim#3450 https://www.facebook.com/estheim.arwin Account 1 Acc1
  7. K

    Selling  WTS Asia late account dark viderl +dark rose +diene + luna

    Only Paypal Discord: seutex#1131 contact to get more info
  8. L

    Global 10-10+ Specimen Sez etc unbind cheap

    Hello wts = Global Server All unbind, buyer provide binding method Add me via Line for fast respond 'Lvsiu' Acc still maintaned ( login draw only lol ) PVP silver 1 (1,2) -_- Master ( 3 ) Tower 49 (1,2) -_- 51+ ( 3 ) 1*Good name $35 5☆ Sez, Kayron, Ravi, Charlotte, 4☆ Lots, Cartuja, Surin...
  9. A

    SOLD  [Global]Unlinked Stove: Diene Luna Ravi Aramintha Sez BBK

    Selling an Epic 7 Global account. Attached to an unlinked Stove account I will give details to upon purchase. Price: $60 USD Payment via Paypal friends and family. Contact via Discord: Alumine#8992 More Details/Images Provided on Request Past 10-10, Abyss 41 Natural 5* Heroes: 5* Diene 5*...
  10. A

    SOLD  [Global]Unlinked Stove: Kise, Bellona, Luna, Destina ML Rose & More

    Selling my personal Epic 7 Global account. Attached to an unlinked Stove account I will give details to upon purchase. Price: $120 USD Payment via Paypal friends and family. Contact via Discord: Alumine#8992 More Details/Images Provided on Request Natural 5* Heroes: 6* Bellona (+4, B Rank...
  11. S

    Buying  [Global] Bellona+Lidica

    Account has to be unlinked or linked to a dummy mail, story progression doesn't matter, can be early to endgame. Post your offers here or PM. Thanks.
  12. L

    Selling  [Global] Ken,Bellona,Aramintha,Destina,Angelica

    Lvl 60 account in Global, has around 10 days left of monthly pack 1. Good MLS are Axe God(Fully runed) and BB Karin Have all the essential artifacts as well except shimadras. (I have aurius, Idols cheer, Rod of A, Celestine, Dust Devil etc.) Selling cheap - $30 USD Paypal only. First come...
  13. L

    Selling  Selling mid game account - Sez, Sigret, Iseria, Baal, Basar,ml corvus,ml lots

    Hi, my Global account can clear most content and have really good units. Currently 5 of them being already level 60 6 stars. Units: -5 star Sez - lv 60 Sigret - lv 60 Iseria - lv 50 Dark Corvus - lv 50 Baal & Sezan - lv 50 Basar - lv 50 Zeno - lv 60 -Notable units Falconer Kluri - lv 60 -...
  14. F

    SOLD  End-Game GL Acc 207k CP with Diene + 1,2k skystones + 100 BM

    End-game acc that can farm wyvern and golem 10, can complete normal and hard raid and abyss complete. All info on the pictures below. ( Have enough Phantasma to make 2 more units 6* ) I suggest we use Trade-guardian for safety and buyer pays the fee. You can contact me at Discord Thiagão#4184...
  15. X

    Selling  Global Account Nat 5* (Kise, Judge Kise, Fire Ken, Krau, AColi, Tam and more)

    {{ SELLING Strong Nat 5 Account! }} Nat 5* Units: - Judge Kise - Water Kise - Krau - Tamarinne - A.Coli - Sez - Charlotte - Fire Ken [Completed 10-10 Hard Mode till 1-3] Inclusive of: - Other 3* and 4* Like Pyllis, Rose, Schuri, Roman etc. - 5* Artifacts: Dust Devil, Aurius, Sigret...
  16. J

    SOLD  [GL][Godly Acc w/ ml Ken+ml Cartuja+ml Armin+ml Schuri Krau Haste - 13+Nat 5s]

    Hey all, I'm here to sell a monster Endgame PVP and PVE account in GLOBAL SERVER with amazing ML Chars and all the high tier 5*s. Let's get right into it: 6* Characters: - Martial Artist Ken (Best Unit in the Game.) - Assassin Cartuja (Best ML Unit in the game next to ML Ken. His kit is...
  17. P

    SOLD  new post

    Made a new post for account 1 ACCOUNT2- SOLD
  18. SetsunaEpic

    SOLD  [Global] Whale ML Ken + Kise + Shadow Rose + Diene x 5 . 30 x 5*. 250k CP

    First time buyer and need a trusted service? Simply don't want to waste hundred to thousand of $ hoping to get your favorite Servants? I'm offering Moon Light Ken Account . If you looking for Moon Light Ken,this is your chance All my accounts are Legit rolled. Legit rolled/ No Interfering Game...
  19. B

    Selling  ASIA> Krau,Yufine, Destina at 1-6 with 5*/4* artifacts and other notable chars

    Gifts since day 1 of joining at inventory Msg for the price or Or leave skype id Linked to gmail with no phone or second security. Will provide the details to the buyer once paid. Payment through paypal. If not available ill provide another alternative
  20. K

    Selling  [GLOBAL] Account unlinked

    Tôi có 3 tài khoản Bếp toàn cầu, Acc 1: Ken + Chloe + Charllotte + Light Maya + Angelica + Clarissa + vân vân Giá: 12$ -------- Acc 2: Karin + Cidd + Rất nhiều + 2 nghệ thuật Dust Devil + vv Giá: 8$ -------- Acc 3: Destina + Kayron + Angelica + Doris + Karin + Armin, thêm nhân vật 4 * và...