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  1. Z

    Euro ml. Ravi, ml. Cecilla, ml. Kise late game account 18 ssr

    Late game euro account, hell raid, 100 tower, 83 abyss, arena champion 12 6star heroes, 500 bms and 27.000 skystones 300$. dm me here or discord Niko#3013 Ml SSR Ml.RAVI ML.CECILLIA ML.KISE SSR SS. BELONNA TAMARINE ISERIA VILDRED KEN RAVI LIDICA TENEBRIA BASAR LUDWIG KRAU SIGRET CERMIA BAAL...
  2. Z

    Epic 7 euro mid game account ml kise, ml tene, 11 ssr 22.000+ skystones

    Europe midgame account 5ml gold, 22.000+ skystones, 150 leif, 35 molagora, 420 bms , on this account u ready for future limited heroes tons skystones and bms. 200 $ negotiable pm here or in discord Niko#3013 Ml Kise, Ml Tenebria SSR Ss belonna Vildred Destina Luluca Tenebria Chloe Tywin Haste...
  3. L

    Selling  🔥 RARE Accounts with Limited Units - Unlinked, Unnamed 🔥

    Contact me here on EpicNPC or via Discord: ltbd78#8612 ||Account 1|| - Unlinked, $35 Seaside Bellona (Limited Hero) - Top AoE DPS Dizzy (Limited Hero) - Top Debuffer Cermia - Top Fire Single Target Nuker Sigret Krau (x2) - Top Tank; PvP 1 Shotter Aramintha Basar - Top PvP CR Reducer and Buff...
  4. B

    ✅[Global]✅ Rush sale Unlink 10-10 account ML Cecil, Dizzy, Luna, SSB ONLY $30

    Selling semi-mid tier account, completed 10-10 adventure mode (Normal) perfect clear (3 stars) with three of the best limited unit Luna, Dizzy, SSB. Rush sell as this is my 2nd account and I don't have time to play 2 account. RUSH SALE NOW $30 ONLY Account is unlinked, you can link to your...
  5. Z

    Global ml ken, ruele, sp tenebria 41.000+ skystones, 23 ssr

    Global account Almost endgame 60 rank Abyss 80 All limited, collab heroes exclude diene, 450bms 41.000+ skystones, 330+leif, 130 molagora, 10ml+gold 600$ negotiable, all of yours suggestions ready to think in discord Niko#3013 Hero SSR ml ML ken Ruele of light Sp tenebria SSR Limited Luna Ss...
  6. M

    Selling  [Global] - End Game ML Ken + 3 nat 5 MLs + 4 Limited Heroes

    Hello there, Do you want 4 godly nat 5 ML units and 4 limited heroes all in one account? Now is your chance! ___________________________________ 100% safe. NOT a Modded/Macroed/Hacked account. [GLOBAL] - Linked End Game ML Ken, ML Chloe, ML Tenebria, ML Sez + 4 Limited Heroes + 8 x Nat 5s +...
  7. marudashi

    SOLD  [Global] 1-4 Judge Kise, Vivian, Baiken x2, Luluca, W.Silk - Renamable 35$

    GLOBAL UNLINKED & RENAMABLE 1-4 STARTER JUDGE KISE ACCOUNT WITH VIVIAN! Judge Kise Vivian Baiken 2 copies Luluca Sigret Basar Cecilia Wanderer Silk. Account is Unlinked and Renamable 35$ CONTACT ME HERE: Discord: pingur#4736
  8. L

    Trading  Beware of Sly Scammer - Lost $150

    Name: Bhie-Jay Lao Estalilla Epic NPC ID: Kevin101010 Discord: Keno777#9380 Paypal: [email protected] Scammed me $150. Full details and screens can be found in this imgur album.
  9. J

    Selling  ⭐[GLOBAL] Challenger Dominiel - Shadow Rose - Vivian - Seaside Bellona - Ken⭐

    Hey today I'm selling my global - unlinked - unnamed account featuring Challenger Dominiel and many 5*+4* summons and artifacts! Some of the available heroes are: Challenger Dominiel - Shadow Rose - Vivian - Seaside Bellona - Ken - Krau - Achates - Vildred - Lilibet Zerato - Silk - Leo -...
  10. A

    Selling  [EU]cheap [10-10] Bellona *6, Tama, Chloe and Angelica for 15€

    Hi !! I sell an account with Bello, Tama, Angelica and chloe for 15€. Perfect set up for W11. Pn me or discord aegisx12 #2041
  11. marudashi

    Selling  [Asia] ML Ken + ML Ara , Luna, ML Armin, Luluca! 10-10

    5 Stars: ML Ken ML Ara Luna LULUCA! (From nat5 ticket) Destina Cecilia Charlotte Haste 4 Stars: Crimson Armin Fighter Maya General Purrgis ML Rin Furious English Name Message me for more info: Discord: pingur#4736
  12. C

    Selling  (ASIA) ML Ken + Sol, Dizzy, SS Bellona

    Hi guys, i wanna selling this account. Arena Gold IV Skystone 1.682 Gold 1.4 M Login Gmail dummy (getting full access on email) Auto hunt : W10, G9, B9, A10 LIMITED Heroes with full artifact : Sol, Dizzy, Seaside Bellona Pict For more info details account pm line cikaltaz19 or discord...
  13. L

    SOLD  🔥Ultra RARE Highend Acc (Limited Units + ML) $200 -> $100 Limited Sale🔥

    Price: $̶2̶0̶0̶ $100 LIMITED DISCOUNT Best deal on the site. Limited time offer. First come first serve. Discord: Ltbd78#8612 ||Currency|| 15000 Skystones ($400 value) 500 Bookmarks ($250 value) 150 Leifs ($200 value) 10 Million Gold ($150 value) 42 Molas/Seeds 1 Unknown Slate Has all newbie...
  14. S

    Selling  EU ML5 starter account ML ravi, SS bellona, ken, destina, bellona on sale

    Hello Guys, I am selling an account having ML Ravi, SS Bellona, Ken, Destina, Bellona Other 4* heroes(see attached image) Cleared: 10-10, Adventurer's Guide, Summer Event. Name: Changable, Account linked to random email, can be changed. Note: I don't use any mods/macro, i played manually and...
  15. P

    Buying  Endgame waifu account

    I would like to purchase an Endgame account for myself. Any server will do. The account must contain good female characters. My budget is between 500-1000 usd I just want you to know that i wont go first. I already got scammed many times from different sellers. If you're interested we can...
  16. marudashi

    Selling  All server: UberCheap Starter Accounts 1-4 - Renamable 🌟 Double Moonlight 🎆

    Want uber cheap 1- 4 Starter accounts to get you going strong? 5* Moonlight Units are available! ML Vildred, ML KISE, ML Ken and the rest Accounts are unlinked and able to link to your own email! All accounts are in 1-4 and have Selective Summon at 1-10 ASIA, Global and Europe available I'm a...
  17. A

    Selling  [EU] Sell Starter acc with 8x5Na(Sea Side Bellona included) 18€

    Hi guys, I want to sell my starter account who has done cleared 6-10. Unnamed, linked to gmail-can give you the gmail. Got 51 leifs. You can farm a lot! discord aegisx12#2041
  18. J

    SOLD  🏆[Global] Vivian - ML Ravi - SBellona - ML Armin - ML Karin

    Selling amazing Global account Rank 53, Master division, containing Apocalypse Ravi, Crimson Armin x3, Ken x2, ML Karin x4, Watcher Schuri x2 and many other top tier summons/artifacts. Available heroes are: Vivian - Apocalypse Ravi - Seaside Bellona x3 - ML Schuri - ML Armin - ML Karin - Ken -...
  19. L

    BOUGHT  [GL] Starter: Dizzy, Tama, Iser, Bellona

    PM me details and offers. Thank you!