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  1. Selling  Alchemy Stars Account Lvl 7. 8 six stars

    Add me on discord: TragicHavoc#3962 to discuss. Six stars include Sharona, Charon, Sinsa, Gronru, Gram, Sariel, Eicy, & Beryl. Only up to map 2-7 has been cleared, so you can get a lot of resources. Asking for a $25 apple gift card (I will provide the link to the official site, it might take...
  2. Selling  7DS global server box 4.8m

    I play for long time on global server i’m french and i don’t have Time for continue but i have lot of caracter you can look the screenshot and i can send more if you want , i have many 6/6 and fest if you want more information contact me on discord @hakunaamatataa#1885 i sell with paypal or...
  3. Selling  High end game whale acc rank 229

    Hi, I'm selling my rank 220+ end game account. If you're looking for an account that can nuke crests, clear all content, this mihjt be the one for you. Notable units 2 x Saitama Dark trio (forte, dkane, dfen) + Desirable nuke equips. Juno, vox, thetis, duke, Leone, 3 x Riviera 2 x millim...
  4. SOLD  [Global] Whale Account - 30 Unique 6* + All Outfits

    30 Unique 6* (All 6* as of the current update - Aurora Aeterna Event) All PAID OUTFITS (INCLUDING BATTLE PASSES). Price: $350 OBO Binded/Linked: Twitter Payment Method: PayPal F&F Middleman: Optional, we split the fees. PM for questions or Discord.
  5. SOLD  LF Goku/Vegeta duo 7★+2 +UI goku +GOD SS Gogeta and more for only $15 (global)

    Fresh farmed account global New goku & vegeta LF 7★+2 (update: recently acquired +2★) UI goku God SS gogeta LL super vegito ZENKAI III God SS vegito Fusion zamasu ZENKAI VI 8 LL UNITES Payment only paypal Price is $15 You can contact me on Telegram: https://t.me/JhonyWay or send me an email...
  6. Selling  [Global 5 UR (Afallen x2) / 11SSR mid game account 20$

    Lvl 24 460 souls battle pass and growth fund both bought story = 3-4 some days left for monthly pass discord : Blusha#0979
  7. Selling  [Global] End-Game Avrora 99.1% CR [All Collab/All Limited]

    The account is well maintained and heavily min maxed It can easily clear and complete any content in this game. Account highlights: - Level 126 - PR 1 - All Dev 30 FS5 - PR 2 - All Dev 30 FS5 - PR3 - All Dev 30 FS5 except Drake (Dev 28) - PR4 - All Dev 30 except Agir (Dev 25) and Hakuryuu (Dev...
  8. Selling  endgame global account. 4 million box C.C,archangels above 4/6,festivals $220

    endgame global account. 4 million box C.C,archangels above 4/6, kof characters (new ones too), all commandments, one esca 3/6,assault meli 2/6,ban, margaret and others. 408 super awakening coins, 90 plat coins, 7 festival coins(use or buy other festivals), green gowther and all raid teams and...
  9. SOLD  NEW LF goku & vegeta DUO 7★ +8 Zenkai unites+8 LL For only $13! (global)

    Payment only paypal Price is $13 You can contact me on Telegram: https://t.me/JhonyWay or send me an email: [email protected] or just pm me here. Account details:
  10. Selling  Whale global-65 lrs-36 PTP Lr, 1 k Goku, 57-58, 90dfe,1250 red

    Hello Im selling a great whale account. It Has 1 k login days Goku. 57-58 with many rainbows. 90 dfe with many rainbows. Almost all new dfe included 1250 Red coins.
  11. Selling  (Global)EN Azur Lane/ Lexington /level 101/ships & items/price is negotiable

    Lexington, 3 rings, multiple ships and dock capacity 334, the gem x2 bonus still there. FDG, Shinano are other ships are already there, development ships + progress of each, plenty of OX torpedoes
  12. Selling  [Global-asia] 1 legend+ Ming, 7 legend Dellons twin Eileene Yeonhee Claire 25$

    WTS seven knight 2 account server Global-asia 1 legend+ : Ming 7 legend : Dellons, Eileene fodina & Empress, Karin, Rachel, Yeonhee, Claire Story chapter 1 hard 2 rare pet many legendary equipments celestial tower floor 26 price : 25$ | via paypal | accept middleman epicnpc
  13. Selling  [Global] Actual Whale/61+ 6*/All Chars/MBT Oldseal

    Global client account This is a whale account. The account has every character to release in the game (as of the time listing this thread). Screenshots below Features New characters Hedy & Cordy 31 unique 6 star characters (29 gacha, 2 old seal) 61 total 6 star characters from gacha...
  14. Selling  21k gems 2xShun 2xAru Karin Iori Haruna Hoshino Sumire

    50$ now or Best offer For more details contact me here or on discord LastFireFox#0007
  15. Selling  [GLOBAL] Quitting LV114 with 37 6* & a lot of Limited Operators $90

    Hello, I wanted to sell this arknights account. Payment: Paypal F&F/G&S (you'll pay the fee's) AK EN Lvl 114 with a lot of limited OP 37 6* (including gladia, full R6 Squad) Name change available, Costume ticket, acc can be rebind easily with yours. Notable operators : Surtr E2 S3M3 Thorns...
  16. Selling  Global Fresh- New Gogeta Teq Lr, DBH,21lr,27-58

    Completly fresh. Android Anything wasnt't done.
  17. SOLD  Global | Starter account 2300+ diamonds | Unlinked | 12$

    GLOBAL | STARTER ACCOUNT 2300+ DIAMONDS | UNLINKED | 12$ - Ready for Full Grown King banner - Lots of resources - Payment method: Paypal F&F, using Trade Guardian you pay the fee - If you need more information DM me here or Discord: Hyperion#9996
  18. SOLD  All Featured-DHB-10 rainbows, 26 PTP Lr-2 rainbows, 29-58s

    Hello All featured dbh-lots of 💯. Android global only sell.
  19. Selling  Starter chapter 4 ash, skalter, SA, eyja, W, mudrock, dusc, name change on $15

    10 *6, Ash, Skalter, Gladiia, SilverAsh, eyja, siege, kalsit, mudrock, dusk, W Skalter and W potential 1 unlocked Story: 4-1 CM only cleared Story 1, still can get PO from passed event Annihilation 2 unclear, 3 - 7 untouch Change Name on Paid Skin Ash 2x purchase still available, Price $15...
  20. Selling  $50 Blue archive acc top tier big 4 global end game meta enjoyer

    Sell Blue archive acc, global mid-end game Stage 10-1, hard 9-1 Pvp best 200++ Resources can be obtained from momo, story, and challenge mode are avail Days 15++ Raid hardcore Average t3-t4 equipment main squad META : Iori, haruna, hibiki, shun, aru, hina, izuna, karin, and many more Playing...