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  1. J

    Global Super Highend RK full item +20% Gacha 1200Gold medal book931Atk

    Hi guys, I'm selling my RK 40/40 account BH PVP WOE WOC READY! switch: RG 33/40 Genetic 21/40 1200Gold Medal Book+931 ATK Book+15000 HP ALL gacha unlock Unlock 129 Cards Unlock 350 Headwear +10 Halberd[2] ignore def 15% with 3 Minorus Cards +10 Tights[1] ignore def 20% with 2 Leader's...
  2. M

    SOLD  [Global] 20$ Luna + ML Tenebria + 14 Nat 5*

    For Sale Server Global Rank 49 Story World 2 Map 3-10 Finished Hard stage on chapter 3 Change name off Login via Stove VERIFIED Gmail of course will be given. Payment via Paypal f&f Contact me on Discord for more info, LuccaXIV#6076
  3. T

    Selling  Selling 3 Dokkan Accounts

    Selling/Trading 3 Global accounts! DM Me if you want to buy and we'll get an mm from TradeZ or DBC __***ONLY.***__ 1. 14 LR Farmed Global, 9 58s, Rank 392 2. BEAST Endgame Global - 12 LR - All DFE LRs + 500+ red coins for GoBros - 19 58s - 35 DFEs - Rank 404 3. 1000+ Day WHALE Global...
  4. K

    Selling  Rank 112 full of lapis and tickets

    Rank 112 clean account With 66mil With 3x moogle container With 1xsmtr With 110000 lapis With 255 tickets 1x 30% rainbow ticket 2x 10% rainbow tickets 52x 4star tickets 200x tickets With 239 ex tickets 12x5 star ex tickets 60x 4 star ex tickets...
  5. K

    SOLD  10 EX! Semi Fresh account! $60 ONLY! Rank 185! Great starter account! Global

    I have a rank 185 account with 10 EX. EX MLB: Warrior of Light, Lann&Reynn, Rinoa, Vayne EX: Shantotto (15 & 35 passives), Sephiroth, Firion, Lightning, Serah, Jecht Act 1 ALL COMPLETE. Act 2 UNTOUCHED on normal AND hard. 20 Lost chapters still unfinished! NO summon boards done yet. Still a lot...
  6. T

    Selling  $7 LR gohan account

    LR Gohan plus more LRs. Farmed up but not all events and eza. Global. Email at [email protected] if interested and for more details
  7. T

    1000+ Day Whale/Dolphin w/ 11 LRs and 27 58s w/ extremely rare units

    1000+ Day WHALE Global Endgame! - Tons of ULTRA RARE UNITS like: 3 Arale's, Kibito Kai, Piccolo, Bye Guys Goku, and tons more! - 11 Gacha LRs - 27 58s - 7 100% 58s - 54 DFEs + Dupes - 110+ Rainbowed Units! - Tons of Orbs and Training Items! - Rank 533 ↑This is a Global Android account...
  8. E

    Selling  Global endgame ccount many LRs (Goku SSJ4, Vegeta SSJ4, Android 16/17/18...)

    I have been playing on this account as a secondary account, but I cant spend as much time as I would like playing on it, thus I've decided to sell it. Price is 20€/$22. Payment will be made through PayPal F&F and we will use a trade guardian. If you dont want to waste time looking at the...
  9. C

    Buying  Looking for Global Endgame Account

    I am looking for a global endgame E7 account. I require most if not all the limited characters (Diene, Dizzy, SS Bellona, Luna, etc). As far as ML 5* some I am looking for are Judge Kise, Ruele of Light, Silver Blade Aramintha, Arbiter Vildred, Specter Tenebria, and/or Fallen Cecelia it doesn’t...
  10. J

    Selling  Endgame Lv70 All but new Leg

    Global. Selling endgame account with ALL but the new legendaries. Account is level 70 and can clear all Lv10 bosses. Msg me here or on discord yawdbwoy89#7550 with questions. Linked to hive.
  11. T

    Buying  I have $133 send offers

    Looking for whales/dolphins/semi whales or absolutely godly monster fresh accounts
  12. T

    Buying  Have $105, Looking for an absolute monster fresh account

    Looking for a godly monster fresh acccount
  13. T

    Buying  I have $105 + two globals

    Looking for the best possible account I can get for $105 and these two: Selling two global accounts DM Me if you want to buy and we'll get an mm from TradeZ or DBC __***ONLY.***__ 1. Endgame Global - 5 Gacha LRs - 28 58s, 39 100% Units - Rank 397 2. 9 LR BEAST Fresh Global with 519...
  14. M

    Selling  [Global] - Mid Game ML Kise + ML Corvus + ML Lots + 13 x nat 5s

    Hello there, Do you want the 2 godly ML units, ML Kise and ML Corvus, in one account? Now is your chance! ___________________________________ 100% safe. NOT a Modded/Macroed/Hacked account. [GLOBAL] - Linked Mid Game ML Kise + ML Corvus + ML Lots + ML Dominiel + 13 x Nat 5s Account...
  15. W

    Selling  Selling GODLY Mid game Global Account! 20+ Nat5*

    account is on global server and is rank 60. Looking for around $400 Or Best offer. Contact me on Discord for pictures XD!#7790 Can auto W11 (2 mins) can do G11 and B11 (but u will need to invest, i have all the necssary gear and units for them just didn't have time to do it) Haven't even touched...
  16. L

    Trading  9x 5* + 3ML + Angelica for an account with Luna and Dizzy

    9x 5* heroes + ML Sez, ML Karin, ML Leo + Angelica for Account with Luna and Dizzy No need to have ML or anything, just having Luna and Dizzy, it's perfect. Preference for Global server Call me on discord Red#0462
  17. T

    Selling  1140+ Day Whale Global

    WHALE Endgame Global! 1000 DAY GOKU! 11 Gacha LRs - NEW AGL GOHAN! - 100% LR Gogeta - 30 58s, 12 100% 58s - 68 100% Units - Rank 489 Asking for $150 +/- or whales! We use TradeZ/DBC mms or no sale/trade!
  18. B

    Selling  Europe starter avildred+ml chloe+ angelica+many nat5s;global jkise+luna+alots

    Account #1 is rank 35 in Europe server and has: Arbitrer vildred 6*; maid chloe; Destina; Ken; NEWLY BUFFED OP YUFINE; Kayron; Basar; Sigret; Lidica. 4*s: Angelica; assasin coli; assasin cidd; Champion zerato, Clarissa 6* Account #2 is rank 35 in Global server and has: Judge kise(6*) Luna (6*)...
  19. X

    Selling  [Global] Epic Seven 3 ML 5* Ruele/Ken/A.Ravi End Game Account

    5* Kise (6*, 4/0/0) Charlotte Yufine Ravi Ruele (6*, 0/3/2) Kayron (6*, 6/0/2) Iseria (6*, 4/2/3) Yuna Tywin (6*, 0/0/5) Ken Chloe Tamarinne (6*, B Imprint, 0/7/1) Ludwig (6*, 0/1/0) Krau (6*, S Imprint, 0/4/0) Vivian Sol (6*, SSS Imprint, 2/2/3) Baiken (6* , 0/5/5) Dizzy (6*, 0/3/3) Lilibet A...
  20. I

    Selling  CSGO ACC SHOP from in0rmal :) 100% rep

    prices are negotiable contact discord: in0rmal#3920 if you got issues with your purchase do not hesitate to contact me, we will find a solution together! :) 375€ - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000469878 425€ - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981951178/ 250€ -...