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  1. A

    Buying  [Global] Buying NA Account

    Hi! I am looking to purchase a semi- to end game [Global] Honkai Impact 3 Account! I am not looking to spend $1000 if that's what you have, sorry! Here are my "Must Haves" : - Must have HoR and HoV - Must have account unlinked from FB / Email which u can do now on their website or via ticket...
  2. D

    SOLD  $250 Endgame quicksell global, 5xML5*, many limited, 20+ 6* units, many ML4*

    Looking to sell my global server Epic Seven soon, has 5xML5*, all limited units except Diene, many ML4*, many RGB 5*s 8000+ Skystones, and over 150 liefs Has costume for angie/karin/sez EZ farm for hunts, almost all artifacts, many options for Guild War/Arena B/O $250 Taking offers though
  3. W

    Selling  GLB Account - New Zamasu + New Trunks - Partly Farmed

    - Comes with 700 Dragon stones - Paypal only -> Op Future Saga team -> Discord: Davodas23#4758 -> Example Team: -> Character Box:
  4. Y

    Selling  [Price cut] [NA] Two Whale Accounts 35/59 ssr & 46/78 ssr

    WTS Two NA Whale Account (both BDay set, Shinjuku and Argartha cleared but NOT Shimosa): Acc 1 is 35/59 ssr Acc 2 is 46/78 ssr LF $750 for acc1, $1100 for acc2. SELL ONLY, NO TRADES Preferences will be given to buyers who can pay in crypto Contact me either by pm or Discord (prefer EpicNPC pm)...
  5. D

    SOLD  Cheap $70 3xML5 Global Midgame fceci, jkise+aux,ml tene,SSB many ML4*, 18k ss

    Looking to sell my midgame Epic Seven Account. 18k SS, 10 mil gold, 220+ liefs Limited unit SSB, ML Ceci, Jkise + Aux Lots combo, ML Tene EZ W11 farm Yufine, Vildred, Baiken and more ML Cartuja, ML Cidd, Watched Shuri, ML Mercedes and more Enough SS to instantly get Luna or Melissa B/o $75 but...
  6. K

    Buying  Dokkan battle global account

    im looking for an account that is fresh with story completed and it has to have lr beerus and movie broly and a couple random lr units for a cheap price and i would like there to be stones on the account but there doesnt have to be PM if u have an account that matches this thanks.
  7. S

    SOLD  [Global] 7 SSR Orochi Iori + Special Card + Halloween Kula - 20$

    Account is unlinked and will be linked to google play, mail or facebook of your choice upon purchase. Infinity summons, step up banner and 2 5* battle card selectors are untouched. Story is done up to chapter 98 normal, barely started hard mode and expert is untouched. King's event grind is...
  8. Craxto7

    Selling  Steamlvl 57 | 15 Year | Prime | Global | 119 Wins | 6 Medals

    Profile : https://steamcommunity.com/id/BigNNF4GG0T/ looking to get ~80€ negotiable 2017 Krakau Pick'Em Silver Loyality Badge Gold Hydra 2019 10 Year 5 Year Steam join date 13. May 2004 CS:GO hours: 2,278 (ongoing) Private Rank: 1 Matchmaking wins: 119 Wingman wins: 0 Rank: Global...
  9. D

    [H] Dragon Ball Dokkan Accounts ; [W] Paypal

    Hello community! New member trying to offload some Dragon Ball Z Dokkan accounts as I do not have the time nor drive to give them the time they deserve. Accounts posted below via be imgur links. More info can be provided regarding Dragon Stones, Kai’s and treasures. Most accounts have a fair...
  10. A

    SOLD  [Global] End-game Full all Limit (-Diene), 2 ML (Tene + Ravi)- Melissa - 180$

    Sell Global account, Name english, Linked with gmail dummy for safe. But it easy transaction. This is End game account with team 401k CP . 13900ss, 495 Powder, 100 Bookmark, 85 MolaGorago, 206 Leif, 1600 Conquest Points. 1 Unknown Slate. 144 left summon pity mystic. 18 hero 6*. Enough food to...
  11. D

    Selling  Pubg Mobile Global

    Global Account Login Twitter ( I can transfer ownership to your twitter account ) S4-5 on S8-9 Max s10 on 5 bag 8 helmet 5 title Cost : $25 Payment : PayPal
  12. C

    Selling  Beginner Account 10$ Paypal Global

    Price nego Discord Chipperly#1238
  13. V

    Selling  Very good Rank 14 GL Account - Top Arks

    High tier account with some Arks at 10, 7, and similar. I have just summoned Shin and Robin so they are low level but both at 2nd Enhance. Got all best weapons/armors/accessories. 4 Blu spots at 10, 1 at 8 and 1 red spot at 6 and the other at 5. Got a lot of resources. Lukiel 51 with 2 Enhance...
  14. R

    Buying  Cheap global account with Lilias + Tamarinne + Iseria!

    Hello, I am looking to buy a cheap global account with Lilias + Tamarinne + Iseria. Please send me offers :) I'm not looking to buy a whale account btw. Thank you.
  15. E

    Selling  All Limited, Global 3x ML 5* Corvus, Chloe and Ken, 10k Skystones, 300 leaf.

    Hi, im selling my own account, that is just one year old, dont have much time to play it anymore, and feels like all the resources iv geathered are just wasting. Got over 10k skystones, 300 leaf and 100 molas yet to be used. Account is linked with my facebook, so you get FB account with it ;) I...
  16. M

    SOLD  [Global] CHEAP Endgame w/Luna + 12 Nat 5* 15$

    Global End Game 13 nat 5* (Limited Luna) Luna, Tenebria, Vildred, Basar, Krau, Destina, Lilias, Sez, Vivian, Sigret, Charlotte, Lidica. Update : Melissa 8 Unit already 6*ed Login via Stove With dummy Gmail bind (All gmail data will be given) Notable ML: C.Dominieal Champion Zerato Assassin...
  17. B

    Selling  Selling Lv.576 Global optc with 57 legends+ price negotiable

    if you are interested buying my optc acc or even have some questions about it feel free to Direct message me at Rimuru#1467 -all legends skill level maxed -tomes and tablets are enough give legends whichever u want to give -all lot of ice creams and tea tomes as well as almighty skill books i...
  18. M

    SOLD  [Global] Level 65 Dizzy Baiken SSB ML Ken

    8.5k skystones, 14 million gold, 213 powder, 149 bookmarks, 5 gold transmit, 1 ml bookmark Many strong units on this account such as ml ken, baiken, dizzy, krau, seaside bellona, charles, w schuri, etc they are in the album posted This account can do both sides of hell raid and auto wyvern 11...
  19. N

    Selling 2 Epic Seven Global Unlinked Accounts

    Selling 2 Unlinked Global Accounts 1. Level61 Maid Chloe with Luna Account Global Sever Unlinked 2. Dizzy and Seaside Bellona Global Sever Unlinked Please offer ^^ Thank youu
  20. G

    SOLD  Global 7 5* ML| End Game| Champion

    Account is in Champion, can attain legend. Looking to sell after realizing I don't want to continue playing. Several other 6 Stars, look at imgur images. (Recently acquired Luna and Draco Plate) Account is linked onto a gmail account that is only used for this account which will also be given...