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    Beast Semi-Whale Global, 15 Summonable LRs, 30 58s, 51 DFEs, 65 100%/4 Dupe,

    BEAST Semi-Whale Global | Rank 444 | 15 Gacha LRs, 18 F2P LRs | 6/7 DFE LRs, only missing LR Cell | 30 58s | 51 DFEs | 65 100%/4 Dupe Units | 221 URs | 71 SSRs (+dupes) | 212 Red Coins & 356 Yellow Coins | Discord: Killua#3380 Sorted by Cost: Sorted by Activation:
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    Selling  [NA] PMMM Whale

    Hello! This account is whale tier lucky. It possesses Darc (Tart)(NP1), Madoka (NP2), Mami (NP4), Kirika (NP2), Ren (NP2), Tsukuyo-nee (NP1), Moemura (NP1) and Rena (NP1). Iroha is away from being full slotted. Yachiyo and Tsuruno are NP3 each. Currently, it is up to date with story, and it is...
  3. R

    Selling  End game account rank 21 (almost 22) with 29 units and 55 arks.

    The account has this units : The arks it own : Items: Red and blue tanks maxed, and all red and blue soul spots maxed. Price is 150$ (in psn store or ps pluss cards). interested pm me in my discord account. Discord account : saint_seya (Lelouchlam1)#0417
  4. J

    Selling  (RUSH SELL) 2 global accounts. Starter, early with MLs.

    First account. Unlinked 10ML bookmarks, 54 gold stones. 1-4 Starter with Dark Curvus + Diene and Luna $15. Second account. Unlinked/changename 10-10 Early game with ML Ken and ML Sez $25 Can negotiate if reasonable. Msg me here or on discord yawdbwoy89#7550.
  5. W

    Buying  Global endgame champ acc

    Account must have heros: Avild, SSB, also must have Reingar special drink artifact(high limit break will pay more). I’m looking for correctly built units with good gear, not just high CP. Hunt/raid. Looking at around $500-800 give or take depending hero stats, currencies. Discord: sszz#5593
  6. B

    Selling  $75 negotiable 18 nat 5* end/midgame acc (luna, diene and ssb)

    global server mid / endgame account 18 nat 5* luna, diene and ssbellona limited characters 6 6* characters (tamarine, krau, charles, ssb, c.zerato, vildred) abyss at floor 83 auto w11 auto b10 golem in progress a10 in progress payment though PayPal G&S more details dm: katag0d#6705
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    Selling  Dokkan Battle fresh Glb/JP android/ios accounts with 1700ds for 1$ each!

    Selling JP/Global accounts with 1700 DS and all the current Events farmed! Still plenty of leftover Events to farm! NOTE: On the JP Side you'll have to create a google/facebook dummy account for me to transfer the account on since transfer codes are down on the jp side sadly!
  8. F

    Selling  Global endgame beast lvl 635 850 login days

    All raid/tm/kizuna/colo/Fortnight maxed Every legend is special max, max CC and max level A lot of dupes for the 6+, like kata v1 or lucy A lot of tablet 2.200 bow space Every Rare Recruit, but one paypal pm me for offer Discord qtnextino#0632
  9. S

    Selling  Endgame gbl - beast - lvl 652- 35 LR / 4 rainbowed - all eza

    35 LR (16 LR summonable with 4 rainbowed) New : Gohan Goten + Bardock Broly PUI LR 100%, Trunks END LR 100%, Black LR 100%, Gogeta LR 100%, Gohan INT LR 90%, Goku SSJ3 90%. More than 5000 Euros invested in the game. I'm currently asking for 330$, but i'm open to serious offers. I'm selling it...
  10. B

    SOLD  Lv20acc. silverash+exusiai+angelina+squad max level episode2-2 starter

    Lv20 Account Log in Yostar - u can unbind it later 6* SilverAsh + Exusiai + Angelina 5220 orundum + 48 premium stones u can pull 2 times x10 if u want to try to get another 6* o new units - 5* ticket available u can choose a free 5* 5 headhunt pass and lots of credits and exp items so u can...
  11. V

    [Global] Selling Godweapon Warlock/Archbishop Guild lvl 10 $100

    Selling Guild lvl 10 with upgrades lvl 8 to 11 (see images) also have another nearly ended god arctifact (see image) pm if you want to talk about the price and details (only paypal)
  12. Y

    Selling  [Global] Cheapest Arknights 3 x 6* Accounts! Prices Updated!!!!

    Selling one last Global account with 3 6*s unlinked guest account! Progress up to 0-3. Add/pm on discord to discuss interest in any of the following accounts. Discord: qbpk#9851 Only accept Paypal as method of payment! SilverAsh + Exusiai + Hosh: 10$ Account Name: qbpk Progress: 0-3 Newbie...
  13. M

    Selling  Global Starter 3x 6* [Exusiai + Eyjafjalla + Shining] $20

    Selling a starter account I no longer need - please contact me on Discord at leidenfrost#3672 and I can give you more information + we can arrange things! 6* Exusiai, Eyjafjalla, Shining
  14. B

    SOLD  [Global A-26leo]LV44acc Seiya Divine Cloth and 11+S $20!

    Lvl 44 @Log in Gmail FACEBOOK AND GTARCADE UNLINKED S Saints: Seiya Divine Cloth/Saori Kido/Milo/Deathmask/Mu/Aphrodite/Shura/Pope/Aldebaran/Aioros/Sorrento/Shun Nebula https://ibb.co/smjX9sL all A and B saints... 5 ability tomes and 152 tomes for upgrade. https://ibb.co/dKncDjw Ability...
  15. R

    Selling  Epic7 global account late game with 8 ml nat 5

    Selling my day 1 account, with 8 ml nat 5. The ml nat 5 units i own: JKise, A Ravi, S Sez, F Lidica, Ruele, F Cecilia, S Tenebria, DJ Basar (also got two more times F Cecilia but just turned them into imprints), all of the units but DJ Basar are 60 and geared. Units at 60. Cermia, A imprint...
  16. N

    SOLD  [Global] Looking for a cheap starter account. Nothing in particular.

    Just looking to get into the game with a little boost. Any fresh account with some good units or lots of resources interest me. I'm new to the game so not looking for anything in particular. my budget is 10-25$, but would prefer to keep it cheaper. Thanks all! Dont be a stranger :)
  17. B

    SOLD  [GLOBAL A-26leo]lv45acc Shion,Saga,Arayashiki and more S $25!

    Lvl 45 @Log in Gmail FACEBOOK AND GTARCADE UNLINKED S Saints: Shion/Saga/Arashiki shaka/Shaka/Aphrodite/Aldebaran/Pope/Shura/Aioria/Aioros/Sorrento. https://ibb.co/G0hWy0B all A and B saints... 15 ability tomes and 210 tomes for upgrade. https://ibb.co/fY5t7Ns 830 skin coupons and available...
  18. K

    Selling  Optc Global Account 60 Legends LawLuffy/Full German v2 etc

    OPTC 60 Legends Hello everyone, im selling my Global account. It is lvl 365+ Many many top legends, such as vivi rebecca, law luffy, full germa squad v2 I feel like going back to Japan tho :/ so make me an offer :) You can pay via PayPal. You can also get a middleman for this transaction...
  19. D

    Selling Global Dissidiaffoo endgame Dolphin account 67510 gems, 24+ ex weapons

    24+ ex weapons (all char equiped with 15, 35 weapon passive & cristal passives) including meta relevant characters for Chaos (Golbez, ultimecia, cloud, vaine sherlotta, agrias, beatrix, y'shtola, etc...) 2 fully realized weapons (cloud, ultimecia) 15 fully lvled up 35 weapon (all characters...
  20. H

    Selling  [Global] End Game - 4 ML 5*, 31 NAT 5*

    Hello! Id like to sell my Global end game account since the game became too time consuming for me between Family and work. Since i spend much time with this account i would like to not let it go to waste and sell it to someone who has the time to keep playing. It has a pretty normal English...