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    SOLD  3x ML nat 5| Ml Ken+ Ruele+ D.Corvus

    Mid Fresh Triple 5* ML Ken + ML Ruele + ML Corvus +ML Dominiel + ML Dingo + ML Cidd + Luna - GLOBAL 8 x 5* Hero | Story Progression 10-10 Hard ML Ken + ML Ruele + ML Corvus + ML Dominiel + ML Dingo + ML Cidd + Luna + Ken + Lidica + Ravi + Cecilia - 150K CP - Abyss 62F, Wyvern 9 - Golem 9 -...
  2. J

    SOLD  Global 236k CP Limited Luna Baiken

    PRICE : $100 Payment via paypal only Contact me on KIK : nuugrinti , discord : nuu820#0554 ======================================================================== SERVER GLOBAL LOGIN STOVE UNVERIFIED ( CAN STILL CHANGE EMAIL FOR STOVE LOGIN ) 6 6* : Violet, Cermia, Ken, Sigret, Luna, Achates 14...
  3. S

    Selling  2 starters - Luna, Baal and Angelica (account1) and Dizzy&Violet (account2)

    First Account: Luna (level 34) Baal&Sezan (level 29) Angelica (level 36) Rank 17 10 Moonlight Bookmarks Story - 4-2 Linked to a Stove account, name unchangeable $15 F&F Second Account: Dizzy (level 50) Violet (level 47) Rank 27 Story - Just finished Shrieking Hall. 286 Skystones, no bookmarks...
  4. R

    Buying  WTB Luna , Bellona , Cermia account

    Has to include all three above , Preferably with decent to good artifacts I don’t mind early to end game Good if Angelica or Karin is in as well . Pay by PayPal
  5. H

    Cheap Luna account for sale +more 5 stars (Angelica etc)

    Hello. selling my spare account for 15usd. Have Luna, Angelica, Iseria and more. Verified with random email i generated, so i will give with the email for log in purposes.
  6. Y

    Global end game account for SALE

    Dizzy. Luna. Bellona. Cermia. Kise. Angelica. Krau. D corvus. Sigret. Teneberia. Iseria. Assassin coli. Guided aither. Most of 4* units like achates clarissa. Rose. Armin. Karim. Korvus. Most of those with duplicates. Hi all. Due to personal circumstances I have decided to sell my beloved...
  7. A

    [GLOBAL] LVL60 Cheap Mid game account with Luna

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my account since I no longer have time to play so I was looking to sell it cheap. Account level 60 5 Stars - Luna, Kise, Cermia, Aramintha, Iseria, Kayron , Sigret, etc... 4 Stars - Angelica, Cidd, Dominiel, Schuri, Fluri, Karin, Zerato, ML Silk, etc... Maxed...
  8. S

    Selling  Global End Game account ML Baal& Sezan and ML Ken+ 4 limited units

    6* ML Ken ML Baal& Sezan, Zeno(SSS), Cermia, Diene Luna, Bellona, Tamarrine(B), Ravi, Vildred, Assasin Coli, Shadow Rose(B), Angelica, Clarissa(A) 5* Dizzy(2), Baiken, Sol(2), Violet, Iseria, Kayron, Yufine(2), ML 4* Kitty Clarissa, Wanderer Silk(2), Guider Aither(SSS), Watched Schuri, Fighter...
  9. J

    SOLD  [GL] End-Game Bellona, Tama, Luna, C.Armin + more, 220k+ cp, $75 obo

    Selling my global end-game account. Linked to stove through dummy gmail (provided) Abyss 80 Auto Wyvern11 27 Molas 20+ days left on Daily skystones pack Nat 5* Chars: Bellona Luna Tamarinne Yufine Kise Kayron Destina Sigret Yuna Cecilia Ravi Sol Ml 4*: C.Armin G. Aither W. Schuri Angelica +...
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    SOLD  Global 21 ML heroes account 178k cp. Luna+Diene+13 nat 5s great units

    133 leafs 21 ML units 14 nat 5s 34 nat 4s For more screens and price discussion add me on discord rudmajstr#8923
  11. D

    SOLD  10$ Luna, Kise, Iseria, Haste, Angelica, ML Mercedes.

    Selling this personal account: GLOBAL ACCOUNT 1 - Unlinked STOVE account. 2 - Nickname is already set, but it's in english and it's a nice one. 3 - Did 10-10. 4 - Abyss up to 9, Labyrinth gear almost collected. Main characters Luna, Kise, Iseria, Haste, Angelica ML Mercedes and General...
  12. A

    Selling  [EU][PC] Destiny 2 Account Including Forsaken

    3 Characters All DLCs except for Annual Pass Luna's Howl Godrolled PvP weapons Ace of Spades Whisper of The Worm PvP Exotic armor pieces And much more! DM for price and more information, it'll be a great price I promise! Discord: Apple#0240
  13. S

    Selling  [Global] ML Ara | ML Ken | Baiken | Luna | ML Rin | 9 nat 5* endgame acc

    Eight 6* total: ML Ken ML ara Tamarinne Luna Kise Angelica Cidd Vildred Other noteable ML units: Kitty Clarissa, A Coli, ML Silk, C Lorina, BB Karin, ML Rin All other noteable units can be seen in imgur album. For resources: 20 leifs and 310 bookmarks atm. Still playing on the account so this...
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    SOLD  Global ML Ara+ Luna+ iseria+Lidica starter account 10-10

    Selling Global Unlinked account 10-10 cleared Good English name Stove UNLINKED Ml Aramintha Luna Iseria Lidica Add me on discord for more info and offers Good price. rudmajstr#8923
  15. G

    SOLD  Luna/Baiken/Kise/Angelica/Lidica account Unlinked

    Price: 49$ Account is unlinked. Also has Sol, Sez, Ludwig, and Celestial Mercedes SSS. Pm me for further details. Account is still mid game. Discord: TheFlash23#4289
  16. J

    Selling  Global high end account ML Ken (S) + Luna (SSS) + diene and many more nat 5s

    Selling Global account been active since week two of Global launch. Accepting PayPal only or middleman service at your expense if preferred. My discord is Jets#5241 if you have questions regarding the account or payment. I have posted a few screenshots of the rarer heroes below (imgur link)...
  17. R

    SOLD  Global Ml ken+ ml kitty clarissa+ ml mercedes+ great nat 5s Dizzy and her arti

    Selling my main global account. Stove linked(will provide full access) Good English name Main features ML Ken 6 star Luna 6 stars Super combo Tamarinne 6* and Iseria 5 stars Lidica, Charles and Sol 5 stars DIZZY and her artifact! ML units: ML Ken Kitty Clarissa Celestial Mercedes SC...
  18. I

    Selling  Luna, Destina, Basar, Sez and Iseria - Unlinked / changeable name 10-10

    the ML from 10-10 was Wanda For more questions, feel free to message me on here or on discord; Gaia#8435 Looking for €30 or a copy of Mordhau on steam <3 love you guys gl hf I will not be going first.
  19. C

    SOLD  Epic 7 Global Account 5Star ml Chole Luna,Diene,Tamarine 5*x20and 9 ml 4 Star

    Hello. in account have 19* 5 Star Hero -ML Chole -Destina -Zeno(SSS) -Diene -Bellona -Tamarinne -Luna -Sez -Kise -Sol -Cermia -Violet(x2) -Ludwig -Aramintha -Ken -Lidica -Ravi -Charlotte -Cecilia(x2) -Yuna 4 star and ML(9 4Star ML) - Challenger Dominiel (6 star awaken) - Angelica(6 Star awaken)...
  20. I

    SOLD  Quitting the game🔥 GLOBAL Legit ML Ken, C. Dom, Luna, obtainable Baiken

    Okay. I am selling my main account and quitting this game for good. Too much grinding for me. Also I am more of a waifu type of person so getting a ML Ken was actually a bummer for me. But he is incredibly strong so you can never go wrong with him (must be in a tank position obviously!)...