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  1. Question about trade guardian

    Hi, I have a buyer who wants to pay me in 3 install payments as they only get a certain amount of money per month for a genshin account I'm selling. I was wondering if it's possible for me to give my account to the middleman to hold onto until the buyer finishes off paying for the account?
  2. how long does it take

    I am planning on buying an account using my bank account(checking). My question is to the buyers or ppl that have used their bank as a payment method is the payment instant or does it take some time? Plan on using MM and would rather not make them wait long when making the transaction.
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  4. How to transfer ownership?

    Hello, I am looking to sell an account but before I do I want to make sure I know the correct way to transfer ownership in a safe and permanent way. The account is linked to my google play account and I cannot give away that acc as I use it for other games. any info is appreciated either in pm...
  5. Help

    Can any midman act as trade guardian on my first trade? because the guy who is buying my account cant verify his number here, So I need a midman that would hold my account and his money like trade guardian does.Paying with TG rate too
  6. Selling  [BR] Diamond 4 - Emerald 3

    selling my account with 63/86 heroes 25 skins 2 complete passes Cosmetic of almost all events Region Brazil, great to smurf. Contact us for more information. Whatsapp +5594992590880
  7. False accusation

    The guy posted that I was a scammer but I’m not he took my money and the account after he sold it to me. I posted the proof on the warn about scammers please check and remove it asap pleas and thank you. Please read Feedback Dispute Rules first...
  8. Can middle man do installment payments.

    I have a buyer that cannot afford the full price of the account right now, but i said it was okay and we could set up installment. Would that work?
  9. I'm selling an apex account but idk how

    Im looking to sell my apex account that is on playstation but I have no idea how to do it, any advice / tips?
  10. MM payment problems

    I tried credit card, amazon pay n nothing goes well. When it comes w my card it says declined n amazon is just Oops! We ran into some problems. People may know how sensitive the credit cards can be if u keep trying, it will result into a block. If there's any verified middleman that can take...
  11. How to avoid being scammed?

    Hi everyone! I plan on using EPICNPC to purchase an Apex Legends account and my question was for those of you who have successfully purchased an Apex account before. What steps do I need to take to avoid being scammed or having the account taken back from me 2,3,4, etc. weeks from now...
  12. I Can't Find My Saved Draft

    At first i was busy so i saved my draft and when i come i didn't find my draft. So i created a new thread and here is the warning, what can i do
  13. does anyone know how to report a scammer?

    i got my main account scammed off me, leaving me with no account. i'd like to report the scammer, due to the fact that i'm now unable to play genshin whatsoever. unfortunately, i don't know how to report them :') if someone could help, that would be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance <3
  14. Selling  Help me value my account.

    Have an End Game account with lots of 1s 4 stars, a Mikage, a Kyoko and a Mami with 2s, a full campaign, and full spirit enhancement for most of the 4 stars and want to know it's estimated value cause I'm thinking of selling it. I've had a terrible couple of months and could use the money.
  15. Ugh why is my max threads changing? omg

    Ugh why are you guys changing my max # of threads i had this issue a few weeks ago, and it was solved. Here is what happened: i bought credits (1,375) only to increase buy extra threads. Otherwise i wouldn't have bought any. i actually asked for refund because i wasn't able to increase my...
  16. I Cancelled transaction and MM didn't give me my account back.

    I canceled the transaction due to the buyer ghosting me. I never got paid, and the buyer never got the account. The MM had already received my account and changed the email and password, thus I cannot log back into my account I never sold. I got a refund for the MM fee but didn't get back my...
  17. I have been scammed

    Information ###################### Purchase Date:17/12/21 Date the problem began:18/12/21 Method of Contact Used (chat program): discord and epic chat Instant Messenger username of the person you're accusing: [PRINCEPETTY] Your Instant Messenger ID:Calhog Other information: I got logged out of...
  18. User scammed me i need help

    Information ###################### Purchase Date:24/11 Date the problem began:24:11 Method of Contact Used (chat program): Chat of epicnpc, discord Instant Messenger username of the person you're accusing: iLuke, luke#9398 Your Instant Messenger ID: Salsicha#4533 Other information: He scammed...
  19. sticky thread dissapearing suddenly

    hi admin there , i just got incident with my sticky thread please help me , already buy two times the sticky ads on the same game :( but both dissapear ,i just want the 3 month one to replace the old one heres the story about it i have buy two times sticky thread ad the same game list And i...
  20. just got scammed by a seller on here , and im left with a 50euro flexepin voch

    nvm the flexepin voucher was even used ...:(
  21. scammer/need help

    im not sure if theyre from epicnpc but i think they are because they just randomly friended me without mutuals. Their user is RIMURU#0102 and they scammed me while trading. They somehow changed the email and password without even sending the code. Please i need help of how to get the account back.
  22. Need help with Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross account

    I have a personal (high end) account in 7DS Grand Cross. It is linked to everything possible, I am looking for someone experienced with Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross selling or a middleman who maybe can help me on how to sell this account. At the moment I just need to chat with someone who can...
  23. Pending MM

    Hey so couple hours ago I made a trade guardian for a item transaction number #45696 that I wanted both parties have already accepted and I have paid the fee I just wanted to know if a middle man might be able to assist me ive been waiting a while and i would really appreciate it. Appreciate...
  24. SOLD  780k All limited characters, left todoroki, 45 chards

    all limited characters, several ss, ochaco sss almost on sss+, missing only todoroki who has 45 fragments and the acid girl. Endeavor, hawks, shigaraki, all might, stain, aizawa, several cards 6*, among the top 10 on server 105, dummy gmail linked only to the game
  25. got scammed

    1 Hour Ago I got scammed by this guy on discord that pretend to trade with me another genshin account. I only have a proof and his discord id Gokou#8340