Wts: Sota account tax free village lot w/items, skills & gold $600


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Due to some unforeseen life issues cropping up I am having to get rid of several of my gaming accounts. One of them is Shroud of the Avatar (www.shroudoftheavatar.com) which includes a fairly new character with approx. 50k gold, cloth armor that is for Necromancy (Death magic attuned), +12 Necromancy Wand, many crafting materials to get you started, and a set of Leather armor with Maple Long bow for archery (Archery is currently working on passive skills but has all attacks unlocked). Some of the Crafting skill tree's have been unlocked up to the second tier as well, and a few to third.

This account also includes the following:


The Lot, to include village basement 1 floor, is currently setup in the Player Owned Town known as Fallin' Green which is part of the Baren's Reach guild. The only things that the account currently doesn't have are the Butterly decorationals and Elder Elven armor, though there are 5 patterns for each piece still available. There is also a bed, torch, some candles, and a Wooden Storage Chest in the Elven Village Home along with some misc. things that I kept and added while playing.

Current market value for the account blank slate is $574, due to having spent time and worked on the character skills and accumulated the 50K gold I would like to get about $600 for the account as there is still plenty of XP Pool left to do with as you please.

Paypal or Money Transfer / Wire.....serious offers / inquires

Questions welcome, will get some photo's as soon as I can.


To see the items and list of stuff with this offer please see linke for imgur.

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