Selling Multiboxing using GPU passthrough + tweaks

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Offering a method which can be used to multibox in various games (theoretically all).
This method is meant for games where anti-cheat (like EAC) or other stuff prevents a typical VM (like VMWare) to run using its own graphics driver.

Requirements to run:
- Windows 10 Pro (activated)
- Enough space on your Disk. (~20 GB for the VM + size of the program you intend to run) per VM
- Generally 2 - 3 GB of RAM, can be more if the program is resource heavy.

Certainly, I am not able to tell for every game myself that it works perfectly.
Each game also has different hardware requirements.
Due to this, I am obviously able to refund the purchase, as long as proof of the given issues are being provided.

The setup is quite easy.
I am providing a pre-setup VM which just needs to imported.
After that I am guiding step by step to the last necessary steps. (Generally doesnt take longer than 20 to 30 minutes, can be faster however)

What you'll end up is a VM that can be cloned as many time as you want, and therefor allows you to run x VMs at the same time (only limitation being your hardware / server hardware)

Method is up for a fixed 25 Euro one-time payment via Paypal F&F (easiest way to refund if needed)

Interested or want to know more?
Hmu here on EpicNPC or contact me via Discord: Ollowain#1352

Looking forward to hear from anyone.