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  1. Selling  Multiboxing using GPU passthrough + tweaks

    Heya! Offering a method which can be used to multibox in various games (theoretically all). This method is meant for games where anti-cheat (like EAC) or other stuff prevents a typical VM (like VMWare) to run using its own graphics driver. Requirements to run: - Windows 10 Pro (activated) -...
  2. SOLD  Ideal MB setup (6 Endgame Accounts) - Enf/Doc/Crat/Keep/Trad/Engi

    Hello, I have to offer an MB setup, that contains 6 fully equipped toons, ideal to do any content except s42 (can do apf/Ipand/totw/subway/poh without any issues) The setup: - All toons are max lvl - All toons have alpha symb setups (occasional implants/EOEs) - 3 ACDC's - Each toon has endgame...

    Info Removed to Protect Buyers.
  4. Selling  Multiboxing in ArcheAge Unchained

    Heya. Offering a way to safely multibox in ArcheAge Unchained. This wont disconnect you because of EAC. The mentioned method is using VM's, therefor u need good enough specs to run at least one. (its nothing crazy tho) Requirements to run: - Windows 10 Pro (activated) - Enough space on your...
  5. Selling  Multiboxing setup and configuration + Fresh accounts

    Hello. Are you tired on playing with one character while there are guys running Heroics and 10s by themselves? Well those days are gone! Contact me for information and pricing regarding the setup, uses and examples of multi-boxing I can provide along with a short tutoring session available to...
  6. Selling  wts mage priest paladin Nethergarde Keep alliance

    server Nethergarde Keep alliance bad gear 50-55 green blue 60 lvl human mage 187.16 WMZ 60 lvl human mage 187.16 WMZ 60 lvl human paladin 204.18 WMZ 60 lvl human priest 187.16 WMZ 60 lvl human mage 187.16 WMZ discord Jeka #1201
  7. Buying  Warlocks/Priests/Druids on Warmane Icecrown server.

    Looking to purchase a few of each so if you have them laying around dont hesitate to give me a shout! Also if your account is a donor that would be a huge PLUS! Message me here or PM me. Discord = Nockie#5938 Currently buying; 5x Warlock 3x Priest 9x Druid 1x Warrior 2x Shaman 5x Hunter
  8. Selling  10 Accouts / 56 Chars Merged Account - Multibox Accounts

    Hi Peepz :o:o:o, As on the added register.funcom pic wich i added you can see that accounts are frozen. Selling my 10 Accounts with 60 chars inside, wich are ai armor whise/quest and perfect skillingwhise, perfectly done and ready to use for PVM/PVP 220 Doc/Enf/Keep/Solja/Fixer/2xCrat/Engi 210...
  9. Selling  Selling icecrown gem factory! Transmute masters! Read post for more info!

    Hey there! My friend and I are selling our accounts(he is having 4 of them, and I'm having another 10). Each of those accounts are filled with leveled up transmute masters, so that should be 10 transmute CD's daily on each(and 10+ gems most likely). Most of them have one of each of the...