Selling 10 Accouts / 56 Chars Merged Account - Multibox Accounts


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Hi Peepz :eek::eek::eek:,

As on the added register.funcom pic wich i added you can see that accounts are frozen. Selling my 10 Accounts with 60 chars inside, wich are ai armor whise/quest and perfect skillingwhise, perfectly done and ready to use for PVM/PVP

220 Doc/Enf/Keep/Solja/Fixer/2xCrat/Engi
210 NT x5
201 Agent
200 Doc/NT
175 Agent x6
160 Crat x6
150 Doc/Enf/Keep/Solja/Fixer/Crat/Engi
95 Agent x6
65 Enforcer x6
15 Agent x6

150$ for all those accounts are enough for me only taking bank payment (since price is really low you have to pay fee), for any other Questions please toss me a tell..