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:D Thanks for checking out my post and I hope you find it interesting. ;)

As much as I will miss the game, the time has come for me to walk away:(. I can no longer afford the time to play with multiple kids and I need the money to help pay for their medical bills (I started playing with 0 kids). Please do NOT waste my time or yours if you are not serious about making a deal. I have played GGE on this one account for 8-12 hours a day, almost every day for over 2 years. This is an opportunity for a new or existing player to vault straight to the highest levels of the game and I need to move on with my life. The only way to get an account at this level is to spend $$ thousands of dollars, thousands of hours playing, or find someone willing to sell you an account and eat the loss for you. This deal will be final and what you do with the account is entirely up to you once you own it. My guess is if you're reading this you are a serious gamer in general or very knowledgeable about GGE.

I have played GGE on this one account for 8-12 hours+ a day, almost every day for over 2 years. This is one of the top accounts on the USA1 server (top server in the game) in one of the PREMIER alliances in the game by a wide range of metrics. I will give you some stats / facts and would be happy to further clarify questions you may have with private message or email. If you understand this game you will know what these acronyms are and if you don't you probably shouldn't be buying an account like this. The account will come with millions of coins and tens of thousands of rubies, thousands of armorer tools for attack and defense and tens of thousands of resource tools spread across all locations for looting / milk runs. For anonymity sake, I will use larger group sizes but do not assume that this account is at the lower end of ranges given....

Achievement Rankings

Achievement Points: Top 200
Power: Top 300
Honor: Top 300
Legendary Level: Top 1000


There are literally hundreds of combinations you could make with the full armory of upgraded legendary and special event pieces, but my standard configuration has at least SIX (6) 90 melee / 90 ranged commanders + bonuses, 3-5 max speed bonus commanders, a couple max loot commanders, burn commander, etc etc. I also have several commanders with >100% up to max wall reduction bonus (120%) for hitting RBCs. Basically you can max any attack metric you want or just crush your unfortunate target everywhere at the same time with 90/90 hits:mad:. There are also many high level gem and hero bonuses to play with.


Every castellan is a 90 melee/90 ranged bonus + bonuses including a spare for the Storm Islands. You can also mix and match pieces to create a monster cast, or different specialties like full fire reduction, gate, moat, wall, etc. You can literally defend every castle, kingdom, OP, and RV with 90/90 defense simultaneously with this equipment if you were to be massed at every location (and wanted to defend them all haha)

PO / Food etc.

You can obviously vastly increase production by activating various Overseers, Premium mode, hunting lodge, etc. so I will give default deco / PO bonuses by range (again, do not assume the low end of range). These include the population loss. Assume that all outer kingdoms have the max # of RVs or very close. Max food rvs everywhere.

Main: greater than 7600 @ 275 percent plus
Average for Three shiny Food OPs (8 farms (now granaries) at 100 percent production): > 7,620 at 274 percent
Average for Outer Kingdoms (Ice, Sand, Fire): roughly 6,000 at 255 percent

There are also many maxed RBC towers in all outer kingdoms to generate unlimited coins and feed massive troop counts if that's how you roll. Or, you can put this account on coast and still house significant troops with large production of all resources to do with what you wish. This account is in good standing, has no fires anywhere, thousands of attack and defense troops, high loot rankings every week, etc... everything you would expect from a top level active ruby player.


Account may be worth thousands of dollars and I know it is worth many hundreds of dollars based on previous transactions in this space, but it's ultimately worth what someone will pay for it. You tell me what you are ready to pay for it and we'll go from there. Please don't waste my time or yours.

:)Thanks for taking a look and good gaming.:)