1. Selling  GGE Top Tier Rubi Account, 19M Power, LL 950,

    DM me on Discord or here for more Informations GGESeller#5116 Also we can talk about the Price
  2. Selling  GGE INT1 Lvl 70 / 150 40$

    Selling my account in Int1 server. It's lvl 70 / 150 and has: - 17k food production on main -Tons of utilities -Maxed Bakery -Tons of equipment -Cool commanders for events -2 8Food ops Price is 40$ I can accept with crypto (Ltc) or with middleman (But I don't know the system much)
  3. LVL 65 account| with ruby mine(80,000 rubies left)| $10 USD

    Hi, LVL 65 account with ruby mine(80000 RUBIES) 5 million coins all troop research done 1000 rubies there are 3 +90% commanders and 2 +80% castellians 1000 demon horror troops more than 50k samurai tokens more than 50k khan tablets dragon skin for main castle INDIA 1 server tired of gaming...
  4. Selling  My 70-258 GGE account selling

    Hey, Im interested in selling great account on INT2 spent lot of time in it, its time to move on.
  5. Selling  Selling 8 level 70 EFK accounts CHEAP! (US1)

    I'm selling 8 different Empire Four Kingdoms accounts, all of which are above level 70. Most of the accounts are in the legendary level ~200 range, but some are less and some more. One account is lvl 500. Many of the accounts have over 100k rubies. Price is negotiable and depends on legendary...
  6. Selling  Lvl 70 64 legendary - super acc & full ruby tools 2-3 months played int1

    Lvl 70 64 legendary - super acc & full ruby tools 2-3 months played int1 Hi i am selling my account lvl 70 64 Legendary in INT1 I haven't played for the last 5 months and i have been in protection all the time, played only for 2-3 months. Server: Int1 Power: 200k power points, btw i am...
  7. Selling USA 1 Accounts. All lvl 70

    I have several accounts on USA1 I no longer need so im selling them. All prices are negotiable and paid only by paypal. #1 Lvl 70 leg lvl 53 Khan armor, decent equipment, 3 6 food ops mostly built. All lvl 8 bakeries, all lvl 3 stables. All kingdoms open. 1.7 mil coins. 300 rubies. Currently...
  8. SOLD  Selling "mini" ruby whale goodgame empire account usa1 lvl 70

    Farewell GGE Selling my Level 70//Legendary 340+//Hall of Legends 160+ All Castles and Outposts have the following: lv 10 Watch Towers lv 10 Military Hospital lv 5 Drill Ground lv 3 stables lv 2 or higher Construction Crane lv 2 or higher Masterbuilder lv 2 or higher Firestation lv 8...
  9. Selling  Selling my level 70 (three month old account)-(USA1 server) Good Game Empire

    Selling account Lv.70 Legendary lv.5 >140+K Might Points (Power points) 224K Glory Points (King _insert name_ The Honorable) +Main Castle >245% Public order and increasing >Bakery Lv. 3 and Drill ground Lv.2 >Watch Tower lv. 5, Master Builder, and Imperial Hunting Lodge Lv. 1 >16...
  10. Selling  GGE empire US-1 lvl 70 account for sale

    Reply for details, $100, well worth it, fully upgraded castle, maxed towers, great castles and good ruby buildings.
  11. Selling: Goodgame empire account or sale

    Haven't had time to play,and looking to my GGE accounts. over 5 million rubies put into it, level 70+3, ruby buildings and ruby deco's. Server:Usa1 Price: $50 or just make me an offer IGN- ~Duke~ Lots of good commanders/castellens, I can post stats to the Also have a Asia1 account with...
  12. Looking to buy GGE account

    Looking to buy a good game empire account level 50+ Prefer some ruby items. Post your accounts for sale below and a price. Or you can email me:<removed>
  13. Goodgame Empire account Super Commander

    Letting a level 70 super commander account with 3 outposts with all festivals in them and all festivals at main,as well as thousands of armorer tools all for 200$..E-mail me at [email protected] for questions as a given I will give password for email account as well
  14. mid-level GoodGame Empire account, strong compared to its level (advantage)

    Mid-level GoodGame Empire account (US server) for sale, fit for a peaceful player (non-player attacks mostly). It's strong compared to its level, which is quite an advantage. See details at:
  15. mid-level GoodGame Empire account on sale

    Mid-level GoodGame Empire account (US server) for sale, fit for a peaceful player (non-player attacks mostly). See details at:

    :D Thanks for checking out my post and I hope you find it interesting. ;) As much as I will miss the game, the time has come for me to walk away:(. I can no longer afford the time to play with multiple kids and I need the money to help pay for their medical bills (I started playing with 0...