Selling USA 1 Accounts. All lvl 70

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I have several accounts on USA1 I no longer need so im selling them. All prices are negotiable and paid only by paypal.

Lvl 70 leg lvl 53
Khan armor, decent equipment, 3 6 food ops mostly built. All lvl 8 bakeries, all lvl 3 stables. All kingdoms open.
1.7 mil coins. 300 rubies. Currently holding soldiers-mostly defense.
Price: $40

Lvl 70 leg lvl 35
Berimond armor sets along with several 90/90 and event commanders (90 ranged wall reduction), 3 8 food ops close together. 2 have lvl 5 flour mills. 2 have lvl 8 bakeries, other is lvl 6. all have lvl 3 stables. 3 mil coins. 6k rubies. PO in all ops is excellent.
Price: $75

#3 lvl 70 leg lvl 239
Tons of unique equipments, 3 8 food ops with good po, lvl 8 bakeries, lvl 3 stables. all have lvl 4 flour mills. 300k coins, 1.3k rubies. nearly full set of ice rvs.
Price: $100

If you have any question or would like screenshots please email me at
[email protected]