ruby account

  1. Buying  WTB NA any Server Whale Flame Account

    Hello! I am looking to buy an NA whale flame team. Mainly looking for C3-6 Lin and a c6 Ruby. Payment through Paypal F&F or Wise
  2. Selling  Ice & Fire & Volt comps 7.2 Suppressors

    $400 (paypal, busd, bnb, pix, picpay) Server Tanzanite FC 60k+ Suppressors 7.2 (FC 64k) Crit 10k+ ATK 15k+ Traits samir 4k / tsubasa 4k / ruby 4k / Frigg 4k DC 6090 Season 1 pass collector full Season 2 pass collector full Season 3 pass active collector 16 days monthly supply slot 1 ice slot 2...
  3. AP Fate | 5* Ruby / 10 SSR / Month Pass / Collector's Edition Pass| 40usd

    (photo) English is not my native language please understand lol leave me comment if you want to know more info about this account you can check account on discord, also I can show you my payment record of this account I can use the trustap for the trading (new user now) Paypal is prefered...
  4. Buying  EU server only wuth Ruby 3 stars or more

    It must also have a lot of dark crystals and/or red nucleus(altogether at least 180 pulls). Budget : 100€(including tax and mm fee)
  5. Selling  NA Blumous starter ruby + samir

    Server : Blumous + EU Female MC You Can Change Gender! Gold Nucleus x2 Red Nucleus x4 Black Gold : 48 Flame Gold : 15 Pity Standar : 21 Pity Limited : 42 Dark Crystals 770 Log With Gmail + Twitter Dummy
  6. SOLD  Want to sell Ruby account

    I want to sell my Dual Universe Ruby(Lifetime and Physical Perks) account with two Beta Keys.
  7. Buying  Looking for well built accounts on US1

    Currently I am interested in buying a decently built account on the US 1 server. What I am looking for: Well built castles Good amount of tools Really good commanders (for example, a bloodcrow or ruby commander) If you have something you could sell me that fits this description, please...
  8. Selling  9 lvl70 accounts alliance (2 ruby lvl 211/147 accs)

    selling on INTERNATIONAL 1 Server , alliance with : 55 member capacity , 360% support speed 100% barrow speed 75% attack speed , 1.5 mil rubies and 16 mil of each coins/stone/wood 9 accounts are lvl 70 with decent production some quite developed 2 of those were heavily active for over 2 years...
  9. Selling  GGE empire US-1 lvl 70 account for sale

    Reply for details, $100, well worth it, fully upgraded castle, maxed towers, great castles and good ruby buildings.

    :D Thanks for checking out my post and I hope you find it interesting. ;) As much as I will miss the game, the time has come for me to walk away:(. I can no longer afford the time to play with multiple kids and I need the money to help pay for their medical bills (I started playing with 0...