Selling I sell account with nine characters and elite status until December 28, 2018

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I sell this account tier 6, my account contains a full damage Valkyrie innerwear +12 power, with Phoenix 1.5 and Dragon 2.0 skilled in hh, an archer all over SC + 6 innerwear +24crit, with marrow Brooch Dragon 1.5 and 2.0, skilled in HH. A warrior with all SC + 2 innerwear +12power. A Slayer with the weapon SC + 2 and the rest twishard innerwear +24 crit. The remaining characters are all twishard. In the bank now I have 230k and 130 elemental essence, I entered all the photos and to finish the elite that will expire on 28 December of 2018.I have Master's in alchemy, weapon and armor. With all the recipes.The server is NA, Tempest reach The price is 900 dollars

If you are interested contact me in discord:iRoLF#0695​
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