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  1. Selling  Warrior SA Server 80k+ CP LvL75

    - 2 Red Pets: Biyoho and Whaley - Good Codex Progress - Redmoon Valley acessible For more details and insights, please contact trough Discord: Iridescent#4561 PRICE USD$1000
  2. Selling  EU Dreadnaught SoM Level 40 Orc Warrior starter account

    Price 70€ Send me a message if you have any questions here or on Disc Jaffakeks#6039 Original owner of the account Fake name on Battlenet Server Dreadnaught EU 150/225 Mining 210/225 First Aid Tons of ores for BS or Engi in bank ( Copper/Bronze/Iron ) 20 gold in bags Whirlwind Axe quest...
  3. Selling  DT Orc Warrior p2 Att. !Cheap

    Transfer Available(PVP), Fake Name Active Game Time Asking $237 OBO PP F/F or BTC Deep Thunder, 234 Res PVP gear, PVE Gear for Arms, Prot, and Fury Normal Flying Mount Around 7k Honor and 774 Arena points to spend SSC Attuned! just need mag for TK attunement
  4. Trading  WTS Duelist Arms Warrior 2k Shoulders, T5 Boomie/resto Druid & Mage 3 accounts

    Account 1: S1 Duelist Arms, was 2600 Personal this season, has 3/5 merc + war edge and all off pieces, 400 arena points currently Full Fury set with Dragonmaw, spiteblade Full arms set with Stormherald or Gorehowl Full tank set with 13k hp unbuffed PVP set has 360 resil can get 400 All attunes...
  5. Selling  US (SOM) 60 lvl warrior and shammy Jom gabbar

    Hello ther wts shammy and warrior lvl 60 accounts are handmade by my team Account coming with Fake name and original email Price negatiable For more info feel free me here or at discord: Akkies#9174
  6. Selling  Gladiator Warrior 243 ilvl - Unchained Gladiator's mount in bags - Character

    Gladiator Warrior / Kyrian / Renown 79 / ilvl 243 Unchained Gladiator's mount in bags Legendarys 235: Elysian Might BAG MOUNT (bag) GEAR SAFE ARMORY: https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/character/6196bad1edc38 PAYMENT METHOD: PAYPAL
  7. Selling  Hume F - Master lvl. 20 x6 | REMA x18 | Augmented Odyssey | Top tier DD/tank

    Original Owner! All Info! Server Transfer Ready! Account Hacked: No Account Stolen: No Account Recalled: No Account Banned: No Account Warnings: No Missions Mercenary Rank: Captain! Bastok Rank: 6 Rise of the Zilart: 14 Ark Angels (Divine Might) Chains of Promathia: 8-1 Garden of Antiquity...
  8. Buying Warrior 70 level with R14 or R13

    Hello, I want to buy warrior level 70 with at least phase 1 gear or pvp gear. I want to have it blacksmithing. I would be really happy for r14 but i am okay if it doesnt have it. please send me your offers.. Thank you
  9. GamezBD EU 728GS Ninja/Striker/Debo/Vell/Pen fallen lord/150fs

    GameZBD Account on EU Server -DETAILS- 50 days of Premium Membership This Account Include E-mail 150FS Characters 66 Ninja (tagged with Striker) 66 Striker 65 Warrior 66 Guardian 65 Hashasin Accessories - PEN Moonlit Deboreka Necklace - PEN Clouded Eye of Ruins rings x2 - PEN Dawn...
  10. Buying  WTB R14 warrior EU on level 70 with some gear

    Hello, I would like to buy human male warrior with R14 title or at least R13... with some nice pve and pvp gear and BS/ mining. Doest have to be bis but at least p1 gear :)... Send me your offers pls :)
  11. Horde 70 warrior/warlock geared $450 BARGAIN

    Account uses fake email and name - You will have full ownership XFER AVAILABLE - PVP SERVER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70 Tauren Warrior 4/5 S1 arena 4/5 T4 (fury) 2/5 T4 (prot) - legs/gloves...
  12. Selling  Selling High-End BDO Account 400$ 290 AP Kutum

    Helping a Friend 500$ Payment through GCash or bank account. Much better from ph so we can transfer the account personally. Non-Steam Account w/ yahoo mail included. SEA SERVER Created on March 9, 2018 Casual Player RFS: QUITTING Main Character: Warrior LVL 62 Armors: Pen Heve Change To TET...
  13. Selling  Selling account with bis warrior on blackrock realm

    Hello everyone, I would like to sell my account on warmane server (blackrock realm). Bis arms/prot/fury warrior with many cool mounts for a fair price. If you are interested contact me on ZageDycron#6124.
  14. Selling  SOLD!

    I will sell the account together with the mail (NA steam) Full recovery codes for 100% safety Almost full BIS ready to grind in any endgame spot Ready to reroll with coupons Either sage or warrior ready Payment by paypal only f&f We can use MM services PRICE 300€ negotiable Already sold and...
  15. SOLD  Benediction Fully BIS prot tauren Warrior w/fury/arms/PvP/resists+p1 shaman

    150G++ Included PM if you're interested, im always open to negotiate a good price You can always dm me on discord: cobracr#4520(we verify trough epicnpc messages) I can accept: Crypto, Zelle, PayPal (Only F&F) Arcane resist gear 400+ included Nature resist gear 300+ included 212 resil gear...
  16. SOLD  NA Full PVP Female Human Warrior

    US PVP Human Female Warrior PVP - transfer up. ( will probably be FREE transfer enabled off low pop server in a few weeks according to blizz) 375 BS Deep Thunder Full S2 Offset and Full PVP Armor, Merciless Helm - Rest S1 Gladiator wowhead link pve tank gear: https://tinyurl.com/7tfhzfw5 pvp...
  17. Selling  WTS Tera NA account Warrior main +12

    WTS Tera NA account Warrior main +12 with end game ready (ilvl 517.0) Warrior alt +12/10/12/6 dm me on discord for more [email protected]: ayie#3337
  18. SOLD  EU 249ilvl Rogue( 2414RİO), Warlock, Druid, DH, Mage, Warrior- 2x262ilvl lgnd

    EU 249ilvl Rogue( 2414RİO), Warlock, Druid, DH, Mage, Warrior- 2x262ilvl lgendary, +Thunderfury +++200$ + MM or u go first paypal family and friends. ++ *** or etc site payment options. Discord: eseruyar#2458 Kık: eseruyar skype eseruyar83 Game Time: 6 Dec 2021 Expiration Date SL Keymaster...
  19. Buying  70 PVP Geared Orc or Tauren Warrior - DT/Stormherald

    Wanting to buy an at minimum s1 geared Orc or Tauren Warrior with either Deep Thunder or Stormherald. Price is negotiable. Can contact here to begin with, thank you.
  20. Buying  WTB Cheap Tank on NA server Allosaurus

    Looking to buy a cheap tank on the NA server Allosaurus. Around $20-$30 Let me know what you have! Thank you!