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  1. G

    Selling  Netherwing Warrior 60lvl! [H]

    Selling tauren warrior 60lvl with 60% mount and 100g+. Hand leveled, comes with original email. Price 85$. Comes with original email. For additional info add on skype: leon.sitnik
  2. L

    Selling 70 lvl Gnome Warrior Netherwing TBC

    Продажа 70-го уровня Гном-воительница Пустоты Крыла Атлантиды TBC - езда 225 - Кузнечное дело 367 - Горное дело 375 - Первая помощь 375 ПВП снаряжение Почти полное погашение чести - великий маршал блюза (2/5) + Боевой козел искривления (2/5) + Боевой клан гладиатора (1/5) + медальон Альянса...
  3. AccountShark.net

    Selling  412 Warrior | 6x Glad | 1x Rank 1 | 8/9 Mythic | Elite PvP | HWL | Mage Tower

    Armory (Click to View): 412 Warrior Progression: 8/8 Mythic Uldir 8/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor Champions of Azeroth - Exalted Talanji's Expedition - Exalted The Honorbound - Exalted Tortollan Seekers - Exalted Voldunai - Exalted Zandalari Empire - Exalted Notable Items & Transmog: Heart...
  4. D

    Selling  [OO] 411 Lock, 411 DK, 407 Monk, Magetower skins...more inside

    Original owner looking to sell complete mythic to mythic ready account with mage tower vanity https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/df641af72fc189c5e8a43bb5fbe9da17 411 lock 5/9M( King Rasta achievement) 43 Heart BiS Traits for all 3 specs ,400 Balefire branch, magetower skins for all 3...
  5. K

    Selling  414 High End Horde War

    Iam selling 414 high end horde war for more info add my skype Warcross live price: 259 euro using trusted middle man so i can go first np https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/dd2e73f2408360d7b6e62c44e3bee69f Have a nice day :)
  6. H

    Selling  Warmane, Icecrown BiS PvP Ret Paladin 6.8k gs with Shadowmourne

    Selling my Human Paladin 6.8k gs PvP ret. 5/5 WF, Bis Pve offset and x2 t10 hc and ofcourse, Shadowmourne Trinkets : Death's Verdict HC, Whispering Fanged Skull HC, Sharpened Twilight Scale HC, Tiny Abomination in a Jar HC Mounts : Swift Spectral Tiger, Ashes of Al'ar 2.1k arena points...
  7. H

    Buying  WTB Prot PvP Warrior Warmane

    WTB a Warrior on Warmane Icecrown with preferably bis prot pvp. PvE geared warrior works aswell I just need bis offset and x2 t10 hc pieces. PM me on discord with any offers please Discord : hycena#2167
  8. AngelEyes

    Buying  Warrior, Mystel

    Looking to buy a Warrior on Mystel server. Can also trade my NA Warrior (449 gear lvl, 180,000 emblems, much gold). Discord me for more, or reply in thread here. A.P. Cadmus#1922
  9. P

    Buying  WTB/WTT Warrior with s16 Elite Set

    Hey how the title says, Im looking to buy or even to trade a Warrior with The primal/s16 elite Set. If you want to sell or to trade against somethink I could offer such a char or with these values or even a whole account with it,than please message me on skype: live:pierretheg
  10. N

    Selling  • Cheap Warmane Icecrown Accounts •

    Account 1: Mage 5.9 GS with x4 Set KS 10 / 25 price negotiable Account 2: Warrior 5.8 GS with Shadow Edge x5 set price negotiable Discod: Shavgu#4311
  11. P

    Selling  70 Gnome Warrior Netherwing Atlantiss TBC - good professions/gear

    Selling 70 lvl Gnome Female Warrior Netherwing Atlantiss TBC - Riding 225 - Blacksmithing 375 - Skinning 375 - First Aid 375 PVP gear Almost full honor offset – grand marshal blues + marshal epics (head, chest, wrist, hands, feet) + medallion of the Alliance gladiator set – shoulders+legs...
  12. S

    Selling  Many bis t3 chars. Retrowow

    Hi, I'm selling my Retrowow account since I am no longer playing. The account has following chars: BIS geared war for arms and fury, near bis tank gear 8/9 t3 BIS Disc/holy priest 8/9t3, aq40/naxx shadow gear Near bis mage 8/9t3 FC druid with 8/9 t3 Aq40/naxx geared rogue (3 t3 tokens in bag)...
  13. AngelEyes

    Selling  449 Warrior, Velika, 3-600,000+ gold, 200,000+ emblems, Plate Craft

    Selling a 449 Warrior (Castanic) for Velika server. -Has all SC gear and lvl IV and lvl III etchings. -Has a tank set and DPS set. -Can craft Silver Siglos and SIlver Plates. -106 EP. -Comes with a lvl 65 Priest. -Over 200,000 emblems and enough enchant materials to get Heroic gear. -Celestial...
  14. N

    Selling  wts warmane acct with 80war/80sham

    Heya, wts my Warmane account. Both the toons are on Icecrown server with donations so no wait time to log in. 1x - lvl 80 Orc War - 3700GS prot gear, couple basic mounts, 700 gold 1x - lvl 80 troll shaman - basic green gear, one mount, 1000gold selling for good price willing to negotiate...
  15. M

    120 war, bfa Ssn 1 glad tabard, elite gear, illusion 120 monk

    120 warr on KT US, full season 1 elite gear, account wide gladiator tabard, elite warrior achieve, invincible mount, crystal cloud serpent mount (forgot name) wod CM Weapons (all unlocked) , full tomb of sargeras mythic set (green version of legion elite gear) besides belt, insane amounts of...
  16. ungdommen

    Selling  Scarab Lord shell with TBC season 3 Gladiator Warrior(Vengeful Nether Drake)

    -Scarab Lord title. -Black Qiraji War Tank -Level 93 Warrior with Vengeful Nether Drake (TBC season 3 gladiator). -Vanilla Master Seargent PvP title. -Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King item in bags. -Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros item in bags. -WoW1 lisence is banned. -WoW2 lisence is Clean. -Price...
  17. D

    Selling  WTS 70 Tauren Warrior with pre bis/raid gear, 280% fly & lots of gold + mats.

    Level 70 Tauren Warrior. Original email comes with the account, I am the original owner. Good name, reputation, respected player. 2441 GS - Full pre raid bis / raid gear as Protection, including full enchants and gems (rare gems). King's Defender with Mongoose, Warbringer with Mongoose. 2416...
  18. AngelEyes

    Buying  Sorcerer (VELIKA) 450+

    Looking for a Sorcerer or Warrior account, 450+ ilvl. Velika (NA) Message me here or Discord A.P. Cadmus#1922
  19. W

    385 Fury/Prot Human Warrior +alts, (3) lvl boosts, vanilla gear in bags CHEAP!

    I'm selling one of my bnet accounts that I am the original owner of. My son played this account when he was younger but has grown out of it and no longer plays it. It's a fairly basic account but I've geared up the 120 warrior to keep the account current, has 30 days of game time on the sub as...
  20. AccountShark.net

    SOLD  412 Kul'tiran Warrior | 411 DK | 399 Monk | Alts | 500k Gold | 45 HoA | $325

    Armories (Click to View): 412 Warrior 411 Death Knight 399 Monk 383 Druid 356 Demon Hunter Notable Items & Transmog: Warrior Heart of Azeroth: 43 420 Lingering Sporepods 400 Vial of Animated Blood 400 Phosphorescent Armplates 405 Crown of Bloody Succession 410 Resonating Crystal Scimitar...