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  1. S

    WTB 6k+ gs horde Warlock and/or warrior

    title says it all.. WTB 6k gs horde warlock/warrior... PREF warlock PREF PVP but willing to buy PVE also, just hmu with GS and price and other things about the account :D Discord: miley cyrus#5713
  2. D

    Warrior 61 - FULL BOSS - Cheap Account - Pearl items

    Hi, im making this thread because i want to sell my account, the reason is because i dont wanna play anymore, this game is boring for me at this time. I got: -Dim tree III (TRI) -Griffon III (TRI) -Bheg III (TRI) -Muskan III (TRI) -Kzarka III (TRI) -Kutum III (TRI) -Capotia -Basilisk III...
  3. AccountShark.net

    Selling  404 Warrior | 7x Glad | 2x R1 | the Tactician | Elite PvP | CM | Bloodthirsty

    Armory (Click to View): CONTACT FOR ARMORY Notable Items & Transmog: MoP Challenge Mode Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE) WoD Challenge Mode Weapons (UNOBTAINABLE) Legion S1 / S2 Elite PvP Set (UNOBTAINABLE) Legion S3 / S4 Elite PvP Set (UNOBTAINABLE) Legion S5 / S6 / S7 Elite PvP Set (UNOBTAINABLE)...
  4. S

    WTB 6k+ gs Pall/Warr warmane (PVP)

    the title says it all im looking for a 6k GS + warrior or paladin PREF human/alliance on warmane :D
  5. J

    SOLD  Level 45 Human Warrior Northdale

    Level 45 Human Warrior -60% mount -herbalism 288 -4 x 16 slot bags -solid leveling gear (dw) -fiery enchants Paypal/Skrill [email protected]
  6. A

    Selling  GW2 Account - HoT+PoF

    Hi all; I want to sell my account, account is in EU server My account have; HoT and PoF - 12 character slot; - Warrior, Elementalist, Guardian, Mesmer, Engineer, Revenant, Necromancer, Ranger, Thief and +3 extra slot - Legendary's: 25 Legendary weapons (19 full old generation + 6 new...
  7. S

    Selling  Multiple Northdale accounts! Level 40-60

    Level 60 Male Human Warrior Blues/Some Pre-raid BiS Mining/Blacksmithing/First Aid 300 60% Mount Level 53 Male Dwarf Priest Great Leveling gear! 60% Mount Level 60 Male Human Warlock Mainly Leveling gears some Blues Eng/Tailoring 300 60% Mount Level 40 Male Human Paladin Good Leveling gear...
  8. A

    Selling  60 Orc male warrior

    selling 60 Orc male warrior on Nightheaven 50%epic gear, 50%blue 60%mount 1000+gold 300/300first aid skype - live:andreynort
  9. A

    Selling  SUNWELL - 70 Prot Warrior | 70 Sub Rogue

    Warrior has flying & kara attuned, with epic Kara ring & def cap. Still needs a lot of gear from Kara, great character for someone who wants to just run all end game stuff an progress a character Rogue is basically fresh ding but I have targeted most pre-bis items. It also has decent dagger +...
  10. M

    Trading  394 warr/385 sham/ 385 mage for similar geared rogue or windwalker

    Looking to trade my account with a 120 warr/sham/mage for a rogue or windwalker. Warr has 394ilvl shaman has 385 ilvl and mage has 385 ilvl. Account has duelist pvp achieve and this expansions vicious saddles.
  11. L

    Selling  [EU] Full P2W Account, Boss Gear 250€ negotiable!

    Hello and welcome! Note: I am the original owner of this account, and can and will give you a fresh email. The price I'm asking is 275€ with middleman, 250€ if you go first. This is NEGOTIABLE! I accept payments through PayPal. The following contains a list of the most relevant details of the...
  12. J

    SOLD  Warmane Icecrown acc w/ raid ready lvl 80 Fury warr orc with email click now

    Want to sell my account WARMANE ICEROWN server account ( w/ 3 toons) Lvl. 80 orc warrior (main) 5.8K gearscore (raid ready) (3035 achievement points) gear: http://armory.warmane.com/character/Krakinstrom/Icecrown/summary got Shadow's Edge from vote points before - Crusader title - Fury...
  13. Ironjade

    Selling  Sell warrior 60 northdale

    Hello im selling warrior 60 lvl. Faction Alliance gnome. Blue gear + Skullflame Shield Alchemy / Herbalism / First aid - 300. Clear gmail box. For more info skype: Ironjade or pm here.
  14. M

    Selling  Northdale [A] -FuryWarrior BIS Pre-AQ40 + Eye of Sulfuras

    Hello Im done with vanilla and selling my very well geared human male warrior. Weapons: Deathbringer/Doom's Edge Other epics: Edgemaster, Lionheart Helm, Nefarion Ring, BWL Cape, BWL Legs, BWL Shoulders, Onyx neck, Onslaught, Quickstrike Ring, AV exalted items and the list goes on. Lots of...
  15. F

    Selling  [NA] LVL 62 Softcap Warrior | 338 Energy 307 CP | Tent | 4b Silver

    This account is a great place to start, it has softcap AP and DP, and has a 139 failstack so it's ready for upgrades! The storage also holds 4BILLION pure silver. It has a solid worker empire and extremely good lifeskills. (Master 6 Trade, Master 17 Processing, Guru 2 Fishing) It has a tent and...
  16. A

    Nightbane Sunwell - Horde - Lvl70 Warr | Lvl70 Rogue

    BOTH CHARACTERS ARE ON THE SAME ACCOUNT HORDE Lvl 70 Tauren Protection Warrior - Kara ready with 100% Riding/60% Flying Lvl 70 Undead Rogue - Needs Kara Attune - 100% Riding ONLY. £20 Steam Card or CSGO Skins Preferred will take PayPal!
  17. R

    Northdale Warrior Fury Taure BIS Gear

    Hi Guys, i want to sell my full geared fury warrior on Northdale: 100% Mount all backing slots 300 Ingi full enchants also have bonereaver´s edge for pvp or 2hand fury action pretty good tanking gear with t2 items Gear: Lionheart Helm Onyxia Tooth Pedant Truestrike Shoulders Cape of the...
  18. T

    Selling Arangathar - Sunwell Fury warrior 5689GS 12100 Gold with Shadow's Edge

    I no longer have time to play wow. Price negotiable as i'm not really sure what good prices are for these but everything is min maxed, decent gold, shadow's edge. Everything you need to do sick dps in ICC HC Even have a bunch of armor pots, flasks and armor pen food Please pm or reply here...
  19. R

    BIS Tauren Fury Warrior

    Hi, i want to sell my full geared fury warrior on Northdale . -100% Mount - Consumables - all backing slots - 300 ingi - full enchants - 2x 8str vz - also have Bonereaver's Edge for pvp or 2hand fury pve - pretty good tanking gear with t2 items - 100g Gear: Lionheart Helm Onyxia Tooth...
  20. F

    Buying  WTB on Netherwing Alliance a 60+ or 70 warrior and 60+ or 70 healer

    Hi, I am looking to buy both a warrior alliance side that is 60+ or 70 and a healer preferably a shaman, priest, rdruid, hpally in that order that is also 60 + or 70. I will pay top dollar for this. Please let me know if you can help. I can be reached on Skype "Nimibini" Or we can also talk on...