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  1. Selling  lvl 73 + 3 legendary class account + gear + permanent codex (NA server)

    - lvl 73 > 74 -legendary skill CHAOS -reds skills for 3 clases (mage, orb, greatsword) -3 legendary classes (Fintezza, Lionel Hunter, Veora) -28 red classes -12 red agathions -It has VERY GOOD RNG -Variety of red items, top items. -all permanent codex (shop) -9 red souls -independent email...
  2. Rakion PRO ACC

    I sell my Rakion account. 20 Mio. Gold 50k R.Cash 4x Inventory box 1x Jadros Ring +20 Legend (grade up) 1x Alcon Ring +20 Legend (grade up) 1x Arquinas Ring +15 Legend (grade up) 1x Arquinas Necklace +20 Legend (grade up) 1x COPA Necklace +15 Legend (grade up) 1x Shine Max Armor Bead +20...

  4. SOLD  Wind Archer Account for Sale A2Scania

    Level 204 Wind Archer 8m+ CP Male Character SF 202 24.9K PA 56.6% BA 277.4% CD Hyper Stat : Level 15 Final Dmg All Max Cut Except CRA Top / Bot Unique Emblem Refined Secondary EXP 2% CRA Top / Bot Level 40 Ancient Inherit Emblem Bow Lv1 CD Level 34 Mythic Emblem Hat Lv1 CD Level 30...
  5. [NA] Selling MUSA GamezBD $400

    Selling BDO ACCOUNT WITH EMAIL Price Non-Negotiable Market Silver 50B+ PEN EVERYTHING PEN LABRESKA PEN FALLEN Evasion Build Horses Level 35 DOOM Level 36 Diné Account Valued over 600 Billion + Musa 65 Archer 66 Mystik 66 Maewah 65 Guardian 63
  6. Selling  Sniper (Lv88/61) Gold Weapon | Gmail Dummy | $50

    Sniper (Lv88/61) w/ gold weapon for sale Server: Heimdall (Highland) Cheap price of $50 Will only transact with Trade Guardian • 136k dias available • 470+k crystals available • Total of 14,400 Odin's Blessing available (from boxes unopened) • 132 pcs. of Stamina Potions • +5 Falken Blitz...
  7. Selling  1.2m Archer 386k/379k and Lvl 50 Guild $300-$500

    Selling my Archer Account along with my Guild thats level 50 and currently in Block B. Message for more details Unison ID 2041618358 or Discord ID Xyvuse#6150.
  8. SOLD  High-End pvp/pve Human Mounted Mage/Archer 18.8+ lvl gifts | Cheap

    Hey ;) WTS my main character in MO2 with original email + first steam letter. This build is very strong in pvp and focusing to fight on mount. Good as ganker, mini-mass pvp fighter. You can solo farm troll, any camps. Actually, you can farm ANY content if you on mount xD Clade gifts: 18.8 lvl...
  9. Selling  High end acc, All Heroes above 80M, Archer pvp 103M, 1,200,000 Gems ($400)

    All Heroes above 80M Main one: Archer: pvp 103M, pve 102M With both pve and pvp gears Gem: 1,200,000 (worth $1,000) Also with a lot of armors, weapons, and accessories. I'm in need of money so I'll sell it for only $400 Screenshots available. Email me if necessary: qanea.number2[[at]]gmail.com
  10. Two characters Dual Blade and Zen Archer

    There was no time to play because of work. I want to sell my second account if possible. I think the price of $ 190 is not big. It is possible through PayPal. Join Discord - RageRax#4738 I will show you everything there and tell you and agree on how we will transfer the account.
  11. Selling  Selling My Account on Europe Server 105M WIZARD !!!

    WIZARD 105M Pve Full Lundelle's Gear Pve & Full PVP Lundelle's accessory Other account have 40M - 60M Power All account have Full Lundelle's Gear and weapon have Knight Look on picture to see more If you want more information write me :) All account have Full Lundelle's Gear and weapon...
  12. Ragnarok Labyrinth Nft Archer ISIS

    Archer Isis server
  13. Selling  Black Desert Online NA server lvl63. Archer $850 usd

    THIS IS A STEAM ACCOUNT. i want to sell my acc cuz i cant play the game like i use to anymore. it has 18 alts most of them lvl.61+. ARCHER lvl63 and GUARDIAN lvl63 almost lvl64 at 61%. i have a wizard too lvl62. ap and dp you can see on the attachments below. i have breath, strength and health...
  14. SOLD  EU Cheap acc 650 GS guardian lvl 62 T9 and more

    SEND OFFERTS TO DISCORD : gejor#3315 Sell guardian accounts with guardian lvl 62 1725 LT, archer lvl 61 1700LT+ and more Payments Paypal or Western union
  15. Selling  EU-Mystel 5lvl70 + 780k Gold/ Veteran ACC

    Veteran account, all characters have blue gear since i haven't played in a while. Does have a few skins + mounts and alot of extra gold in items on bank tab 4 you can sell. Price is 80 Euros (Paypal only) Contact me on Discord: Tempo4S#2221 or via epicnpc chat box
  16. Selling  Rakion Pro Account

    I sell my Rakion account. 10 Mio. Gold 20k R.Cash 8k blue Cash 4x Inventory box 1x Jadros Ring +20 Legend (grade up) 2x Deathblow +20 Legend (grade up) 1x COPA Necklace +15 Legend (grade up) 1x Shine Max Armor Bead +20 Legend (grade up) 1x Wind Stone [Attr.] All cells Lvl 99: 1x Fallen...
  17. SOLD  1.67mil Archer 620k ATK /MATK (multi class TH and beserker) with 200+ gems

    Hi, you might be thinking, "have I seen this post before"? and the answer to that is yes, yes you have. unfortunately, the person who was supposed to buy my account was no longer, in time, able to buy at the last minute. Basically, I am now scrambling to sell it, as I have to pay off a summer...
  18. Selling  Tera account with scripts+2.0 mounts on various chars

    Hello, I am looking to sell my tera account. SERVER MYSTEL Account is veteran, has 3 characters with 2.0 mounts bound(warrior, archer and reaper) and a few more. All the gear is obsolete. Various skins bound, some being very rare and expensive. With that comes some particular toolbox modules...
  19. Selling  Mitrasphere Overpower accounts. #1 Top SC count.

    I will main Lost ark if I can sell my Mitrasphere accounts. 200-300 euro each account.
  20. SOLD  [Sea] All Pen Gear Set 320$

    Black Desert Online SEA SERVER Account Non-Steam Full Access Gmail Main Class Dark Knight High Skill points Hashashin Wizard 2nd Carrack Mats Ready Price: 320$ MOP: GCash, PayPal (FNF), Paymaya, CoinsPH, Union Bank, Skrill, Binance (Your XRP to...
  21. Selling  AAU Nehliya | 10,5k+ Ebonsong | Nuian | 13000+G | 230k Fishing | ThunderDash

    I'm the first owner and creator of the account. This is a first time offer, i won't reveal the character name until the account is sold! I can make pictures etc. but only from stuff that won't expose the name or anything else paired with that. I'm planning to quit the game, thats why i want to...
  22. Selling  Steam account 1st and only owner, WTS 615 gs bdo

    Selling EU steam first owner account, no fake no scam i sell more accounts here of bdo, buyer pays mm. 107 games like rust, new world, destiny 2, day z, bdo, and a lot more. I sell the email if u want is a fresh gmail, u can change it if u want i dont care about My bdo account i want to retire...
  23. Account Elyon Slayer Gunner Archer

    Hola Guys, I'm selling my Elyon account EU Andromeda !!! Server EU: Andromeda Faction: Ontari Luminous: 3 (Corona T5, Altar T4 and Shield T5) Pet: 3 (Premium T4, Normal T4 and CatArmor T3) Lv PG: - Slayer46 595GS Main PG - Gunner45 540GS - Archer45 549GS - Slayer42 338GS DungeonPG...
  24. Selling  (NA) 🏹 Archer 1 million ⭐️ Stella III Lvl 98

    Hello, If interested, please PM me for more details :). Thanks!
  25. Selling  [Kyrios] [Top 100] 9650 GS East Ebonsong Fully gemmed/Accessories

    everything pictured included, another 3k lumber and some resplendent regrades on AH, fully gemmed with ranged attack/crit rate +3/+1s and 3 divine nory accessories 100% - 1 epic luminous nory ring - All Agi rolls Bow +19, all armor divine radiant, most +10/+18 Set of mostly Radiant dawnsdrop...