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Selling Global high end account ML Ken (S) + Luna (SSS) + diene and many more nat 5s

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Selling Global account been active since week two of Global launch. Accepting PayPal only or middleman service at your expense if preferred. My discord is Jets#5241 if you have questions regarding the account or payment. I have posted a few screenshots of the rarer heroes below (imgur link) and included a full list as well. If you have any questions or would like to request other screenshots of the account, just message me!

I am currently taking the highest offers. The full buyout price is $1200 USD.

Full list of Nat 5 and ML Heroes:
Martial Artist Ken +15 (S)
Diene +8 5/6
Violet +3 6/6
Bellona +4 5/6
Tamarinne +7 (B) 5/6
Luna +14 (SSS) 6/6
Chloe +3 6/6
Aramintha +6 (B) 5/6
Tywin +5 (B)
Sez +5 5/6
Charles 5/6
Vildred +6 (SSS) 5/6
Kise +7 (A) 6/6
General Purgis (SSS) 4/6
Blaze Dingo +4 (SS) 5/6
Assassin Cartuja +3 (SSS) 5/6
Shadow Rose +7 (SS) 6/6
Angelica +6 (SS) 6/6
Commander Lorina +7 (A) 5/6
Basar (B)
Zeno (SSS)
Yuna 4/5
Cecilia +1 4/5
Crimson Armin 3/5
Wanderer Silk 4/5
Chaos Sect Axe (Axe God)
Assassin Cidd
Baal & Sezan

Full List of Notable Artifacts:
Border Coin +5 (2/9)
Uberius's Tooth +15 (6/6)
Durandal +24 (9/10)
Sigurd Scythe +21 (8/11)
Sword of Judgment +3 (2/9)
Iron Fan (1/6)
Song of Stars +16 (6/9)
Bloodstone +4 (2/10)
Time Matter +5 (2/11)
Etica's Scepter +15 (6/8)
Abyssal Crown +3 (2/9)
Sword of Ezera +21 (8/11)
Noble Oath +1 (1/7)
Elbris Ritual Sword +12 (5/7)
Holy Sacrifice +15 (6/7)
Idol's Cheer (1/6)
Celestine +14 (5/8)
Shimadra Staff +13 (5/7)
Rod of Amaryllis +24 (9/9)
Violet Talisman +3 (2/9)
Alexa's Basket +3 (2/9)
Wind Rider +5 (2/10)
Rhianna & Luciella +21 (8/11)

I kept a copy of one artifact and tried to max it out so should have a x/11 version of almost everything in the game outside of the ones listed above. I have multiple copies of Potion Vials and Daydream Jokers. Feel free to ask if you are looking for specific artifacts!

Other Important Account Information:
Currently has close to 13 million gold and 5,500 skystones. Has participated fully in every event since launch and has all event gear. Fully cleared abyss and has the gear/teams to clear all PVE content right now. Haven't pushed higher than Challenger I in Arena yet. Currently 11 unused Molagoras on the account. Have 2k Stamina saved up right now. Also have 215 Powder of knowledge and 20k friend points.
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