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eBay scam that happened to my sister

Joker V

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I want to report (for my sister) a scam that happened in ebay.
She bought there a SAO MD NA account from someone on January, 15th 2019 and it was taken back a few days ago on July 13th, 2020.
The account was linked to facebook and was recovered after a year and 7 month later, so unfortunately it can`t be reported to eBay and paypal anymore (the date which you can report the issue has already expired).
She trusted this eBay menber and eBay/paypal that everything is ok and didn`t check it clearly back then, because it worked fine and she didn`t think that it could be a scam, because that account was not so good, had outdated units and she only bought it for collectors purpose first, because it contains a limited character that she wanted [the old Valentine fire unit Asuna] and played it everyday and spent a lot of time, effort and some money in it, too, so that she wanted to keep it as main account later, too (the account had around 100 characters/units when she bought it first and it has recently over 250 characters/units before it has been recalled lately, so that it has a lot more worth now).
Note: It was listed as $20 with price offer and she offered $10 and the seller accepted it, but she should send the payment via paypal instead of pay through eBay for some reasons. She did it and sent it via goods and service, because of buyer protection, so she thought that it was safe to do this so, but sadly there was a time limit for it, too and the scammer probably planned all this. She already sent 3 messages to him after it has been recalled, but he didn`t answer that and it seems that he has been inactive for a long time, too. So I report it here then, just in case if he want to try selling it here, too. She really liked the account and wanted the account back, but with it being linked to fb, it would be difficult. (She will be more cautious next time.) Because of it, I want to report him here for selling a linked account to my sister, so that he won`t scam other people here or on other selling webpages.
Here are the pictures + Paypal payment for that issue (unfortunately the old messages over a year ago has already been deleted by eBay, so there are only these pictures she could find/send).


ip hash: 2b27af8474e0ffcdf48188