70guard65powertech61vanguard56jugg founder account and more WTT for whatever


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I have a founder account, I am original owner. Most characters are on Ebon Hawke but few on others. Have geared 70 Jedi Guardian, 65 BH powertech, 61 Commando, 56 Sith Jugg. All characters are pretty well geared and have many rares and lots of credits and mounts. Many many characters from 10-40ish. Many titles, Including my Jedi Guardian rank 50 pvp and armor set and tons of more stuff . can take pics or whatever

Looking to trade for other accounts on any games. Just let me know, Really interested in anything tbh. WoW, SWG servers, Lotro, anything. just lemme know what you got. Tired of playing swtor.

email- [email protected]
skype- Jbirdmc2424

Or here.