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  1. H

    Lvl 60 Undead Priest PVP Realm Thunderfury - Some Raid Gear

    Hello there, I am selling a 60 undead MALE Priest on the PVP realm Thunderfury. This priest is attuned to Molten Core and Onyxia. She does not have her 100% speed mount yet, but has 646 gold saved towards it. Some notable gear she has attained from Molten Core is: Choker of Enlightenment...
  2. J

    Selling  [NA - Herod] 60 Troll Shaman

    This offer is for my classic WoW account that has only ever been played by me and has an active subscription until November 2019. Its main character is a level 60 Troll Shaman that is geared out in mostly pre-bis gear and two molten core epics for the restoration spec. The character has both...
  3. Heycentro

    Selling  Shazzrah pvp - 40 lvl Warlock Undead (Horde)

    Shazzrah PvP 40 level Undead Warlock Mount 30 gold in bags 190/225 tailoring Decent gear Fake battle.net first and last name (you can change it to your real first name and last name) Game time till: 27 september Comes with original email Free btag change available My skype: Crymorenab...
  4. DarkoxTM

    Selling  Offer in WOW Classic gold server Faerlina

    Offer in WOW Classic gold server Faerlina I'm just a new player who wants to sell gold by chance 100% legal, nothing Bots obtained from farmeo of mining materials and dungeons Ask for stock replenishing stock Payment method Paypal (Paying friends and family) or you pay extra for paypal fees...
  5. ✅JohnMarket✅

    Buying  💰 Buying WoW Classic GOLD All Servers InstantPayment PayPal Skrill wmz 💰

    What reason to selling on me? 1. 100% Feedback dont worry about scam its not gonna happen in here. 2. Instant Payment (when i got the currency/item il just send the payment as fast as possible) 3. Full payment (I Cover All Fees)Skrill, WMZ.<<Best Rate PayPal"Send as Goods or Services"(Send as...
  6. K

    Selling  WTS Gold on Mograine Alliance Private sellers, no sites, safe

    Wts gold and flask of supreme power on Classic Mograine server, Ally (we can agree on a horde) To contact - discord Keyoncage#7421
  7. A

    Selling  Warmane PREMIUM Account for 25e

    My account is PREMIUM (no que) with 10 coins on ICECROWN realm. I have dk fresh 80 lvl. I have Human Furry warrior 5.2gs, also i have some pvp gear. I have prot gear 4.2 gs. 60k honor 60 embelms of frost 600 arena points. He is max lvl in blacksmithing and mining. He has 2k gold and in bags...
  8. B

    Selling  WoW Classic Gold on Bigglesworth Horde!

    Now selling WoW Classic Gold on Bigglesworth (Horde). Starting at $2/gold, with discounts on larger quantities. Discord: BigglesworthGoldSupply#9219
  9. BatMetal

    Selling  Selling Level 60 Male Undead Mage Shazzrah EU

    Hi Everyone. Selling Undead Mage Level 60 on shazzrah eu. Herbalism 300/300,Alchemy 300/300. 60% Mount, 30g in bags. My discord : Podrubayu#9839 Skype: kirill510756
  10. F

    Buying  Blaumuex [A] buying gold

    Buying all gold on Blaumuex message me and let me know!
  11. BoglaG

    Buying  🔥Classic Wow Gold - All realm - Several payment methods - 🎁Great prices

    * Buying Wow Classic Gold 24/7 * Several payment methods avaliable * 24/7 Livechat to help you with all your needs * Over 10K Vouches * Yeras of experience
  12. R

    WTS 20 mage(eu) Mograine

    WTS Mograine 20 mage(5gold) with 20+ days subscription BFA bought 40 $ Paypal Contact me discord asdpreo#1715 or on this site
  13. D

    Buying  lf a 60 rogue / warrior on any EU server. (up to 300$)

    I am looking for either a fury warrior or a, lvl 60 on any of the EU servers. Should have atleast some rare gear. Willing to pay up to 300$ depending on gear payment only with PayPal Feel free to contact via Discord: Sama#2084
  14. R

    Selling  60 Mage,Whitemane alliance,800 Gold,9 pre raid BiS,60% Mount,ready to raiding

    I'm selling my Human Mage, this character was leveled by hand within 2 weeks by me. I'm the original owner account and this is what I'm offering: -800 Gold. -9 pre raid BiS: Ban'thok Sash (Belt), Skyshroud Leggings (Legs), Hands of Power (Hands), Boreal Mantle (Shoulders), Songstone of...
  15. S

    Buying  Buying 60 Horde Warlock/Warrior/Mage/Rogue on US Herod - Paying Top Dollar

    Looking to buy a 60 horde on Herod. Prefferably a warlock or warrior, but open to any class really. Or looking to buy a mob tagging service to 60, me playing my own account. PM me with what you have please! Thank you!
  16. G

    Selling  HUNTER 60LVL, pet broken tooth, full bis/pre-bis gear, MC/Ony attunements

    -60 lvl Hunter -Realm: Shazzrah -Troll female - Pet Broken Tooth! (very rare, attack speed 1s) - full bis/pre-bis gear -MC/Ony attunements -400 gold -Alchemy 300, First aid 300 -60% mount -have Dark Whelpling -good nickname and rep - 3х 14 slot bags/ 16 slot quiver Discord: Greyish#1721
  17. N

    Selling  WTS gold EU Horde Dreadmist, Judgement

    Selling gold on EU horde Dreadmist and Judgement horde. Always fair price, contact me on Skype: Schmidt1337 Discord: Schmitovic#1204
  18. F

    Selling my wow classic gold on kurinaxx horde side only

    Hello, I am looking to sell my gold on the kurinaxx server on the horde side. I am willing to offer under market always. And am trying to build some reputation in the community in the meantime. I accecpt skrill. You can contact me via discord, Jesus#9838. I am fair and am excited to get into...
  19. R

    Buying  WTB level 60 Alliance Warrior on Blaumeux - Paying well

    Hello, Looking to purchase level 60 (or close) alliance warrior. I will consider other level 60 alliance classes. Can use paypay or whatever preferred method. Thanks