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SOLD 477 Unholy DK,90k Simdps,8/12M exp,Aotc+Mount,Rk 15 clk,90 HoA,Flying,$150

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title says it all 8/12m is actually 9/12m because i skipped vexiona a relatively easy boss and killed drestigath which is the 9th boss in progression line. chracter has flying all r3 essences 94k sim dps for heroic encounters. 85k for a 5 min fight rank 15 cloak 90 heart of azeroth this character is an absolute monster
i am selling just the character off my main account, you will need to add 25 dollars to the payment for character transfer as well as provide your own game license with my last name in order to transfer the character making the total cost to you around 250-275 depending on how you obtain your own game license. feel free to mesage me on discord. DrSeussMD#2961 to make a deal you must read my post and either post here on the forum or send me a message on this site. if you ask me questions that ive already answered i will block you that is the first sign of a scammer i have had many people attmempt to scam me so far my block list is getting full. my character is priced cheap to account for the fact you need to buy a new account as well as the fact that i am quitting for now and instead of wasting all the progress this character has achieved id rather cash it out and start over in shadowlands on a diferent character.

after going over many other characters on the forums this is definitely the cheapest and most geared of its caliber there are many lesser characters for sale at higher prices and anything below this price point is a waste of time as many of those things can be obtained in days. basically you wont find a better deal in the current expansion.


character also has other 475 trinkets
big red button 475
motorcycle 475
465 getiku
and various other corrupted items.

1 more 5 mask vision and you will unlock the full training on the research board allowing you to purchase gem sockets from wrathion many 475 items in bags ready to have corruption put on them when something good pops up you like. feel free to ask any aditional questions.
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