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guild wars 2

  1. S

    SOLD  Any Legendary or other tradable skin!

    I have enough GW2 gold and materials at the moment to buy any tradeable weapon/item for you. As long as there is at least one of them on there I can obtain it for you. Feel free to check my history, there's not much but I try to be a very reliable seller and make people happy. I'm in a pinch...
  2. Z

    SOLD  Guild Wars 2 EU Heroic Edition account for 20€/24$

    I am selling my Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition EU account because I need money for Starcraft 2 Battle Chest. Trade is also possible (not for account because I have one already). Account is very new, with just one low level character. Contact me on skype: mitjamitja10 Add me on steam...
  3. J

    Trading  ESO account (EU PC) for a legendary weapon in Gw2 (EU)

    What i offer: 1. Khajiit Nightblade - Veteran Rank 10 or 11 - ca. 230 skillpoints - Mount with 57-59% speed - Vampire (lvl 10) - 3 or 4 veteran rank 14 legendary medium armor pieces (skirmisher very good for stamina builds) - dual wield/2handed/Bow/Medium Armor maxed, Heady/Light Armor over 45...
  4. P

    SOLD  Guild Wars 2 account for 6 CS:GO keys

    (Remaking this because my old thread was a pos) I have had this account since Feb 2014, I haven't played it very much - I have a 33 guardian, 26 thief, and a 22 warrior. I have 43000 karma, if that means anything. I am willing to sell this account for 6 keys. Skype: hammettalexander (I can use...
  5. L

    Selling  Kraitkin NOT Accountbound

    I just crafted Kraitkin the legendary trident. I don't really care enough about the game to own such an item so I would rather sell it. Please post your offers here or add me on skype: poonslayerswag69 Payment will be made via paypal and you must go first. I can prove I have the item and provide...
  6. Celvation

    SOLD  GW2 Account + 42/50 HoM, GW1 2x Collector's Edition

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 42/50 HoM account + linked GW2 account. Can make it to 45 for additional € 80 lvl Guardian with exo armor. Guild Wars Factions + Nightfall Collector's Edition 20 lvl sin r7 zrank r4 codex r5 hero r3 survivor...
  7. K

    Selling  Gw2 account legendary and 6 character

    Sell ​​your account on it 6 characters of the 80th lvl . All dressed thief dressed in full Mesmer astsented . Legendary Sword bolt. Many items purchased and skins. 9000 achi. Skype Kutuz3 [/URL][/IMG] price 100$
  8. K

    Selling  Ten level 80s, 2 legendaries, 11k ap cheap price!

    I am the original owner of this account, I am the owner of the registered email and I have the CD Key that I can provide. I've put around 4,000 hours into the game. 10.9k AP I have 10 level 80 characters all geared, ascended weapons and two legendary weapons (Sunrise and Incinerator). All...
  9. Play-On-Top

    Selling  WTS FAST, SECURE, BEST PRICED and HANDMADE Power-Leveling and other Guild Wars 2 Services!

    WTS FAST, SECURE, BEST PRICED and HANDMADE Power-Leveling and other Guild Wars 2 Services! Tired of endless hours of leveling and farming? Can't manage to stay up in gear and skillpoints with the high-demands of your job? In Gaming-On-Top we provide you with all the services you need to...
  10. O

    Selling  Guild Wars 2 ACCOUNT EU

    Hello, I'm selling my GW2 account for a fair price +/- 20 euro! I'm selling it cause I do not play GW2 anylonger! Wanne talk? add me on skype! jo.rozelsky or just inbox me here. Regards!
  11. T

    Lvl 80 Ele and Ranger (almost 2yrs

    Hiya, I have a level 80 Human Elementalist and a level 80 Female Sylvari(Main, full exotic), as well as a level 11 Sylvari Engi and a level 29 Ranger Asura. (All have unique looks from creation kits) I have Magitech Armor set, Green Quaggan backpack and christmas muffs as extras to this account...
  12. R

    Selling  Selling GW2 gold

    I got some extra gold so I want to sell it here. Current stock is 2900 gold. Minimum offer is 100 gold. 100 gold = 5.8$ from PayPal to PayPal paid as a GIFT (meaning you pay the fee + it's safer for me) You go first unless you are very highly repped. For big trades 1000gold + we can use a...
  13. I

    BOUGHT  Guild wars 2 Account

    Hi. i have owned GW2 since release but i care little for now. I don't have any high level characters I want to trade for Black desert account or CSGO items. I am the original owner ! Add me for more info on skype : Katoma_iciboy9
  14. O

    SOLD  GW2 acc! EU!

    Hello I'm selling my GW2 account! Since I already uninstalled it again and I don't like the game anymore! QUICK sell! First who talks first who buys! Contact me on skype!: jo.rozelsky Price negotiable :)!
  15. L

    Selling  Wts Gw2 Standard Acc (EU)

    Selling an gw2 account (eu) Skype : albertocendanduarte (im new posting this things so tell me if i do something wrong xD)
  16. A

    WTS/WTT GW2 Account $25 USD or ESO account/key

    WTS/WTT GW2 Account $25 USD or ESO account/key The account has a lvl 30 necromancer and some under lvl 18's skype: akshaman_01
  17. B

    Selling  Legendary Warhorn - Howler (US Server) here & P.A also

    Hello guys, I'm here to sell Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon. Legendary Warhorn - Howler for $240 USD I also sell on Player Auction LINK HERE accepting paypal, or through the player auction itself. If there is something you wanna ask, please PM. Thank you