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guild wars 2

  1. I

    Rank 50k Gw2 account 6 level 80's 3 legendaries All expansions every mount

    I have 90% all house nodes, I also have every mount in game plus good skins that everyone wants. 3 legendaries twilight frost fang and fractal legendary back piece I'm only asking $200 need the money pretty bad i don't play this game anymore i have loads of pictures Add me on discord...
  2. S

    Trading  OSRS 1880+ TTL for Guild Wars 2 account(Higher End)

    - all information ^^^^above^^^^regarding the account Looking for $300 USD via PayPal (Open to offers). Not looking for Trades unless for Guild wars 2 Account(High End - 80k + account value).
  3. G

    SOLD  Original Owner Selling High End Raid Ready GW2 Account

    Original Owner selling 4 years old Guild Wars 2 high end raid ready account. > HoT and PoF bought along with all Living World episodes unlocked. > Legendary weapon sunrise unlocked. WvW mount also unlocked. > 7 ascended geared level 80 characters ( Thief, Necro, Ele, Guardian, Mesmer, Ranger...
  4. S

    Selling  [EU] HoT , PoF , Season 4 , lvl 80 Thief Account

    Hey guys, I wanna sell my GW2 account. I dont have a time for playing anymore. I must change my account's mail. ONLY iban transfer is acceptable. Paypal is not allowed in Turkey :( Price is 80€ and negotiable Feel free to ask anything LVL 80 Thief and Elemantalist ( Elemantalis boosted ) and 1...
  5. T

    Selling  GW2/GW1 Gold - Private player stop playing

    I stop playing GW2 and GW1. Selling about 3000 Gold. 0.023€/G Paypal direct - No MM. I'm a player, not a company. I'll check inbox everyday. Also have GW1 Platinum to sell if interested.
  6. E

    Buying  Dragon Emblem outfit code

    Hi! :) I am looking for someone who'd be willing to sell their unused Dragon Emblem outfit code. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dragon_Emblem_Clothing_Outfit Ready to pay 25$ for it - or open to reasonable discussion.
  7. Y

    Selling  GW2 PvP Boosting service!PvP Tittles!Legendary pvp Backpack/Armor!

    ★★★ Hello! We offers you Guild Wars 2 PvP Service! PvP Tittles,Achievements,Divisions!Legendary Backpack!Ascended Glory Shards for PvP Armor! EU/NA Regions! ★★★ ✷Want to get the Legendary Division?✷ ✷Get out of the silver / gold division?✷ ✷Get the top 10/25/100/250 titles?✷ ✷You...
  8. H

    SOLD  WTS - High end acc 140K+ | 13 char | Full mastery | 2043 WvW rank | & more!

    Extreme High-end account, the email has been changed for sell pourpose (gmail) 5 years old, but almost 6, 2 months to the 6th birthday. You get the email associated and the respective password Some info: - 30905 AP - 2043 WvW Rank - 295 Mastery Point - 13 Character FULL ascended...
  9. L

    Selling  For a very good price, Guild Wars 2 and it's both exp, Path of Fire AND Heart

    I would like to sell my Guild Wars 2 Account with the exp Path of Fire AND Heart of Thorns which has not a lot of things but there's 3 toons 80 levels for a good price, I didn't change the e-mail yet because with the Personal Middleman Service I'm going to change directly to your e-mail, dear...
  10. P

    Selling  GW2 Path Of Fire + Heart Of Thrones

    both expansions 5k+ achievement points 4 x Level 80 characters 1x Level 80 Booster Full Ascended Raid Druid Legendary Insight 150+ (w1-4 all challenge motes completed + legendary armor collection 1 done) 100% map completion from 1 character discord - ShadowFox#8942
  11. M

    Selling  WTS Guild Wars 2 account ***Reduced price***

    I want to sell my main GW2 account for $500 (paypal fees included). I have played this account since 2012, for over 3000 hours and includes: - 20 character slots, most of which are level 80 characters with at least exotic gear and a number have map completion - HoT and PoF expansions -...
  12. R

    WTB- Dragon Emblem Outfit Code

    Willing to do 25$ for the code, leave a message here if you're interested in selling!
  13. X

    SOLD  End Game Acc 283 Mastery | 16k AP 63K Value |

    GUILD WARS 2 Time to say goodbye to years of joy. 16K ap Account with ±63K value | 3.5K Hours | EU FoW server | all EXP and LW | 6 out of 7 Fully Ascended Characters (4 of which raid ready) (Highest Statistic is Skins unlocked rank; 7.500 higher than 96% of the players.) Also this account is...
  14. B

    SOLD  High End Account with high PvP (100+) OR WvW (1600+) Rank EU

    Hi, im looking for a High End Account with a high PVP AND WvW rank, let me know if u got something interesting for me. cYa
  15. Difmark Market

    Trading  Buy | Sell GW2 Items ★Difmark.com★ looking Sellers | Buyers

    We are happy to announce the Big Opening of a brand new marketplace for Gamers Difmark.com This is the place where gamers meet up together to sell & buy independently. By buying directly from seller you avoiding Middle Man (classic game shops) and saving up to 80% of the total price...
  16. E

    WTS GW2 Account HoT + PoF [EU]

    WTS GW2 Account HoT + PoF [EU] Selling due to no longer interested in playing the game. - 6 Birthday coming up in about a month - 9 level 80 characters - 1 Full ascended (most others have ascended weapons and items mixed with exotics) - All Mounts - All Masteries -13k+ AP - Legendaries (Quip +...
  17. P

    SOLD  Guild Wars 2 EU All Expansions account

    Hello, I would like to sell my personal account that i do not use anymore due to lack of time. Account got: - All Expansions - 8 level 80 characters, 1 level 60 character - Full Set of ascended gear for Thief with accesories (147 agony resistance) - Legendary pistol (HOPE), Step 1 for Ad...
  18. C

    SOLD  Buying acc with 1+ fully ascended gear char, leg is a plus - max budget 100usd

    Hit me with an API and a price between 20usd and 100usd: -Account has to have both exp unlocked -1 or more lvl80 with full ascended -one or more legendary item is a big plus but not necessary I WILL USE MIDDLEMAN AND PAY FOR IT (so scammers, dont waste your time or mine) pm or discord...
  19. X

    Trading  Trading Guild Wars 2 Gold (NA) for Maplestory 2 Mesos (NA East)

    As the title says, I'm looking to trade some Guild Wars 2 Gold on NA server for some Maplestory 2 Mesos on NA East server. I have 2,000 gold to trade on GW2, and am open to negotiations on how much you will be trading. Leave a reply here with your discord and I'll get back to you. Thanks!