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guild wars 2

  1. K

    Selling  Cheap Gw2 account, I've already brought all the stories for you to enjoy :)

    Dm me @Discord A$AP#8574 to see pictures and I accept PayPal only.
  2. L

    High End GW2 Account

    1,660 League Division Byzantium (Repeatable) - Tier 6 of 6 HAS THE TITLE FOR TOP 250 ( Knight / Dame of the Arena) Full legendary Heave armor, Sunrise and Twilight Legendary GS skins unlocked, LEGENDARY backpiece, ready to make 2 LEGENDARY trinkets Aurora and PVP legendary accsessory, ready to...
  3. L

    [EU] GW2 4x80lvl / 8,2k value / 3,6k AP / 238 Mastery rank /

    Price: send me offer on Discord: Leo#5525 Payment Method: I Prefer paypal a lot of skins like fox to jackal mount, outfits, weapon skins and QOL items like additional bag slots. Thief lvl 80 has full ascended armor, fully discovered map, and completed DLC story line except last season of...
  4. M

    WTS gwamm account + 50/50 HOM + includes GW2 linked account as well

    Selling my GW1 and GW2 Account I mostly played GW1 so all my pride and joy is reflected in that account. Never the less, this purchase will also in include my link GW2 account, See link for screenshots of account: About GW1 Account: -GWAMM + 50/50 Hall of Monument (HoM) Points -All 8...
  5. S

    Selling  WTS my NA alt account | 215 mastery | 6,350 AP | Bifrost/Sunrise/Bolt/Kudzu |

    Selling my NA raiding alt with 4 legendaries (in title), already making the account worth more than $250. Account has Druid (healer) and Guardian (DH-power) ready for raids in ascended/exotic with bis runes and sigils. The account has some expensive dyes like permafrost, a fair few gem-store...
  6. E

    Buying  High End Guild Wars 2 Account

    Looking for a high end Guild Wars 2 account from someone who is tired of the game and wants to earn some quick 500$. I am looking specifically for an account with heavy legendary armor, some weapons and trinkets. Discord: enisbeq#3188
  7. N

    [Europe] 30k, LEGENDARY, DLC, & more (200€)

    4 Legendaries (Meteorlogicus, Minstrel, Sunrise, The Ascension). All Expansions & Living World, 17 +9 Agony Infusions (153 Agony Resistance Total), Full Ascended Zerker Heavy Armour plus some other pieces & weapons in storage. Multiple mount skins, armour skins (Aetherblade, Zodiac, etc), and...
  8. F

    Buying  wtb gw2 account eu

    wtb gw2 account with some characters lv 80 both expansion some ascended gear. cheap send me on pm your discord name
  9. S

    SOLD  GW2 Account - Guardian

    Selling Guild Wars account including: -Path of Thorns -Path of Fire -500 gold -400 gems -80LV Guardian - Full ascended DPS gear + Full ascended Firebrand gear -Some outfits/pets/skins -5k AP -Account value ~ 7k Gold -Account email PM me on Discord - Silver#7048 Payment method: Paypal via...
  10. S

    SOLD  74k+ value , 29k+ AP, all class ,many legendaries, ~8 year account.

    With this account you can have the full Guild Wars 2 experience, as i have played and progressed it with love and respect. I can provide the original cd key. Iam the original and only owner. If you have seen my previous listing, since I made some great changes to the account like gaining the...

    Buying  High End account with Legendary weapons + Mounts

    Get away scammers :devilish: Im looking account high endgame or mid end game All DLC Many legendaries weapons Legendary armor heavy "optional" Inventory expansions Storage expander Shared inventorys Bank tab extension Savage tools Skyscale and griffon Gathering tools Account need email...
  12. Y

    Selling  140k Gold (+175k Gems) - 27k ap - 295 mr - 165 pvp - 940 wvw - maximum QoL

    + 2 Legendary Armor Sets from Raids (Heavy & Light), as well as signifficant progress on Medium armor from WvW (only WvW Claim Tickets remaining to complete); + 1 Legendary Backpack (Ad Infinitum), 2 Legendary Accessories (Aurora & Vision); + 13 Legendary Weapons (Bolt, Sharur, Astralaria...
  13. O

    GW2 Account with 5 cool named inactive guilds, leader role for SALE NA Server

    Asking for the price above, but willing to hear offers. Will split Middleman (MM) fee 50/50 if requested (EpicNPC approved MM only) Please view photos for the guild names & info. 4x Guild Level 0 no guild bank 1x main guild level 4 with guild stash, treasure trove, deep cove unlocked Comes...
  14. P

    Selling  Selling Chak Egg Sac ($550) and other Infusion

    Selling Chak Egg Sac Infusion for $550 usd Queen bee infusion for $180 usd each, have 7 ea. Crystal infusion for $200 usd Inbox me for more info
  15. J

    Selling  GW2 Account - Both Expansions, serial, email

    Hello, I have a gw2 acocunt I played for a short while (during quarantine). Back to work now, so no time to play! Looking to sell it/trade for Google Play Store/iTunes Cards. Has a lvl 80 engineer, and guardian. Mainly pvp based character, a bunch of random skins etc. Send me a pm, i will...
  16. P

    Selling 2 new Chak Egg Sacs

    Selling Chak Egg Sacs again $530 each Using player auctions: https://www.playerauctions.com/guild-wars-2-eu-items/150207370i!chak-egg-sac-24h-response/ (Interested in other infusions or items? hit me up with a message) Cheers and happy trading

    SOLD  🔥GW2 6 Years old acc alot legendaries official Middleman🔥$500 Deal!

    Hello everyone, I am selling tremendous GUILD WARS 2 ACCOUNT. THE PRICE IS $500 DEAL ... -EMAIL INCLUDED -General Description 55k Value LEGENDARYS WORTH SKIN / ITEMS 2 rare and unique name ascended gear ( on 3 characters of 8) 9 bag slots (2 characters only) POF & HOT (all living world...
  18. V

    SOLD  WTS 50K Gold Worth GW2 Account

    WTS 50K Gold Worth GW2 Account Api key: FCA11F82-6E03-F240-8A12-93D2DB04001E3F49511D-E7FF-4366-8A25-C38FAAC4B460 The account has both expansion, many legendaries, many level 80 characters fully equipped in ascended/ legendary items. Got all the mounts unlocked Many 100% map completions Over...
  19. P

    SOLD  Selling 2 end-game account

    Selling Account Guld wars 2 1) API : 7A932394-3FF1-9D4A-AED1-E81C5FE1C6A684C4C486-224D-4A3F-BD0E-4BF2EA735FB8 (SOLD) - 15,445 AP / 5 years acc / 12 char slots - 1000+li / 100+ dhuum token / 100+ qadim token - few weapon skin set unlocked - permanent logging+havesting+mining tools - 8 shared...
  20. P

    SOLD  Selling end game account 135K Worth in gold

    Highlights - Account 6 Year and 4 Month - Have POF & HOT and 135K Worth in gold account! - Have Copper salvage kit and Sliver salvage kit , Home portal stone for Daily home nodes and many more of black lion store Teleport scroll for each Exculsive area - Have Every Rare Permanent Contact in the...