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guild wars 2

  1. S

    Selling  [EU] HoT , PoF , Season 4 , lvl 80 Thief Account

    Hey guys, I wanna sell my GW2 account. I dont have a time for playing anymore. I must change my account's mail. ONLY iban transfer is acceptable. Paypal is not allowed in Turkey :( Price is 80€ and negotiable Feel free to ask anything LVL 80 Thief and Elemantalist ( Elemantalis boosted ) and 1...
  2. T

    Selling  GW2/GW1 Gold - Private player stop playing

    I stop playing GW2 and GW1. Selling about 3000 Gold. 0.023€/G Paypal direct - No MM. I'm a player, not a company. I'll check inbox everyday. Also have GW1 Platinum to sell if interested.
  3. E

    Buying  Dragon Emblem outfit code

    Hi! :) I am looking for someone who'd be willing to sell their unused Dragon Emblem outfit code. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dragon_Emblem_Clothing_Outfit Ready to pay 25$ for it - or open to reasonable discussion.
  4. Y

    Selling  GW2 PvP Boosting service!PvP Tittles!Legendary pvp Backpack/Armor!

    ★★★ Hello! We offers you Guild Wars 2 PvP Service! PvP Tittles,Achievements,Divisions!Legendary Backpack!Ascended Glory Shards for PvP Armor! EU/NA Regions! ★★★ ✷Want to get the Legendary Division?✷ ✷Get out of the silver / gold division?✷ ✷Get the top 10/25/100/250 titles?✷ ✷You...
  5. H

    SOLD  WTS - High end acc 140K+ | 13 char | Full mastery | 2043 WvW rank | & more!

    Extreme High-end account, the email has been changed for sell pourpose (gmail) 5 years old, but almost 6, 2 months to the 6th birthday. You get the email associated and the respective password Some info: - 30905 AP - 2043 WvW Rank - 295 Mastery Point - 13 Character FULL ascended...
  6. L

    Selling  For a very good price, Guild Wars 2 and it's both exp, Path of Fire AND Heart

    I would like to sell my Guild Wars 2 Account with the exp Path of Fire AND Heart of Thorns which has not a lot of things but there's 3 toons 80 levels for a good price, I didn't change the e-mail yet because with the Personal Middleman Service I'm going to change directly to your e-mail, dear...
  7. P

    Selling  GW2 Path Of Fire + Heart Of Thrones

    both expansions 5k+ achievement points 4 x Level 80 characters 1x Level 80 Booster Full Ascended Raid Druid Legendary Insight 150+ (w1-4 all challenge motes completed + legendary armor collection 1 done) 100% map completion from 1 character discord - ShadowFox#8942
  8. M

    Selling  WTS Guild Wars 2 account ***Reduced price***

    I want to sell my main GW2 account for $500 (paypal fees included). I have played this account since 2012, for over 3000 hours and includes: - 20 character slots, most of which are level 80 characters with at least exotic gear and a number have map completion - HoT and PoF expansions -...
  9. R

    WTB- Dragon Emblem Outfit Code

    Willing to do 25$ for the code, leave a message here if you're interested in selling!
  10. X

    SOLD  End Game Acc 283 Mastery | 16k AP 63K Value |

    GUILD WARS 2 Time to say goodbye to years of joy. 16K ap Account with ±63K value | 3.5K Hours | EU FoW server | all EXP and LW | 6 out of 7 Fully Ascended Characters (4 of which raid ready) (Highest Statistic is Skins unlocked rank; 7.500 higher than 96% of the players.) Also this account is...
  11. B

    SOLD  High End Account with high PvP (100+) OR WvW (1600+) Rank EU

    Hi, im looking for a High End Account with a high PVP AND WvW rank, let me know if u got something interesting for me. cYa
  12. Difmark Market

    Trading  Buy | Sell GW2 Items ★Difmark.com★ looking Sellers | Buyers

    We are happy to announce the Big Opening of a brand new marketplace for Gamers Difmark.com This is the place where gamers meet up together to sell & buy independently. By buying directly from seller you avoiding Middle Man (classic game shops) and saving up to 80% of the total price...
  13. E

    WTS GW2 Account HoT + PoF [EU]

    WTS GW2 Account HoT + PoF [EU] Selling due to no longer interested in playing the game. - 6 Birthday coming up in about a month - 9 level 80 characters - 1 Full ascended (most others have ascended weapons and items mixed with exotics) - All Mounts - All Masteries -13k+ AP - Legendaries (Quip +...
  14. P

    SOLD  Guild Wars 2 EU All Expansions account

    Hello, I would like to sell my personal account that i do not use anymore due to lack of time. Account got: - All Expansions - 8 level 80 characters, 1 level 60 character - Full Set of ascended gear for Thief with accesories (147 agony resistance) - Legendary pistol (HOPE), Step 1 for Ad...
  15. C

    SOLD  Buying acc with 1+ fully ascended gear char, leg is a plus - max budget 100usd

    Hit me with an API and a price between 20usd and 100usd: -Account has to have both exp unlocked -1 or more lvl80 with full ascended -one or more legendary item is a big plus but not necessary I WILL USE MIDDLEMAN AND PAY FOR IT (so scammers, dont waste your time or mine) pm or discord...
  16. X

    Trading  Trading Guild Wars 2 Gold (NA) for Maplestory 2 Mesos (NA East)

    As the title says, I'm looking to trade some Guild Wars 2 Gold on NA server for some Maplestory 2 Mesos on NA East server. I have 2,000 gold to trade on GW2, and am open to negotiations on how much you will be trading. Leave a reply here with your discord and I'll get back to you. Thanks!
  17. ShootNRise

    Selling  GW2 Powerleveling And Boosting Service . Fast , Cheap And Satisfy !

    ShootAndRise Team ! We Offer An Powerleveling And Boosting Service For GW2 And Path Of Exile Too. we have been experienced Skill and reliable in working on Guild Wars 2 Since 2017 , so dont worry about us. We WIll Do it fast as soon as possible. Your Satisfaction Is Our Pride We Still Looking...
  18. ShootNRise

    Selling Gw2 Gold. Fast Delivery And Safe. Always Updated Stock

    Hi There ShootNRise Here. LOOKING FOR FEEDBACKS ! I'm selling guild wars 2 gold NA Server Only. And Do Boosting Or Powerleveling Too.. Last Updated Stock 12/04/19 : 600g Prices : $3,2/100g Great Prices. Feel Free To Contact Me when u need. Payment Options : Paypal Only Skype Live ...
  19. Gyonax

    SOLD  GW2 (HOT+POF) + LVL80 + 2xBoost

    Hy! Due to lack of free time, I would like to sell my account.. Information: - Lvl 80 - Asure - Necro (Reaper) - Worth ~ 900 g - Fractal : Tier 2 - 2 unused lvl 80 character boost - All story content done (HOT + POF) - + Ember bay ( Living season 3 content) - Unique email address for the...