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  1. Buying  I will pay you to use my referral code

    Will pay you just to use my referral code Wasn't enough clarification on my last thread so here ya go Name your price and I'll let you know if I'm willing to work with it!
  2. Buying  Buying Flying Cumulus Mount Code

    Hello, first time looking here, but I am seeking the Flying Cumulus mount code. The event just as I started playing FFXIV so I would love to be able to get this mount if possible since it's one of my favourite ones. I can offer money (up to $100 as a hard limit), and even offer artwork of your...
  3. PC NA Account- Endwalker EA, 80 Ninja, Small Housing Plot

    Original owner of the account, has every expansion including endwalker early access and account has as follows: Level 80 ilvl 511 Elezen Ninja with 80 mining. Some expensive glamour items such as calfskins hat/shoes, urban boots, etc 25 mounts, notable ones including Kamuy of the Ninetails, SDS...
  4. SOLD  FFXIV Endwalker Account

    Selling my account. Quitting ffxiv and would like to get a good price for my account. All expansion is unlock including endwalker. Main is level 80 Bard, all classes is unlock just not max level. All gathers/crafters is level 80. full furnish appartment, 10 sets from online store, all digital...
  5. SOLD  SELLING Wind-up Dulia-Chai code - $25

    Selling 1 Wind-up Dulia-Chai minion code from the SHB artbook Art of Reflection -Histories Forsaken- Accessible in all regions, fresh from art book DM me on Discord to purchase: Song#0758 or you may message me here (but I'll notice faster on Discord) Accepting payments through PayPal only!
  6. Selling  NA Account - ARR Collector's edition, char lvl 80, glamours, mounts and more!

    Original Square Enix account - One time Owner - NA Account - Windows PC Version ARR collectors edition / EW collectors edition BAGS CHARACTER ⭐Main Black Mage ⭐Max level: Black Mage, Warrior, Dark Knight, White Mage, Astrologian, Ninja, Samurai and Dancer MOUNTS 59 total mounts...
  7. (NA region) activation code

    bought FINAL FANTASY® XIV ONLINE STARTER EDITION [PC DOWNLOAD] for NA region by accident while I wanted to buy an EU one. bought it for $19.99 and willing to sell for cheaper... if interested pm me here or message me on discord (dulsetok#7432)
  8. Selling  [Primal] FFXIV Gil! $1.70/M

    All this Gil was made by me. Current Stock: 400m I'm looking for $1.70/m with a minimum purchase of 100m. Once I'm sold out, there won't be a restock, thanks! I'm currently on Leviathan, so if you're located on there, I can do FC deposits. If not, we'll be doing it Face to Face. (Primal...
  9. BOUGHT  [Diabolos] Want to buy an FC on Diabolos, at least rank 6.

    Hi there! Looking to buy an FC at least rank 6 on Diabolos server. I need it in order to purchase small FC house. May consider buying any level account if it meets the requirements needed to purchase FC house. No discord. I'll only do deals through this site. Thank you for your time and happy...
  10. Buying  Buying Large/Medium on Aether Adamantoise for Relocation

    Large can be anywhere but Medium anywhere except the Goblet contact me here or on Discord at Coffee Mage#2831
  11. Legendary account, all classes 80 ew early access rdy- bis, ultimates cleared

    i'm the player and the main owner of my account but gonna quit; i tried to summarise what i have on my account -1 Account with 2 characters ready for endwalker. - main character all 80, 2nd character in Light shadowbringes done and one class 80 - Orginial OWNER SINCE ARR REALM REBORN, 900 DAYS...
  12. Buying  [Diabolos] [Medium or Large] Relocation, any location, any tier.

    Looking to buy any medium or large house for relocation on Diabolos. Paying cash, PayPal! Excited to hear from you!
  13. BOUGHT  [EU & NA] Buying FCs minimum of rank 6 👪

    Looking to buy FCs of rank 6+ Currently looking for FCs in Aether & Crystal. Message me here and we'll make a deal. (y)
  14. Selling  (ANY SERVER)E9S-12S ultimates potd hoh mounts relic and more

    Hello everyone, Professions Boost - High quality service and the cheapest price - Focus on FFXIV Datacenters available for raid boosting services: Aether Primal Crystal Element Light Chaos Gaia Mana Overall boosting services (leveling,farms, msq, side content): Available in all NA and EU and...
  15. SOLD  Endgame Account (Original Owner) JP Kujata

    Hello and good day, I'm wondering if anyone will be interested in my end-game-focused account (JP-based and transferable) I'm the original owner and no one had any access to it ever since. Most of the items, mounts, and achievements were hard-earned. Platform: PC (Non-Steam) Account Created...
  16. Buying  Buying FFXIV Legacy Account for up to $600

    looking to buy a legacy account with legacy status and legacy tattoo, progression not important, expac ownership not important, up to 600 USD via paypal post your discord or other contact methods here.
  17. SOLD  Selling 1 Wind-up Runar Minion Code — $30

    I'm not that into the Runar minion (lucky Y'shtola), so I'm selling it for $30 (negotiable). Applicable to all regions, straight from SHB art book Contact me on Discord: Song#0758 or you can message me here Accepting through PayPal only!
  18. Selling  Medium sized House Plot 1 in Shirogane on Omega

    Hey there, i want to sell here my plot on Omega, i can provide screenshots if needed. I can accept Paypal via F&F if you want to know more please let me know.
  19. Buying  Omega Statue Emote Code for $500 USD

    Willing to pay $500 for the Omega Simulation M/F emote code. Add and pm me on discord Exiled#3284
  20. Selling  EU FFXIV Account - with Regalia - See post for more details

    Hello, I'm selling this account with the following classes (can still level the remaining crafters if you wish. Further details below image. DC: Chaos (EU) -Special mounts : Hybodus (Ocean Fishing 10k) , Regalia Mount - 83 Minions -49 TTriad Cards - MSQ Done up to last SHB Patch - Hildibrand...